Kittens at One Week Old


Pippa and her week-old babies are doing great.  Pippa has been enjoying “room service” while Whitr Kitten and Orange Tabby have gotten huge due to their small litter size. (That’s 4 teats each!)

Pippa has allowed us to hold the kittens since their birth, so we’ve been able to start bonding with them.  Mama Pippa appreciates having a break away from them, at least for a few moments…

The kittens are very quiet and well behaved.  I’ve never had baby animals before but I’ve been told that kittens tend to cry a lot. So far, ours don’t.  They just keep getting cuter every day.

It’s Hard Being A Kitten

I returned home from the Star Wars Celebration and Pippa and her babies are doing great. The babies are now 6 days old. My mom had fun watching them while I was gone, and she swears they are twice as big after three days. They are bigger, just not that big….

Today little White Kitten reminds us all that it’s not easy being so little, or so cute…


Photo Gallery and Sneak Peek of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I was lucky enough to be in the first group of fans into The Force Awakens exhibit on Saturday morning at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. 

Here is what I saw….

View of the new First Order Stormtroopers, new droid BB8, and a Desert Nomad and Junkyard Thug 


First Order Snowtrooper


First Order Firetrooper


Finn’s Costume


Rey’s Costume


The really interesting thing about this display is that each costume had a list of the materials used to make each item.  This is a huge nod to cosplayers who create their own amazing costumes to show their love for Star Wars.

What do you think about the new costumes?

Bad Parenting at Star Wars Celebration (and almost any other place that has cosplay…)

Today at Star Wars Celebration I saw something that made me cringe.  My stomach actually turned at the sight.

A guy was standing in front of the Anaheim Convention Center with his daughter, who was posing for pictures.  Her cosplay was amazing.  Not only did her costume look great, but she really did look like a mini version of Princess Leia.  Yep, she was dressed up as Slave Leia in a skimpy chain metal bikini.

And she was 9.

Now, even if we lived in a pure world without violence toward children, I’d still cringe.  No one needs to see that much of your 9 year old daughter. 

Unfortunately, the world we live in is not as pure-hearted as we would like, and giving people an opportunity to photograph a 9 year old in a Slave Leia costume is just a bad idea.  It’s not that the people taking pictures are necessarily bad, rather those pictures invariably end up online for everyone to see, and they will end up in the wrong hands.  Another way to think of it is that you wouldn’t allow a stranger to photograph your daughter in her bathing suit at the beach, so why do it at a convention?

I’m not old enough to be a true curmudgeon, and I’m not a parent.  However, I just don’t see how this ends up well. 

Just my two cents…


Two Days Old and Ready to Meet Gravity

Two days old…
Orange Tabby became familiar with Newton’s Laws today as he discovered that what goes up and over Mama Pippa must come down again. 


Pippa, who has always lived outdoors, received a brand new bed today and she now believes herself to be a queen. (She was named after Kate Middleton’s stylish sister, as Pippa the Cat knows exactly how beautiful she is and uses it to her advantage)  White Kitten prefers to stay near Mama Pippa, but here you can see Pippa in her new bed, and five mews of approval from Orange Tabby.