So This Happened In My Shower


I came home tonight to see one of the neighborhood stray cats run across the street to greet me. She has always loved me and I have been planning to adopt her once I knew she was healthy and wouldn’t my indoor cats sick. I call her Pippa.  But tonight I realized that something was going on.

Pippa was either in heat, or she was about to have kittens.

I have always had male animals and I had no idea what to do, but I knew she couldn’t stay outside so I grabbed her up in a box and put her in my shower. (I had no idea how messy things might become) I also knew that me fainting was a real possibility. Not that I’m squeamish, but, you know…life. (Sex Ed was clearly a traumatic experience…)

At 9:40pm this little creature (above) popped out.  The second kitten came at 10:22.  The first one wass white and the second was orange.  Clearly, as you can see from the picture, Mama Pippa is gorgeous and there’s no question her babies will be as well.


Pippa and her babies are doing great.  For an outdoor stray, she has taken to her box and purred all through her delivery.  She loves the attention she’s getting and my boys (ie my cats and the German Shepherd) are very eager to meet her in a few weeks once the babies are older. 

I will be keeping you all posted as we move forward on this journey

(And no, I didn’t faint!)


    1. Thank you! We’re all very excited and happy that Mom chose us as her forever family (literally…the other neighbors fed her but I am the only one who could hold her) I’m looking forward to sharing their journey 🙂

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