The Walking Dead Recap S6E5: Now

The Walking Dead S6E5: Now

Original Airdate: November 8, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


After last week’s Morgan-palooza, it’s time to return to Alexandria and the aftermath.  Fans should note that Steven Yeun’s name still appears in the episode guide.  What does that mean?  Does it mean anything?  Will we ever truly know?

In the aftermath of the attack at Alexandria, Deanna climbs the wall to survey the damage done to the town.  She traces Reg’s name on the first panel that was erected to build the wall.  Below her, the townspeople gather bodies while Michonne tells Maggie that they had been separated.  When she hears a noise, she turns to see thousands upon thousands of Walkers coming down the road, Rick at the head of the pack.  He’s running at breakneck speed and trips right before Michonne opens the gate.  He gets inside, but the town is in a world of hurt right now.

The herd is pushing up against the wall while the townspeople try to figure out how to reinforce it.  Rick reappears, looking slightly more refreshed.  He tells the group that they are surrounded about twenty deep but they can survive this.  He knows they haven’t been through something like this but they can live through it.  Daryl, Sasha and Abraham will drive them off, while Glen and Nicholas will return.  Someone points out that this is a graveyard, but Aaron speaks up and says that Rick’s plan is what saved them.  It was during one of his scouting missions that the Wolves figured out about Alexandria.  This happened because of him, and he wants people to understand that Rick is a good leader.  Deanna walks away in a daze.

Jesse returns home to the body of the Wolf she killed.  She drags her out of the kitchen to a community body pile in the town’s cemetery.  She starts digging, but Rick stops her, telling her that they don’t bury killers inside the town’s walls.  He says they’ll wait to bury them.

The food storage area is inundated with townsfolk who don’t want to starve while they wait to die.  Spencer runs in and tells the people to stop.  Bruce mentions the gate, and Spencer points out that he stopped the truck from getting in, so they need to stop this behavior or else they’ll destroy the place.  The hungry townspeople reluctantly agree.  Deanna smiles at her son with pride.

Aaron sees Maggie making weapons, then he sees a group of people painting a memorial to the people who died.  Someone paints Glenn’s name, and Aaron sees Maggie rush off.  She’s in the weapon’s locker getting ready to go out.  He knows she’s going to go out after dark on her own.  He asks her what’s going to happen if she gets hurt.  He wants to help her out.  He knows a better way.

Deanna stares at Reg’s wedding ring with tears in her eyes.  She grabs a set of plans and starts scribbling a map of the crops she plans to grow, along with a new plan for the town to reinforce it and rebuild it.  The sound of a glass breaking distracts her.  She finds Spencer picking up a glass and realizes he’s getting drunk off the wine he took from storage.  He’d stopped the looting but he admits that the group was right about the fact that they’re going to die.  And he blames her for their weakness.

Carl finds Ron sitting near her house.  He asks him if he has seen Enid.  Ron hasn’t seen her since he saw her with Carl, and wonders why Carl doesn’t think she’s dead.  She had been Ron’s girlfriend until Carl came along.  They get into a shoving match.  Ron says Carl shouldn’t risk it because more people will die.  If he goes, then Rick will go, and others will follow, and then they’ll die.  Ron says Carl saved his life, so now he’s returning the favor.

Denise is reading through medical manuals and trying not to freak out when Tara walks in.  She tells Tara that her patient is still sick but she has no idea what to do.  Tara lies about her headache and admits she’s just checking on Denise, who says she is of no use.  She hopes a new doctor shows up so she can return to her apartment and read War and Peace.  Tara says being afraid sucks, and she kicks a copy of Grey’s Anatomy at her before leaving.

Jesse goes to check on a neighbor and finds that she’s a Walker.  As the scared townsfolk look on, Jesse slowly opens the door and kills her with her knife.  She turns and tells everyone that she never wanted to see what things really looked like, but now they don’t have a choice.  They have to see it, and they have to fight or they will die.  She walks away, and Denise stares in wonder.

Aaron leads Maggie to a sewer drain that connects the neighborhoods.  Maggie wants to go alone, but Aaron can’t watch more names go up on the wall.  As they go through the tunnel, Maggie says that if Glen was alive he’d signal to her, and he needs help.  If he’s dead she doesn’t want to wait around for him.  They try to move a piece of the ladder when they come across two very rotten Walkers.  The Walkers awaken and attack, and Maggie gets overwhelmed.  Aaron steps in and helps her.  His forehead is gashed but he insists that he has to keep going.

Denise comes across something in her medical books.  She uses a syringe to drain the pus from his arm, and he immediately stabilizes.  “Hot damn,” she says, smiling.

Ron climbs the wall to talk to Rick.  It’s the first time he has seen the wall of Walkers.  He tells Rick about Enid’s absence, and that Carl had planned to go find her.  Before Rick leaves, Ron asks if Rick will teach him how to shoot.  Rick empties his pistol and gives it to Ron to practice with while he’s gone.

Denise finds Tara.  Tara asks how Gabriel is, and Denise leans down and kisses her passionately.  She says it’s the end of the world.  “No, it’s not,” Tara replies.

Maggie and Aaron come to the end of the tunnel.  She stops him from leaving and says that she buried Glen’s picture.  She doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead, but she’s pregnant.  Glen didn’t want her to go but maybe if she’d been with him he’d be alive.  Michonne told her that he’d have shown her by now.   Aaron hugs her as the gate is covered in Walkers.

Jesse baked cookies for Sam, who doesn’t want to go downstairs.  He says the upstairs part of the house didn’t change the way it did down below.  He refuses to meet his mom halfway.  Jesse takes the plate and leaves them outside Ron’s door.

Deanna has a basket of groceries and she stands in the street staring at the house.  A Walker approaches and attacks her, so she grabs a broken bottle and tries to kill it.  Rick comes and helps her.  She tells him that she wants to live, and that in order to do that, they need him.  She wonders if her plan for Alexandria is too pie in the sky, but Rick assures her that it isn’t.  She gathers the groceries and walks away.

Aaron and Maggie stand on the wall at night looking out at the Walkers.  They have bonded.  She says she’ll be right back, and she goes to the wall and scrubs Glen’s name from it.  Aaron comes and helps her.  “When he gets back, it’s worth mentioning that Aaron, or Erin, works for a boy or a girl, depending on the spelling,” Aaron tells her.

Spencer comes to relieve Rosita.  He says he volunteered to take Carol’s place.  Rosita says he did a good job taking out the truck, and even though he says he got lucky, she says he should keep doing what he’s doing.

Jesse is doing laundry and finds one of Ron’s shirts.  Rick comes in and tells her that the reason they’re waiting to bury the bodies is that they don’t know if everyone else is ok, and so he wanted to wait.  She tells him they can still be alive.  Rick has heard about Jesse’s speech.  She wants to believe there is more.  Rick kisses her.

Deanna approaches the gate and sees the masses of Walkers there.  She hits it in anger, then she walks away.  Blood seeps through the wall as she passes.

