Month: April 2013


Sometimes I think the best way to get things done is to be distracted, especially while multitasking.  It seems counterintuitive, but I really think that the absence of focus upon one thing allows the brain to work on multiple things at its own pace.

I have about a dozen things on my mind, as usual, and the most random good ideas about them pop into my head at the most random times.  I don’t think this would happen if I was focusing on only one of them.  I think it’s the freedom I’ve given my brain that’s allowing for this to happen.

Best of all, I’m heading to a banquet right now, which is prime distracted thinking time.

Writer’s Coup (or Coup d’Ecrire)

I’m not having writer’s block.  I’m in the middle of a bloody coup.  I can write everything but what I’m supposed to be writing.  What gives?

So far I’ve sent some witty Tweets about zombies, I’ve posted a comment on a website, I’ve made some notes about a story I’m working on, and I’m writing this blog post…but nothing overly useful otherwise.  Sigh.  And my toe hurts from going hard on the treadmill today on a level 15 incline.  Sigh.

I think I need to stop trying so hard and instead work on my recap of this week’s Doctor Who recap for  Yes, I’m fortunate enough to get advance screeners of the upcoming episodes…which is awesome, until you realize you can’t actually talk to anyone about how awesome the episode is.  Then you feel isolated, like someone with a huge secret who is just bursting at the seams to tell the secret.  Again, sigh.  I’m sighing because the new episode, “Hide,” is BLOODY AMAZING!!  I’m saying BLOODY and I’m not British!!! (and yes, that was the second “bloody” of the post…but Doctor Who inspired a theme)

However, all is for not.  Everything will come together as planned.  It will just happen in its own special way.  You can’t force writing.  It just has to happen.

Saturday Geekery

It’s Saturday.  It’s Doctor Who Day.  Now, as a recapper for Dark Media, I’m very fortunate to get advanced copies of the show.  However, I’ve noticed that some things change from the advance versions to the televised versions, so I try to watch as much as possible before posting.  By the time the recap posts, I’ve already watched the episode several times. 

It looks like we might have time to play a friendly game of Settlers tonight after I help my sister and future brother-in-law with their taxes. 

In watching tonight’s Doctor Who, I’m getting more and more excited about Clara.  She brings a whole new energy to the show that was missing with Amy Pond. 

I’m really looking forward to San Diego Comic Con.  Is that weird?  It’s not for another 3 months.  That means that I have to WAIT for 3 MONTHS.  Sigh.  I have no patience.  I really don’t.  I need to plan.