Kittens at 7 Weeks!

I know, I skipped a few weeks. The kittens are now just over 7 weeks old and they’re thriving.  We officially have a boy (Orange Tabby) and a girl (White Kitten).


They’re gobbling Science Diet like it’s the best thing ever, and Mama Pippa has been able to enjoy a break.


Of course, all of the excitement wears them down quickly.

Next week: The big name reveal!

Kittens at 4 Weeks: Happy Mothers Day


Mama Pippa had a busy Mothers Day keeping track of her two rambunctious kittens.  We’re now about 95% certain that Orange Tabby is a boy and White Kitten is a girl.  (Despite what the experts say, we have had 3 female orange cats in our family so being orange doesn’t mean anything…)


The kittens are so full of energy and curiosity that I have been changing their play area two to three times daily to give them new things to explore. Despite their size and seemingly advanced intellect, they’re still too young to meet the rest of the family, though their cat uncles and their dog uncle sit outside their door and listen to them.


For all the mothers out there, Pippa hopes you had a relaxing day. She’s hoping for sleep soon…


Kittens at 3 Weeks

Pippa and her babies are doing great. I’m pretty sure my kittens are the most advanced kittens on the planet. 


The picture is deceptive because the Orange Tabby is huge.  We think it’s a boy, and it’s not certain if White Kitten is a boy or girl.


They don’t fuss and they love to be held. In fact, Mama Pippa appreciates it when we give her a break every now and then…

Kittens at One Week Old


Pippa and her week-old babies are doing great.  Pippa has been enjoying “room service” while Whitr Kitten and Orange Tabby have gotten huge due to their small litter size. (That’s 4 teats each!)

Pippa has allowed us to hold the kittens since their birth, so we’ve been able to start bonding with them.  Mama Pippa appreciates having a break away from them, at least for a few moments…

The kittens are very quiet and well behaved.  I’ve never had baby animals before but I’ve been told that kittens tend to cry a lot. So far, ours don’t.  They just keep getting cuter every day.

It’s Hard Being A Kitten

I returned home from the Star Wars Celebration and Pippa and her babies are doing great. The babies are now 6 days old. My mom had fun watching them while I was gone, and she swears they are twice as big after three days. They are bigger, just not that big….

Today little White Kitten reminds us all that it’s not easy being so little, or so cute…


Two Days Old and Ready to Meet Gravity

Two days old…
Orange Tabby became familiar with Newton’s Laws today as he discovered that what goes up and over Mama Pippa must come down again. 


Pippa, who has always lived outdoors, received a brand new bed today and she now believes herself to be a queen. (She was named after Kate Middleton’s stylish sister, as Pippa the Cat knows exactly how beautiful she is and uses it to her advantage)  White Kitten prefers to stay near Mama Pippa, but here you can see Pippa in her new bed, and five mews of approval from Orange Tabby.


A Day Old and So Much to Say


Day 1: 24 hours old
Pippa and her babies are doing extremely well.  They’re still living the life in my shower…

The White Kitten, born first, is a lot quieter than the boisterous Orange Tabby, who likes to make its presence known to the world.  Orange Tabby likes to voice opinions about everything and be seen rolling around while White Kitten prefers to snuggle with Mom.

So This Happened In My Shower


I came home tonight to see one of the neighborhood stray cats run across the street to greet me. She has always loved me and I have been planning to adopt her once I knew she was healthy and wouldn’t my indoor cats sick. I call her Pippa.  But tonight I realized that something was going on.

Pippa was either in heat, or she was about to have kittens.

I have always had male animals and I had no idea what to do, but I knew she couldn’t stay outside so I grabbed her up in a box and put her in my shower. (I had no idea how messy things might become) I also knew that me fainting was a real possibility. Not that I’m squeamish, but, you know…life. (Sex Ed was clearly a traumatic experience…)

At 9:40pm this little creature (above) popped out.  The second kitten came at 10:22.  The first one wass white and the second was orange.  Clearly, as you can see from the picture, Mama Pippa is gorgeous and there’s no question her babies will be as well.


Pippa and her babies are doing great.  For an outdoor stray, she has taken to her box and purred all through her delivery.  She loves the attention she’s getting and my boys (ie my cats and the German Shepherd) are very eager to meet her in a few weeks once the babies are older. 

I will be keeping you all posted as we move forward on this journey

(And no, I didn’t faint!)