The Walking Dead Recap S6E3: Thank You

The Walking Dead S6E3: Thank You

Original Airdate: October 25, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Rick barks out commands to Tobin while Glenn and Michonne clear Walkers ahead of them.  Abraham, Sasha and Daryl want to turn back and help but they can’t.  The townspeople are falling behind, and falling down and hurting themselves.  One guy accuses Rick of bringing them out to die, and Michonne silences him.  The horn is still blaring at this point.  Rick tells the group he’s going to go get the RV and lead the herd away, leaving Michonne and Glenn in charge.  Rick tells them that they’re not all going to make it.  As if on cue, Mr. Protester gets bitten by a Walker and Michonne kills the Walker as everyone watches.  The horn stops.  “Get back safe,” Rick tells them.

Michonne’s group continues through the forest.  Heath asks what they’ll do if they don’t make it.  They consider that they might be returning to “nothing” because something must have happened.  They know that they’re moving in the same direction as many other things and might run into something.  Michonne says they have to keep going.  They come across a small group of Walkers and Michonne, Heath and Glenn start to take them out as quietly as possible.  The rest of the group, including Nicholas, joins the fight.  As expected, several members of the group are taken out by Walkers.  When they think they’re clear, a Walker takes out another one of their group.  One guy runs away.  It’s insane how the Alexandrians can’t protect themselves.  Two people are bitten and they’re still alive.  The group must press on.

Daryl asks how far they’ve gone.  They’ve led the Walkers five miles out and he’s ready to turn around and go back.  Five miles is fifteen miles short of their goal, but he wants to change the plan.  Sasha says that if he goes, the herd might overtake the car.  Daryl says he has faith in them and pulls out ahead of them.

Michonne’s group reaches the road.  They’re beaten up but still going.  The man who was bitten on his back asks how the wound looks.  He has been married for three months and lost everything until Aaron found him.  He’d given up until that point.  He found his wife, Betsey, on the way back and they found solace together.  He hopes to make it back to tell her that finding her made everything better.  They come to a town that has been ransacked.  They search the cars to see if they can use anything.  Glenn tells Michonne that he has to get back.  Heath asks Nicholas about the last time they were in this town.  He tells the group that he can lead them through, but he gives the impression that something bad went down there.  They find Sturgis’s hat…and then they find Sturgis as he is being eaten alive.   That’s what he gets for leaving them behind.  Walkers surround the town in the few minutes they’ve taken to stop there.  Nicholas leads them into a pet store, where carcasses rot in cages.  Michonne says they can wait it out, but Heath says that they are surrounded.  She tells him that she’s trying, and she won’t give up.  Glenn proposes that they burn a building down to distract the herd.  He says he’ll do it, because Michonne needs to lead the group back to town.  Nicholas offers to take him them, and Glenn agrees.

Rick runs down the road.  Glenn radios that he’s setting the fire and he tells Rick not to worry about it.  In the meantime, Rick kills three Walkers and cuts his hand in the process.

The pet store group does some triage.  Heath says they will make crutches for Annie, but she tells him to leave her.  The man with a bitten leg agrees with her.  They’ll only slow everyone else down.  Heath says they don’t leave people behind, and Michonne seconds that.  Michonne approaches Heath and asks what his problem is.  Heath says that he heard what Rick said about some of the group not making it back.  Michonne says that they know what it’s like out there.  Heath says he’s been making runs, but Michonne says that unless Heath has been covered in so much blood he doesn’t know if it’s his, Walkers or his friends, he has no idea what it’s really like.  That shuts him up.

Nicholas and Glenn run toward the feed store.  Bodies line the ground and a Walker is pinned under a car.  He says he should kill him because he was on Nicholas’s team.  He was a 19 year old named Will.  Glenn sees the agony in Nicholas’s face and tells him he isn’t the same guy anymore.  He does the deed, and suddenly they hear a gunshot.

The pet shop group hears the gunshot.  They’re bandaged up and ready to go.  The gunshots lure the Walkers away.

Rick makes it to the RV.  His hand is bleeding heavily.

Bitten Guy gives Michonne a note for Betsey.  She writes on her arm that they’re getting home.  There’s a noise in the back and Michonne opens a door.  Two Walkers stumble out and Michonne kills them, but the noise distracts the herd.  She looks out the door to see that the rest of the herd is approaching the pet store.  This just keeps getting better and better.

Michonne throws open the door and they fight off the Walkers.  They start running away when Annie falls down.  She tells them to run and gets eaten herself.  Glenn and Nicholas get to the feed store and find that it has already been burned.  Michonne leads the group between two buildings and they have to jump the fence.  Michonne and bitten man are the last ones over but they get caught before they can make it.  Glenn and Nicholas find themselves in a similar dead end, only Glenn is trapped on both sides.  Bitten Man gets pulled down and eaten, his note crushed under his boot.

Glenn pulls Nicholas on top of a trash bin.  They are surrounded by Walkers.  Nicholas looks at the Walkers and seizes up with fear.  Glenn calls to him but he is gone.  He says “thank you” to Glenn and then blows his brains out.  He falls into Glenn, who falls off the trash bin and is torn to shreds by the Walkers.  His entrails are pulled out while he screams.

Glenn…no, not Glenn!

Michonne and Heath lead their bitten leg friend out of the forest.  He collapses but they press on after picking him up again.  They reach a river.  Michonne turns around and sees that there is no smoke.  Heath says that doesn’t mean anything, but she knows better.  She looks at the message on her arm and wipes it off.  Heath catches a glimpse of himself in the water, with blood all over his face.  He understands what Michonne meant now.

Rick calls in to Glenn and gets static.  He calls Tobin and gets the same response.  He reaches Daryl, who is flying down the highway.  Rick hears the gunshots from Alexandria and tells the others that they have to press on for them, and that hopefully they make it on their own but this is for them.  Rick seems very weak from the cut on his hand.  Suddenly someone shoots at Rick from inside the RV.  Another man jumps out and tackles Rick.  He manages to fight them off and shoot them.  One of the men has a jar of baby food in his pocket.  Rick spots several other people creeping around the RV and he starts shooting at them through the walls.  Daryl flies down the road and meets back up with Sasha and Abraham.

Michonne and her group arrive back in Alexandria to find the buildings burned.

Rick tries to start the RV but it’s dead.  He is shaking uncontrollably as the herd moves in.

And that’s it.

Is Rick going to make it?  We don’t know.  We don’t know much of anything.  Perhaps Glenn really didn’t die…maybe those aren’t his entrails…

Oh, how The Walking Dead loves to torture us….


The Walking Dead Recap S6E2: JSS

The Walking Dead S6E2: JSS

Original Airdate: October 18, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Enid is standing in an SUV calling for her parents.  They need to move, and now.  The Walkers are coming.  They don’t move fast enough, though, and next we see Enid sitting in a bloody car while Walkers devour her parents.  Enid walks along the road, trying to steer clear of the Walkers she can hear nearby.  As she waits for them to pass, she writes JSS in the sand.  On she walks, until she comes upon a car with a Walker falling out of it.  She pulls him out and kills him, and then she takes shelter inside the car.  Again, she writes JSS on the dirty window.  Next we see a turtle walking along, and Enid eats it.  (RIP, Mr. Turtle)  She writes out JSS with its bones.  Enid comes upon a wall and a house, and eventually a gate.  It’s the front gate at Alexandria.  She pauses, contemplating whether or not she should go inside.  Eventually, she writes JSS on her hand and goes inside.

