Unexpected Cover and Summary

Review: Unexpected, by Liza Gaines

Politics and romance cross paths in Unexpected by Liza Gaines

Unexpected, the second book in Liza Gaines’ Public Relations series, is every bit as fast-paced and witty as its predecessor Undisclosed but the stakes are even higher this time around. 

Mac and Gwen have just discovered that Gwen is pregnant. She’s worried about the future and Mac is worried about being a father – again – given the nonexistent relationship with his own father. Not only that, but the campaign they’re working on is getting heated and everyone is under a microscope. They’re both committed to making this pregnancy work, but life has a way of making things oh so challenging. It’s complicated because Mac loves being Tristan’s father but Gwen refuses to allow him to take care of them. She wants things to be equal, and that’s not working for him. 

Coming in at just under 250 pages, Unexpected is a quick read in the literal and figurative sense. It speeds through the days and months with ease as Gwen and Mac struggle to figure out their dynamic. Gaines guides readers effortlessly through the story, which is tightly written and isn’t full of unnecessary information.

The story is relatively streamlined, and there’s no question that Unexpected is the setup for the conclusion to Mac and Gwen’s story, Undeterred, which is coming in October. 

Every now and then you come across a fantastic new series and I was lucky enough to encounter the Public Relations series in its infancy. I love politics and the PR world, so there’s plenty of industry talk to make it feel realistic. Gaines doesn’t let a pregnancy deter Mac and Gwen from keeping things hot in the bedroom, either. 

I really, truly loved this book and I think you’ll enjoy it, too!

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