Month: July 2013


It’s day 3 at SDCC. My feet are killing me but I am having a blast.  So far the Godzilla Experienxce has been the most amazing Con experience yet, followed by the Insidious 2 party that scared the crap out of me and the Dracula preview that got me fired up for the show this fall.

The Con has been packed. I don’t think there is any other place where you come to expect to be bumped around so much while trying to walk from point A to point B.  One of the challenging aspects this year is the Hasbro exclusives line.  I don’t have any interest in toys, but they now require a separate line to get a ticket to be able to buy anything.  There are lines for everything, and security attacks you if you are standing around too long.  I know this is why people want SDCC to move to a bigger location, but frankly SDCC wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t in San Diego.

Locke & Key

My sister (@CaptainAnnie on Twitter) introduced me to Joe Hill’s Locke & Key comics over the holiday weekend.  I am hooked.  Gabriel Rodriguez does the art and he complements Hill’s stories perfectly.  It is a beautiful book with a great concept.

The storyline centers around a family dealing with a very recent loss, a mysterious house, and the appearance of a new kid in school who is a lot more than he seems to be.  You get caught up in it.  It is a first-class page turner.

As usual when I come across something I like, I am now obsessed.  We made a trip to Comickaze yesterday to buy the third volume in the series. Hey, it was my birthday. So technically it was a present for myself.

Now I am anticipating Comic Con evem more.  I was already planning a trip to the IDW booth to meet the people who work on True Blood and the Doctor Who/Star Trek:TNG crossover.  I have officially added Locke & Key to the list.