Carol is in the supply room choosing ingredients for her latest recipe.  She’s grabbing food that no one else wants because they’re running low on supplies so she’s stretching things out using recipes she made for her ex husband.  Shelly complains about the pasta and wishes she had a machine for it.  Carol says she could teach Shelly to make it herself if she promises to stop smoking; there are so many things trying to kill them that they don’t need one more thing, right?  Point, Carol.

Carol comes across Sam, who is sitting on her front steps.  She tells him that his dad used to hit him and then he got himself killed. “It happened, now it’s done.  Live with it or it eats you up.  Go home,” she tells him.  Cold. Just, cold.

Jesse calls for Ron so she can give him a haircut.  He comes downstairs and says that the haircut is a ploy to get him to talk to her.  He’s still upset about his dad, and she reminds him that the reason he can’t lift his arm over his head is his father.  She says there are things he needs to learn and wonders if he blames her for what happened.  Pete was dangerous, she says.  Ron says Rick is dangerous, but Jesse says he’s her friend.

Maggie and Deanna are in a field.  Maggie says there will be some sore citizens, but eventually they can plant the seeds she found and then they’ll have a huge garden.  They just need the wall expansion.  Reg wanted the community to grow, Maggie points out.  Everyone who is there is alive because of Deanna, so she needs to show them she’s still there.

Eugene complains to Tara that building a church in the expansion is a waste of space, and that “thumpers” shouldn’t get dibs.  Denise interrupts them from her studies.  She’s nervous being the new doctor, but her background is in psychiatry even though she was going to be a surgeon until the panic attacks started.  She wants to know why Tara wants aspirin, and Tara says she got dizzy while working on the guard tower.  Denise assures her that she can’t kill her with that symptom, but Eugene, ever helpful, says she could miss a hematoma.  He gets a double shot of evil eye from the ladies.

Carl is taking Judith on a walk.  He’s pushing her in a stroller when he spots Ron and Enid hugging each other.  Gabriel approaches and says that he knows he was the problem.  He wants to learn how to fight now.  Carl says he needs to tell everyone else that, and Gabriel agrees.  Carl tells him to come by later and they can start with the machete.  Enid looks up as Carl walks by.

Carol is in her immaculate kitchen.  She has a kitchen timer next to a baby monitor that shows Judith sleeping.  She looks outside the window and sees Shelly smoking.  Suddenly a man runs up and cuts her open, then he hacks into her skull.  Carol hurries off.  Who is this guy?  He isn’t a Walker.

Deanna and Maggie hear yelling.  She calls to Richard at the wall and suddenly he’s lit on fire with a fire bomb.  Maggie points her gun and leads Deanna away.

Carol runs to Carl, who already has a gun ready. He can see the intruders all around them.  She tells him to keep Judith safe.

Blood pools under a bike tire as people flee for their lives.  Sam pleads with his mom not to leave him to find Ron.  Someone is inside the house, though, so she goes to the closet with him to hide.

Carl hears someone at the door.  It’s Enid, who is packed to leave.  Carl commands her to stay here and help him guard the house.  She says the place is too big, with too many blind spots.  He doesn’t want her to say goodbye, so she says she won’t.  They sit back to back and wait.

Carol runs through the houses and sees men with Ws on their foreheads attacking everyone.  One of the women is stabbed so Carol kills her attacker and then stabs the woman in the neck so she doesn’t turn.  From the church steeple, Spencer takes aim at the Ws and then he sees a truck coming straight at the wall.  He shoots the driver, and the truck crashes.  The horn gets stuck and that’s the noise we hear from the road, where the rest of the gang are trying to lead the Walkers away from Alexandria.

The horn blares on.  Spencer is stuck inside the church.  Eugene and Tara are still inside with Denise.  Rosita comes in with a wounded woman.  Aaron and Rosita know they need to get back out there, so they leave Eugene and leave.

Spencer gets to the truck but the driver is a Walker already.  He’s trying to figure out how to kill him when Morgan appears and kills the Walker, then pulls him away from the horn.  Spencer tells him what’s going on inside the walls, but he’s terrified, so Morgan tells him to hide.  When Morgan goes in he sees a W hacking a body to bits.  The W has an axe and asks Morgan if he wants to die fast or slow.  Morgan tells him to leave.  As the W charges him, a hooded figure swoops in and stabs the W.  It’s Carol.  She quickly paints a W on her forehead in blood while Morgan says she didn’t have to kill him.  She needs his help getting to the armory.

Maggie and Deanna find Spencer.  Deanna knows she doesn’t know how to fight and she tells Maggie it’s better that she stays outside.  Spencer vows to protect her.  Deanna looks on in horror as she hears what’s going on inside the walls.

Denise tells Tara that the woman has a cut to her femoral artery.  She needs surgery.  Tara wants Denise to jump into action but Denise is afraid.  Eugene tells her not to be a coward.  Denise takes a breath and tells them what she needs for surgery.

A W is chasing Ron, so Carl shoots the W in the leg.  As Enid and Ron watch, the W begs for help, but he’s really trying to lure Carl closer.  When he grabs Carl, Carl kills him.  Carl tells Ron he can protect him, but Ron sees Enid in Carl’s house and shakes his head, running away.

There’s someone in Sam’s room as Jesse and Sam hide in the closet.  As soon as they hear the footsteps going back downstairs, Jesse leaves Sam and goes down to see who it was.  She crouches in the kitchen and calls out in case it’s Ron.  A very dirty woman attacks her from behind.  Jesse’s gun goes flying and Jesse falls to the ground.  The woman goes for the gun, so Jesse jumps up with a pair of scissors and attacks the woman, stabbing and screaming at her until she’s dead.  Ron walks in and sees his mom deliver the final stab with a guttural scream.

Carol and Morgan walk through the streets.  Carol pretends that Morgan is her prisoner until Morgan decides to help Gabriel out.  Carol is dressed like one of the Ws and she manages to shoot several of them.  She reaches the armory and finds Lydia in the closet.  Carol starts loading weapons into a bag and shows Lydia how to shoot a gun before she leaves.

Morgan ties up the guy he took down and he’s about to talk when Carol shoots him.  She hands them both a gun, but Morgan gives his back to Gabriel, who says he’s not good with guns either.  Carol finds Maggie, and they go off together.  Aaron shoots a few Ws, and Rosita is doing well, too. Morgan is surrounded by several Ws, and he tells them to leave.  They get closer, so he hits two of them with his stick.  They keep getting closer, and he tells them that his people have guns, and if they continue to choose this path, they will die.  The lead W says they didn’t choose this life.  He turns to run away, but he grabs a gun on the way.  Morgan closes the gate.

Carol looks down at dead Shelly.  Her Morley cigarettes are on the ground.  (Morleys are what Cancer Man smoked in The X-Files)  Carol starts to smoke one and then she sees a red letter A on her porch.  Sam had the A stamp.  She starts to weep.

Aaron walks through the streets stabbing people in the head to prevent them from turning.  He finds a dead man with a knapsack that has photos inside.  They’re photos of the town, and the wall.  They’re the same photos he used to recruit new members.

Denise tries to resuscitate Holly, who is very much dead.  Tara gives her credit for trying.  Denise tells them all to leave.  Tara tells her to get her brain.

