My name is Sarabeth Pollock. I’m a writer and a dreamer. I’m a nerd. I think String Theory makes sense. I don’t enjoy math. I love Comic Con and I listen to Clyde Lewis and George Noory because aliens probably do exist.  I have been reading Anne Rice books since I was 14.  Rod Serling is a legend; I’m grateful to my mother for having me in early July so my birthday coincides with the annual 4th of July Twilight Zone Marathon.

I like Doctor Who, American Horror Story, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Gotham, and I recap all of these shows for http://www.DarkMediaOnline.com.



  1. Thank you for the ‘follow’ Sarabeth. I think authorities know where the Malaysian plane is and are putting together an elaborate and top-secret rescue mission – giving the appearance of a continuing search so as not to alert the bad guys. I’m speculating that terrorist seized the plane in a carefully executed plan – obviously, and secreted it off to an unknown location to be used for some cataclysmic act of terrorism. I won’t speculate on the well being of the passengers.

    Any way, that’s what I’ve imagined. Still hoping it all works out and they find everyone alive on some remote island.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I think you are on to something. It’s amazing how many news stories about the plane are immediately squashed. It has also taken a lot of attention away from what’s going on in the Ukraine, which might not be a coincidence…

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