Deanna and Maggie walk along the wall.  Spencer asks Rosita if this is what the world is like outside the walls.  She says that their group is trying to keep them safe, that this is what they do.  Maggie puts a charred Walker out of his misery.  “We’re still here,” Maggie says.  “Not all of us,” Deanna replies.

Carl looks out at the dead man outside.  He calls for Enid, who has left.  She left a note for him.  “Just Survive Somehow.”  JSS.  The alarm goes off and so Carl takes Carol’s casserole out of the oven.

A Walker approaches Morgan.  He hits him in the face and keeps going.  Morgan goes inside a house and is ambushed by a W, who realizes that Morgan doesn’t want to kill him.  “You should have,” he says.  Morgan attacks, and apologizes before killing him.  Morgan walks along the road and crosses paths with Carol, who keeps walking along.

Alexandria has been compromised, but we have yet to see the extent of the Wolves’ attack….

The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Recap: First Time Again

The Walking Dead S6E1: First Time Again

Original Airdate: October 11, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock

Welcome back to Alexandria, fellow Walkers.  It’s time to get Season 6 of The Walking Dead underway!

Tonight’s episode is a series of flashbacks and scenes from the present.  Flashbacks are presented in black and white while the present is in glorious color.

We begin as Rick pulls the trigger and kills Pete.  It starts in color and fades to black and white.  Next we return to the present as Rick talks his team through the game plan.  They’re gathered in a ravine where thousands of Walkers are trapped and mulling about aimlessly.  They’re doing a dry run at present, preparing for when they actually do whatever it is that they’re getting ready to do.  Confused yet?  As with most best laid plans, things go awry when the tractor trailer on a ledge goes plummeting over the side.  Yes, dozens of Walkers have been crushed, but they’re also free to get out.  This sends the team into motion as they have to forego the dress rehearsal and jump into action.  Abraham is happy to get moving, while Glenn agrees to accept help from a repentant Nicholas.  The Walkers break through another barrier of trucks and head toward the team.

Cue the opening credits.  This looks like it’s going to be one hell of an episode!

Gabriel walks up to Deanna, who is sitting beside a pool of her husband’s blood.  You were wrong, she tells him.  He nods and walks away.  Abraham carries Reg’s body out of the area and takes a drink.  Jesse consoles her boys, but she can’t stop Ron when he gets up and runs away.

Rosita is at the infirmary helping Tara into a sitting position.  She’s glad Tara is ok.  They’re interrupted by Glenn and Nicholas, who return from their fight in the woods.  Glenn covers for them, saying that they encountered Walkers.  Nicholas nods at Glenn in understanding.  Tara comments that they both look like shit, and both Glenn and Nicholas are incredibly pleased to see that she’s ok.  Maggie hurries in and rushes to Glenn’s side.  He assures her that he was merely grazed by a ricocheting bullet.  That’s when Eugene walks in.  “Holy shit,” he says when he sees Tara.  “Thank God nothing happened to your hair,” she replies, giving him a smile.  (Eugene Hair Zing #1!)  Eugene, in a classic Eugene moment, stares at her while grinning stupidly.  It unnerves poor Tara, who asks for Noah’s help to protect her from Eugene’s stalker tendencies.  The group looks away, with Nicholas looking the most regretful of them all.

Morgan fingers the map that led him to Rick.  The rabbit’s foot is beside it.  Morgan tells Rick he was right, that it wasn’t over, referring to the last time they saw each other.  Rick says he doesn’t take chances anymore, and Morgan agrees with him on that note as well.  They’ll talk more in the morning.  Daryl looks on.

Abraham slips Reg’s ring on the top of his liquor bottle and waves at Sasha as she walks by.

Back in the present, Rick barks orders at the team.  They run through a fence made of cars as Daryl leads the Walkers through the maze on his motorcycle.

Flashback:  Daryl tinkers with his bike as Rick exits the house.  He says Morgan is ok with their plan of keeping him locked up temporarily.  Daryl asks if Morgan relayed the bit about the men who had the same Ws on their foreheads as the dead Walkers they found, and Rick nods.  He’s going to tell Deanna that the town isn’t going to go on any more runs. People need to take care of themselves.

Present:  Sasha steps on the gas, pushing 70.  Abraham asks her if she’s ok to drive, and she tells him that she’s holding it together.  When he asks again, she reminds him that he got into the car with her.  Don’t mess with Sasha.  Living, she says, is being part of such a huge plan.  They arrive at the red balloons and radio to Rick, who says the parade is coming.

Flashback:  Rick unlocks the metal security door and finds Morgan practicing his stick-work.  Rick asks if he learned that before or after everything.  It was after, Morgan says.  Rick apologizes for having to lock him up, and Morgan says they have to get to know each other again.  And meet each other for the first time.

Still in the past, Eugene is at the gate when a car pulls up.  Heath and his team have been on a run for the past few weeks.  Eugene uses lots of words to say he can’t open the gate, but eventually he lets them in.  Heath asks if Deanna put Eugene on gate duty, but Eugene (again) gives him a long story about filling in for Holly, who needed a break.  Scott and Annie get out of the car and ask how many are with their group.  Eugene first says 13, then he corrects himself.  Annie apologizes, knowing that someone died.  Heath asks if anything happened while they were gone.  Eugene says they had a meeting the night before, and then he suggests that Heath speak directly with Deanna.  As Heath walks away, Eugene tells him that he “fully respects his hair game.”  (Eugene Hair Zing #2)

Rick tells Morgan the brief history of the wall and the people of Alexandria, and how they never had to deal with anything that happened.  They’ve been living behind the wall in safety and don’t know how to protect themselves.  When he refers to Reg in the past tense, Rick refers back to having to kill Pete.  They come across Gabriel and Toby digging graves.  Gabriel says he wants to help.  It’s clear that he is sincere about this, but it’s still hard to trust him.  Rick says they won’t be burying Pete inside the town’s walls.  Deanna walks up and agrees with Rick, saying that they should dump the body out on the West side where they don’t make many runs. “Let the trees have him.”  Ron overhears this plan about his father’s body.

Morgan and Rick load Pete into the trunk.  Rick says he shot Pete because he killed Reg.  Morgan reminds him that they have a cell, but Rick says it isn’t for killers.  Morgan reminds Rick again that they’re both killers.  Rick needs to remember that.

Present:  Rick and his gang run to the road.  Glenn is on the radio saying that they’ll meet at yellow.  Michonne, Rick and Morgan look at the wall of trucks they have erected.  Michonne is glad it will hold, given where they’re standing.  Morgan suddenly asks Michonne if she took one of his protein bars.  He swears he had one more peanut butter one.  She sighs.  That’s how it always is, she tells him.

Flashback:  Ron is under the bridge as Rick and Morgan pass over it.  Morgan gets out with two shovels and he tells Rick that leaving Pete isn’t who Rick is.  He starts digging, but Rick hears something.  They go walking until they come to the edge of a cliff, and in the distance thousands of Walkers are gathered in the ravine.  Suddenly Ron comes running through the woods, being chased by Walkers.  Rick tackles him and shoots a Walker while Morgan kills the others, sending them over the edge.

Present:  Daryl leads a procession of Walkers along the road.  They follow slowly behind him, determined to catch him.  He looks bored.  Sasha and Abraham pull out in front of him and the parade continues.

Flashback: Rick, Morgan and Ron look at the Walkers.  Rick asks why Ron followed them.  He says he wanted to know where his father is buried.  Morgan looks at the ravine and sees Walkers plunging into the ravine, following each other blindly.  Rick figures that this is why the town was spared.  The Walkers never made it that far.  Ron walks away, and Rick grabs him and says that he will teach him how to survive, but he won’t be okay on his own.  They walk back to the car and pass Pete’s body.  Rick grabs a shovel and starts digging, with Ron looking on.  Morgan takes the other shovel and starts helping.

Present:  Glenn and Nicholas are in place. Heath is with them.  The Walkers inside the building are making too much noise and might distract the herd, so Rick says to kill them.  Glenn tells Nicholas to open the door and let them out slowly.  Nicholas tells Heath that he and Aidan didn’t know what they were doing but they have to trust Glenn. They get ready as Rick and Daryl lead the herd their way.  Nicholas opens the door…but there is a wall there.  Someone blocked it already.

Flashback:  Heath recounts the tale of finding a camp that had been eaten.  Rick has told the group assembled about what they found, and now the pieces fall into place.  The Walkers have been pulled away from Alexandria by the sound of the Walkers in that building.  Carol says it sounds scary, but it must be done.  The exit from the ravine is going to fail, and soon.  Rick assigns roles.  Sasha and Abraham volunteer to help Daryl lead the Walkers.  Glenn tells Maggie to watch Deanna.  Rick asks for more volunteers amid concern that they shouldn’t be following Rick.  But it’s clear that they are going to do this.  Rick just needs to give the people of Alexandria a lesson in how to get shit done.

Present: Daryl and Sasha pull up to the fence.  Rick and Co. start firing their guns to make more noise.  This is it.

Flashback:  Carter demands that Rick explain everything to them, and so he does.  The plan is to lead the Walkers away from the town and round them up.  Rick will use trucks and cars to lead them where they need to go.  Eugene says they have plates at the construction site.  Carter still argues that if they fail, the Walkers will go right into Alexandria.  Deanna pleads with him.  He was a worker on the original wall.   With his help, the temporary fence will hold.

Present:  And it works.  As Daryl and Sasha make the turn, the gunfire seems to hold their attention.  Several Walkers run into the wall and are quickly trampled.  But it works.  The herd moves in the desired direction down Redding Road.

Flashback:  The townspeople work to construct the wall.  Rick works but has an eye on everyone else.  Daryl comes up and says that part of taking care of themselves involves going out to find more people.  “Your call, though,” he says.  Carol brings water to Rick.  He tells Carol to stay back and continue to get a feel for the townspeople.  While Deanna may be in charge, Rick is really the leader.

Present:  Glenn plans to draw the Walkers out.  He tells Nicholas to call Rick if there is trouble.  It’s interesting that Glenn will fight with Heath, but he still doesn’t trust Nicholas.

Flashback:  Maggie approaches Tara, who is watching Nicholas.  She knows he was the reason Noah died.  Maggie tells her what really happened in the woods between Glenn and Nicholas, and that Glenn left it up to her whether or not they should tell people.  Nicholas would be exiled.  Tara can’t believe that Nicholas is walking around free.  Maggie says that she was thinking of how Tara was on the other side on Maggie’s worst day, when her father was killed, and now Tara is incredibly important.  Things get better, she says.  They hug it out.

Present:  Glenn breaks the glass and they’re quickly overcome by the Walkers.  Nicholas rushes in and saves Glenn, and together the trio clears the area.  They have bonded.

Flashback:  Carol brings water to Morgan.  He asks if she was a cop, too, because she’s always watching over Rick and she’s ready to handle things.  She says that he’s very sweet.

Present:  Abraham notices that several Walkers are taking a “constitutional” so he jumps out and gets the herd back in line.  When he returns to the car, he’s splattered with blood and he starts to tell Sasha about how he got splattered when Reg and Pete died.  Now he’s just living, just like Sasha.

Flashback:  Rick approaches Deanna on the worksite and tells her he’s sorry about Reg.  Reg was a good man.  She asks what else they need.  She wants Rick to tell her.  He says that the town needs weapons, and they need to know how to use them.  Case in point, a group of Walkers approaches the site and Carter panics.  Rick tells his people to stand down so the townsfolk can give it a shot.  They panic, and Morgan jumps into action.  Rick’s team moves in and takes the Walkers down quickly.  Morgan reminds Rick that he doesn’t take chances anymore.  This just serves to emphasize Rick’s point to Deanna.

Flashback:  Eugene walks in and overhears Carter talking to a group of people in the storage room.  Spencer is there and Carter says they need to take out Rick before more of them die.  He’s not talking about talking to Deanna.  He’s talking about killing Rick.  At that moment, lovable Eugene drops a jar and the noise alerts the group to his presence.  Carter approaches Eugene, gun drawn, and Eugene falls back against the wall.  Carter knows that Eugene heard them, so now he has to die.  In a monumental coincidence, Rick, Daryl and Morgan enter the room.  They want to know what’s going on.  Carter says he’s taking the town back from Rick.  The others say they were only listening to him, but they don’t agree with him.  Rick says Carter should have had a lookout.   Rick easily takes Carter’s gun away and says that he isn’t giving up the town.  He offers Carter the choice of making things work, which seems to baffle Carter.

Present:  The Walkers continue their march.  Glenn and Co. meet up with Rick and Co. in the woods.  Carter sees the Walkers march on, and he shakes Rick’s hand now that he sees that it worked.  They’re all a team now, but the work isn’t done yet.  Carter offers to watch the front of the line, but he quickly gets nabbed by a Walker and is bitten, so his cries lead the herd off track.  Rick tells Toby’s group to fire their guns to get them back in line.

Flashback:  Morgan polishes his wood stick and Rick walks out on the porch with Judith.  He is borrowing Rick’s porch because his house doesn’t have one.  Rick tosses him the key and tells him that he’d like Morgan to stay with them.  Michonne listens in with a smile.  Rick offers Judith to Morgan, who gladly accepts the baby girl.  He tells Rick that seeing him back down from killing Carter is the man Morgan knows he is.  Rick admits he wanted to kill him to make things easier, so he doesn’t screw up anything in the future.  But he knew he didn’t have to kill him.  However, Carter doesn’t get how things are now, and he will die anyway.

Present:  Rick kills the Walker who killed Carter, and he tries to keep Carter quiet.  There’s nothing they can do for him, so Rick tries to keep him quiet, but all he can do is stab Carter in the back of the neck.  The gunfire is working, and Rick reports that Carter is dead.  He asks Morgan to return to the others to let them know.  Morgan knows they didn’t have a choice, but you can see the pain in his eyes.  The Walkers march on.

Flashback:  Rick finds Jesse in the storage area.  He’s looking for flares and she hands them over.  Ron has told her what happened out in the woods and she tells Rick that he can’t talk to Ron.  Ron isn’t listening.  She has already talked to Rosita, who is going to teach them how to fight.  She wants to fight, but he can’t teach them.

Present:  Michonne and Rick survey the herd.

Flashback:  The day before the big plan goes into action, Abraham asks Sasha if she’s doing this because she wants to die.  “No,” she replies.

Present:  Daryl and Sasha continue to lead the group.

Flashback:  Rick says that the service station needs to be cleared before the next day.  Glenn pulls Nicholas aside and tells him that he will personally train him, but not now, not yet.  Nicholas thanks him.

Present:  Glenn and Co. move through the woods together as a team.

The Walkers move on.  A horn sounds in the distance.  It breaks the back half of the herd away toward Alexandria.  Rick and Co. take off to make it stop.  Someone has ambushed their plan.

As the screen fades to black, we hear the horn blaring.  Who the hell is honking the horn??

Season 6 is off and running, folks!  What did you think?

Gotham Season 2 E1 Season Premiere: Damned if You Do

Gotham S2E1: Rise of the Villains: Damned if You Do

Original Airdate: September 21, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Welcome back to Gotham, ladies and gentlemen!

Tonight’s season premiere started off with a bang as Bruce and Alfred explore the secret room behind the fireplace.  Alfred is visibly stunned at this revelation, and he tells Bruce that there could be any number of combinations to the keypad that unlocks the door.  But we know better, don’t we?  This won’t slow Bruce down.  Bruce is just getting started.

One month later….  The music is rather uplifting for this next montage of updates on all of our Gotham friends.  “It’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you….”

Leslie helps Gordon get dressed as they look at each other in the mirror.  They’re very much in love.

Bullock wipes down the bar in the middle of the day.  Wait…Bullock is a bartender now?

Penguin presides over a meeting of Gotham families.  He grasps a man’s head as if in benediction, and then he turns and walks away with a huge grin on his face.  Mr. Zsasz steps forward and aims his gun at the man’s head and puts a bullet through it.  The smile on Penguin’s face becomes a scowl.

Barbara walks through the jail hallway, all dressed up with a guard behind her carrying her suitcase.  She stops to look in at the group of men sitting in a holding cell.  She stops and pulls her sunglasses down.  Red-headed Jerome turns around and smiles at her in return.

Up in a high rise building, a man hands an elixir to a man who kneels at his feet.  The man grins, but his vision is fuzzy.

The next day, Traffic Cop Gordon (what!?) is busy directing traffic when Elixir Man, now clad in body armor with two guns and an arsenal of swords that would make Michonne envious, jumps into the street and fires his guns.  He says he is Zaardon, the Soul Reaper.  Gordon pulls his gun and Zaardon is unfazed by his presence.  “I don’t want to shoot you, man,” Gordon says.  “Too much paperwork.”  He grabs a hostage, then he and Gordon scuffle.  Gordon subdues him in time for his portly partner to show up wielding a hoagie.  He shoves the other officer for being late.  Gordon whips around and points his gun at some people attempting to loot the table behind him, telling them it’s a bad idea.

Zaardon can’t believe Gordon has taken him into custody after he drank the dragon’s blood.  “Dark days are coming,” he tells Gordon.  Gordon runs into Nygma in the locker room.  When Gordon walks away, Nygma continues his conversation with his own reflection.  His reflection suggests that they need more fun and some romance.  Reflection Nygma tries to convince Real Nygma, but Real Nygma begs him to leave Miss Kringle alone.  He storms out, leaving the reflection to smirk at him.

Gordon is rewarded for his brave action by being stripped of his gun and badge by Commissioner Loeb.   He had hoped demotion would keep Gordon in line, but shoving a fellow officer is a major offense. Captain Essen is furious, demanding that Gordon be commended, but the Commish is resolute.  Gordon vows revenge on him.  Meanwhile, Zaardon is asleep in the holding cell, and as he sleeps he spews a noxious vapor.

Gordon explains what happened at work to Leslie while they’re in bed.  He hates that he is walking away, but she points out he was fired.  He says he still has an option remaining, and while it isn’t legal, it will still help to fight the good fight.  He has to keep fighting.  He’s a cop.

At Arkham, Jerome pulls up a chair and introduces himself to Barbara, who flips through her magazine without looking up.  “Keep moving, Ginger,” she says.  He wants to know why she’s there and it turns out they both killed one or more of their parents.  What a coincidence!  And what a rush!  Jerome tries to give her the lay of the land, telling her that a girl needs to have a friend in a place like that.  To prove him wrong, Barbara calls a giant bald man over and asks him to be her friend.  He pledges his allegiance to her with no hesitation.  “Now I have a friend,” she says.  Jerome says his friend is powerful and can get her things.  She needs a phone.  Jerome grins.

Penguin listens as his men give him a rundown of his assets and his outstanding accounts.  Gordon shows up and Penguin welcomes him warmly.  Selina is perched at the end of the table, and Penguin jokes that having her around is like having a cat.  Gordon needs a favor and Penguin knows that he wants Loeb fired and he wants his job back.  Penguin wonders why he wants to be a cop in Gotham.  Penguin also asks about Lee, which tells Gordon just how good Penguin’s surveillance is.  Penguin also wants Gordon to collect a debt for him to prove his loyalty, but Gordon refuses.  He tells Selina to be good (“always,” she replies) and leaves.

Bullock pours Gordon a drink and tells Gordon to walk away.  He says Gordon could never work for Penguin.  Bullock says he has been sober 32 days.  Leaving the job allowed him to get sober, get a woman who actually likes him, and it lets him sleep at night.  These two are close, clearly.

Alfred shows Gordon into the study.  Gordon walked to Wayne Manor to apologize to Bruce for not being able to keep his promise.  Gordon explains what has happened to him, and goes on to tell them about the only way of getting his badge back—doing a job for Penguin.  Bruce muses over this and considers that Gordon may be acting selfishly.  “Surely sometimes the right way is also the ugly way,” he reasons.  Alfred praises the young master, but he tells him there are things he can’t understand.  Alfred shows Gordon out and Bruce rushes to open the fireplace and try the combination again.  When it doesn’t work, he grabs a hammer.  “Screw it,” he says, taking a swing.

By the way, has anyone noticed how much taller and filled in Bruce is this season?  Who knows…maybe he’ll be playing teenage and young adult Bruce later on….

We return to Arkham to see Barbara approach Jerome’s friend.  She wants to know what she’d need to do in order to get a telephone.

Gordon enters a nightclub to talk to the owner.  The owner recognizes Gordon as a cop and blows him off.  He won’t pay Penguin a dime.  Gordon suggests they try to work things out.  The owner pulls a gun on Gordon, and Gordon says he’ll count to three.  By one, he has knocked the goons out and has the money.  As he flees, the police chase after him.  The owner corners him in a parking garage, and Gordon shoots him.  Now Gordon has blood on his hands.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce carries in bags of fertilizer to build a bomb to open the door.  Alfred says that Bruce doesn’t know the first thing about building a bomb, but Bruce says he read a book.  The duo have a great little argument about being old enough to discover Thomas Wayne’s secrets, but Alfred eventually ends up relenting and giving Bruce advice about building the bomb, which he will help with after making some tea.

Gordon presents the bag of money to Penguin. Butch looks impressed by his work.  Penguin apologizes that things got messy, and he promises to make sure the GCPD doesn’t interfere.

Later that night, Gordon sips his drink while Lee cooks dinner.  His phone rings.  It’s Barbara.  She tries to tell him that Lee is insane and is the one who attacked her.  He hangs up, so she calls Lee’s phone and leaves a message says she hopes Lee dies screaming.  Lee wants to go away and never come back to Gotham, but Gordon says he can’t leave.  He confesses to doing a bad thing.

Commissioner Loeb wakes up to the sound of glass breaking in his apartment.  It’s Victor Zsasz and Penguin.  Penguin asks if he has any peanut butter.  Smooth, of course.  Loeb calls for his guards, but Zsasz has already severed their heads.  Loeb panics while Penguin and Zsasz share a laugh.  Penguin makes a sandwich and shares a dilemma with Loeb.  He says that he can’t find any vices to threaten him with.  The only option Penguin has is to kill Loeb and reason with his replacement instead.  Loeb wants to know what Penguin wants, but Loeb doesn’t want to do it.  Zsasz is eager to kill Loeb, but Penguin manages to twist his arm enough to get his way.

The next time we see Loeb, he’s being serenaded at his retirement party.  Businessman Theo Gallavan is there to bid him farewell.  Loeb still seems to be in shock.

Barbara is lounging against Richard’s chest as he tells a story while she’s having her toenails painted by her acolytes when Zaardon walks in.  He announces who he is, and everyone pauses momentarily and resumes their business.

Gallavan finishes his speak and Loeb gets up to announce his replacement, Commissioner Essen.

Zaardon doesn’t like being ignored.  Jerome watches in amusement as he passes out on the table, but then everyone stares when the purple gas floats out of Zaardon’s mouth.  The prisoners jump up and promptly pass out.  Suddenly a group breaks into Arkham wearing gas masks.  They shoot the guards and approach the day room.  A very attractive woman looks inside and smiles.

Essen doesn’t know how Gordon pulled this all off, but she’s happy to welcome him back to the job.  Lee says that Gordon is very resourceful.  She has a very strange, almost wistful look on her face.  Essen is looking forward to all of the good work they can do together.  Essen gets pulled away and Gordon promises Lee that it’s a new day, and that it was worth it.  Essen returns and says that there has been an incident at Arkham.  Six inmates have escaped, including Barbara.

Gallavan has the six inmates tied up in a room.  He tells the group he sees charisma and brilliance in this room, not crazed inmates.  Jerome says Gallavan is singing his song, but Richard tells him to be quiet.  Gallavan suggests that if this group worked together they could bring Gotham to its knees.  Richard says he doesn’t take orders from anyone.  Gallavan doesn’t like the idea of sexual jealousy, so Richard has to go.  His female accomplice kills him, and Jerome gasps with glee.

Alfred rigs the explosive and makes sure that Bruce is sure about the decision to blow the door.  Bruce pushes the button and the door blows up.  They exchange high fives and then hurry downstairs.  Inside the cave is a desk with an envelope addressed to Bruce.  He opens it.  Thomas has written a letter to Bruce knowing that something bad has happened to them.  He says you can’t have both happiness and the truth.  He begs Bruce to choose happiness, unless he feels a “true calling.”

While Bruce reads the letter, Gordon stares at his reflection in the mirror and prepares himself for what lies ahead.

GOTHAM IS BACK, PEOPLE!  And so far it kicks major ass!!

Doctor Who Season 9 Premiere Recap: The Magician’s Apprentice

Doctor Who S9E1: The Magician’s Apprentice

Original Airdate:  September 19, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock

At long last, Doctor Who has returned.

It has been quite a long hiatus, really, and a lot has happened.  It has been a hiatus of highs and lows.  (Depending, I suppose, on your personal opinion about certain people)  Peter Capaldi attended his first Comic Con this summer (that would be the juggernaut San Diego Comic Con), and just this week Jenna Coleman announced that she is not returning to the show after this season.  That being said, there is a lot riding on this season.  Personally, I think it is off to a great start.  Peter Capaldi has embraced the role of the Doctor and I’m excited to see what he brings to the series this season.

We’re on a desolate, swampy planet in the middle of a war.  A soldier spots a child on the battlefield and tells his companion he’s going after him.  When he reaches the child, the soldier notices that they aren’t alone.  He points his scanner at the ground, which confirms his thoughts.  The blue eyed boy is terrified, his clothes in tatters.  The boy stares at the soldier’s feet, and the soldier sees that a hand is sticking out from the earth and has clamped onto his ankle.  He tries to reassure the boy, but he gets sucked into the ground.  Soon, the boy is surrounded by hands with eyeballs on the palms.  The palms are turned toward the sky, and toward the boy.

The boy cries for help, and suddenly a familiar-looking sonic screwdriver rolls to his feet.  The Doctor calls out through the fog, telling the boy to pick up the sonic, which has created a tunnel for them to talk through given the distance between them.  The Doctor and the TARDIS are parked some ways away from the boy.  The Doctor explains that he was looking for a bookshop, but he has clearly landed in the middle of a war.  Only he doesn’t know which war it is.  The boy is confused at the Doctor’s confusion.  The Doctor tells the boy that he has one chance in a thousand to make it through the hands.  He asks the boy’s name and says that he wants to know the name of the boy “who isn’t going to die today.”

“Davros.  My name is Davros,” the boy says.

The Doctor’s eyes widen in shock as the boy pleads for help.

Cue the new opening credits….

We return from the credits to the Maldovarium.  A hooded figure floats down a hall and into a Star Wars Cantina-esque establishment full of aliens.  The hooded figure announces that “We are Colony Sarff. We bring harm.”  Great way to say hello, really.  He floats past an Ood and asks the room where he can find the Doctor.  No one responds, so Colony Sarff sends out a wave of pain, which makes the Cantina not so happy.

Next we move on to the Shadow Proclamation, where the leader is barking orders to her guard.  She notices Colony Sarff and says there’s a security breach.  He wants to know where the Doctor is, and she has no idea.  She wants to know that Davros wants with the Doctor.

On planet Karn, Colony Sarff floats around the stormy landscape and encounters the Sisterhood of Karn.  He asks about the Doctor, and they tell him that the Doctor is right behind him, where he always is.  Colony Sarff says that Davros is dying and he requests his presence.  The sisters demand to know his message, and he says that “Davros knows, and Davros remembers.”  As Colony Sarff retreats, the sisters turn to the rocks nearby where the Doctor is hiding.  “Doctor, what have you done?”

Colony Sarff tends to the weakend Davros, leader of the Daleks.  Colony Sarff says that they can’t find the Doctor, but Davros knows that the Doctor can always be found.

Clara is back in the classroom teaching Jane Austen.   She gets distracted from her lesson when she looks out the window and sees an airplane floating in midair, motionless.  She instructs her students to turn on their phones and go to news websites and Twitter for anything relating to the planes being stopped.  A staffer comes in and says that Clara has a phone call.  Clara suspects that it was from UNIT, and he says they were going to patch him through to the Prime Minister.  She asks for the rest of the day off and goes running out to her motorcycle.  (Okay, since when does Clara know UNIT, and since when does she ride a motorcycle?)

All around the world, the media is reporting that there is currently no contact with any of the planes.  Clara arrives at UNIT where she finds out that the Doctor has not answered his phone.  There are 4165 planes in the air at the moment with no response from any of them.  At first they consider the passengers on the planes, but Clara goes to the amount of fuel in the air, and how there are really 4165 bombs out there.  They run simulations on what those planes could do to nuclear plants, fault lines, and possible tsunamis (which seems a bit hasty, in my mind).  They wonder if it’s an attack, but who would do something so blatant?  It seems like the planes are frozen in time, which is more like someone wants to send a message.  At that moment, a message comes through the Doctor’s old text-messaging system.  “Hey Missy, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. Hey Missy!”  Just then, Missy appears on the screen.  She pops out into 3-D and says that she isn’t dead after all, and as Clara looks on in disgust, she says they will need eight snipers to feel safe enough to talk to her.  She is in a warm place drinking espresso.  And she wants to talk.

Missy sits in a courtyard in what could be Spain.  Her chest is covered in the red lasers of the snipers she requested.  A car pulls up and Clara gets out to meet her.  The women exchange long looks before Clara sits down.  Missy asks if Clara’s boyfriend is still dead.  She moves an airplane so that Clara is in the shade, knowing how humans burn.  Missy knows that they haven’t been able to find the Doctor.  Missy has a copy of the Doctor’s confession, a timelord’s last will and testament, that it was delivered to his closest friend on the eve of his death.  Clara thinks it was sent to her, but Missy disagrees.  She says that she and the Doctor are the best of friends, which Clara doesn’t believe.  Missy vaporizes several guards to prove she hasn’t turned good, and she asks Clara to figure out where the Doctor would go on the eve of his last day alive.

In 1138, an audience claps while a gladiator-type prepares for battle.  But who is he about to fight?

Clara whips out a laptop and the team at UNIT go to work, trying to figure out algorithms based on the Doctor’s history.  Clara realizes that he would go to a place where he could make a lot of noise where there was no trouble at all.  There is one glowing dot on the map.  “You go girl,” Missy drawls, and she and Clara disappear.

Missy and Clara materialize at a castle, looking for anachronisms.  Before Clara can ask what she means, the riff of an electric guitar rips through the air.  Suddenly the Doctor rides into the ring on a tank, wearing sunglasses and playing guitar.  He sets off a series of really bad puns.  When he sees Missy and Clara, he starts playing “Pretty Woman.”  Apparently he has been in this castle for three weeks, digging wells, introducing the word “dude,” and partying hard.  When Clara approaches, he pulls her into an embrace so he can hide his face.  She says this isn’t him, and he admits he’s a bit out of sorts, but he’s shocked when she says he is going to die tomorrow.  Good thing it’s still today, he laughs.  He tells her that he was wearing a bowtie yesterday, and a long scarf the day before that.  This is his party.  He calls Missy the wicked stepmother and plays some music for her, but then his apprentice (the guy he was going to fight, but who we met during the Season 9 prequel who is the Doctor’s apprentice) starts choking.  The Doctor thinks it’s a marble that he swallowed, but he finds a snake in the man’s robes.  The snake slithers away and into Colony Sarff’s robes.  Missy and Clara have led Colony Sarff to the Doctor, and Colony Sarff turns into a giant snake.

The Doctor tells Colony Sarff that none of his friends will die in this place.  Colony Sarff says that Davros, creator of the Daleks, is dying and he will see the Doctor on his last night alive.  The Doctor isn’t frightened by the snake-man.  Missy wonders why Davros is now his arch-enemy.  Colony Sarff throws the Doctor’s sonic into the sand at his feet and the memory returns.  Missy and Clara see the shame in his eyes and try to convince him not to accompany Colony Sarff to his ship, but the Doctor is resolute.  He allows his hands to be tied by a snake so that he can be taken to the ship.  Missy and Clara demand to go with him.  They all depart, leaving the apprentice alone.  He goes into the castle and finds the TARDIS.  He’s not the apprentice, though: he now has a stem in his forehead.  He’s a Dalek, and they now have the TARDIS.

On the transport ship, the Doctor explains that Davros is the child of a war where people were fighting for thousands of years but no one knew why.  So he created a race of warriors to not have a problem keeping up a fight.  Clara realizes that he’s the one who created the Daleks.  They are taken to the hospital ship, where Missy sings as they wait.  When Colony Sarff comes for the Doctor, Clara asks him why he sent the confession disk to Missy.  He shrugs and says that she’s another Time Lord, so Clara accuses the Doctor of lying and says that he has to return in order to explain himself properly.  Before he leaves, he utters the word “gravity.”

Missy seems to understand his message right away.  If they are indeed on a space station, it has perfect gravity.  She tells Clara that the only way to find out is to turn the knob and see if a door opens, which would mean Clara would get sucked out into space.  Missy reaches for the knob and turns it.

Colony Sarff leads the Doctor into Davro’s hospital room.  Davros is hooked to many wires, but he still approves of the Doctor’s new face.  Davros wonders if the Doctor expected a trap.  Davros plays audio files of their conversations over the years.  We see Four weeping as they talk.  Davros thinks he was right to create the Daleks, and this is what caused the Time War.  Davros notices that Missy and Clara are stepping outside of the space station.  Missy and Clara dance on an invisible floor in space, until Missy starts to put the pieces together.  They’re on a planet that has been hidden.  Her eyes widen as the planet starts to shimmer into view.  Clara asks where they are.  Back in the hospital room, the Doctor looks outside the window and realizes that Davros brought him to Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks.  Clara asks Missy where they are, and she confirms that this is where it all started.  Skaro, the home of the Daleks.  “Correct,” croaks an approaching Dalek.

Clara and Missy are brought into a room where the TARDIS is being stored.  The room is full of different Daleks from over the ages.  They plan to destroy the TARDIS.  Missy takes charge and tells them they can’t destroy the TARDIS because it can be their greatest weapon.  But they can’t do it without her, a Time Lady.  The Daleks consider this for a moment, then they vaporize Missy.

The Doctor pleads for Clara’s life.  Davros tells him that they need her to run for them to destroy her.  She stands still and then decides to run.  They vaporize Clara as well.  Davros wants the Doctor to admit that he has won, and that his weakness is his compassion.  The Daleks destroy the TARDIS as the Doctor looks on.

We return to the beginning of the episode, and the Doctor materializes next to young Davros.  He points at him and says he must exterminate him.

To be continued.

Argh!  A cliffhanger already??

OK, I have a few thoughts here.  Since when did Clara become so UNIT-y?  And why is Missy acting so oddly likeable?  And what in all that’s holy is really going on here?

I suppose we’ll find out next week, right?  What did you think of tonight’s episode?


AHS Freak Show Nabs 19 Emmy Nominations

American Horror Story Freak Show nabbed a whopping 19 Emmy nominations this morning, second only to the HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones.

Here’s a look at the nominations:




















Yep, you read it correctly–there is a three-way race for best supporting actress.  Who do you think will win that one?  Personally, I think it’s a travesty that John Carroll Lynch wasn’t nominated for his portrayal of the tragic serial killer Twisty the Clown.  How do you feel about the incomparable Frances Conroy being left out?  And Naomi Grossman, who brought us to tears with her daring performance as Pepper.

What do you think of the Emmy nominations?  Was anyone left out?  Who are you pulling for?