The Walking Dead Recap S6E2: JSS

The Walking Dead S6E2: JSS

Original Airdate: October 18, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Enid is standing in an SUV calling for her parents.  They need to move, and now.  The Walkers are coming.  They don’t move fast enough, though, and next we see Enid sitting in a bloody car while Walkers devour her parents.  Enid walks along the road, trying to steer clear of the Walkers she can hear nearby.  As she waits for them to pass, she writes JSS in the sand.  On she walks, until she comes upon a car with a Walker falling out of it.  She pulls him out and kills him, and then she takes shelter inside the car.  Again, she writes JSS on the dirty window.  Next we see a turtle walking along, and Enid eats it.  (RIP, Mr. Turtle)  She writes out JSS with its bones.  Enid comes upon a wall and a house, and eventually a gate.  It’s the front gate at Alexandria.  She pauses, contemplating whether or not she should go inside.  Eventually, she writes JSS on her hand and goes inside.

Carol is in the supply room choosing ingredients for her latest recipe.  She’s grabbing food that no one else wants because they’re running low on supplies so she’s stretching things out using recipes she made for her ex husband.  Shelly complains about the pasta and wishes she had a machine for it.  Carol says she could teach Shelly to make it herself if she promises to stop smoking; there are so many things trying to kill them that they don’t need one more thing, right?  Point, Carol.

Carol comes across Sam, who is sitting on her front steps.  She tells him that his dad used to hit him and then he got himself killed. “It happened, now it’s done.  Live with it or it eats you up.  Go home,” she tells him.  Cold. Just, cold.

Jesse calls for Ron so she can give him a haircut.  He comes downstairs and says that the haircut is a ploy to get him to talk to her.  He’s still upset about his dad, and she reminds him that the reason he can’t lift his arm over his head is his father.  She says there are things he needs to learn and wonders if he blames her for what happened.  Pete was dangerous, she says.  Ron says Rick is dangerous, but Jesse says he’s her friend.

Maggie and Deanna are in a field.  Maggie says there will be some sore citizens, but eventually they can plant the seeds she found and then they’ll have a huge garden.  They just need the wall expansion.  Reg wanted the community to grow, Maggie points out.  Everyone who is there is alive because of Deanna, so she needs to show them she’s still there.

Eugene complains to Tara that building a church in the expansion is a waste of space, and that “thumpers” shouldn’t get dibs.  Denise interrupts them from her studies.  She’s nervous being the new doctor, but her background is in psychiatry even though she was going to be a surgeon until the panic attacks started.  She wants to know why Tara wants aspirin, and Tara says she got dizzy while working on the guard tower.  Denise assures her that she can’t kill her with that symptom, but Eugene, ever helpful, says she could miss a hematoma.  He gets a double shot of evil eye from the ladies.

Carl is taking Judith on a walk.  He’s pushing her in a stroller when he spots Ron and Enid hugging each other.  Gabriel approaches and says that he knows he was the problem.  He wants to learn how to fight now.  Carl says he needs to tell everyone else that, and Gabriel agrees.  Carl tells him to come by later and they can start with the machete.  Enid looks up as Carl walks by.

Carol is in her immaculate kitchen.  She has a kitchen timer next to a baby monitor that shows Judith sleeping.  She looks outside the window and sees Shelly smoking.  Suddenly a man runs up and cuts her open, then he hacks into her skull.  Carol hurries off.  Who is this guy?  He isn’t a Walker.

Deanna and Maggie hear yelling.  She calls to Richard at the wall and suddenly he’s lit on fire with a fire bomb.  Maggie points her gun and leads Deanna away.

Carol runs to Carl, who already has a gun ready. He can see the intruders all around them.  She tells him to keep Judith safe.

Blood pools under a bike tire as people flee for their lives.  Sam pleads with his mom not to leave him to find Ron.  Someone is inside the house, though, so she goes to the closet with him to hide.

Carl hears someone at the door.  It’s Enid, who is packed to leave.  Carl commands her to stay here and help him guard the house.  She says the place is too big, with too many blind spots.  He doesn’t want her to say goodbye, so she says she won’t.  They sit back to back and wait.

Carol runs through the houses and sees men with Ws on their foreheads attacking everyone.  One of the women is stabbed so Carol kills her attacker and then stabs the woman in the neck so she doesn’t turn.  From the church steeple, Spencer takes aim at the Ws and then he sees a truck coming straight at the wall.  He shoots the driver, and the truck crashes.  The horn gets stuck and that’s the noise we hear from the road, where the rest of the gang are trying to lead the Walkers away from Alexandria.

The horn blares on.  Spencer is stuck inside the church.  Eugene and Tara are still inside with Denise.  Rosita comes in with a wounded woman.  Aaron and Rosita know they need to get back out there, so they leave Eugene and leave.

Spencer gets to the truck but the driver is a Walker already.  He’s trying to figure out how to kill him when Morgan appears and kills the Walker, then pulls him away from the horn.  Spencer tells him what’s going on inside the walls, but he’s terrified, so Morgan tells him to hide.  When Morgan goes in he sees a W hacking a body to bits.  The W has an axe and asks Morgan if he wants to die fast or slow.  Morgan tells him to leave.  As the W charges him, a hooded figure swoops in and stabs the W.  It’s Carol.  She quickly paints a W on her forehead in blood while Morgan says she didn’t have to kill him.  She needs his help getting to the armory.

Maggie and Deanna find Spencer.  Deanna knows she doesn’t know how to fight and she tells Maggie it’s better that she stays outside.  Spencer vows to protect her.  Deanna looks on in horror as she hears what’s going on inside the walls.

Denise tells Tara that the woman has a cut to her femoral artery.  She needs surgery.  Tara wants Denise to jump into action but Denise is afraid.  Eugene tells her not to be a coward.  Denise takes a breath and tells them what she needs for surgery.

A W is chasing Ron, so Carl shoots the W in the leg.  As Enid and Ron watch, the W begs for help, but he’s really trying to lure Carl closer.  When he grabs Carl, Carl kills him.  Carl tells Ron he can protect him, but Ron sees Enid in Carl’s house and shakes his head, running away.

There’s someone in Sam’s room as Jesse and Sam hide in the closet.  As soon as they hear the footsteps going back downstairs, Jesse leaves Sam and goes down to see who it was.  She crouches in the kitchen and calls out in case it’s Ron.  A very dirty woman attacks her from behind.  Jesse’s gun goes flying and Jesse falls to the ground.  The woman goes for the gun, so Jesse jumps up with a pair of scissors and attacks the woman, stabbing and screaming at her until she’s dead.  Ron walks in and sees his mom deliver the final stab with a guttural scream.

Carol and Morgan walk through the streets.  Carol pretends that Morgan is her prisoner until Morgan decides to help Gabriel out.  Carol is dressed like one of the Ws and she manages to shoot several of them.  She reaches the armory and finds Lydia in the closet.  Carol starts loading weapons into a bag and shows Lydia how to shoot a gun before she leaves.

Morgan ties up the guy he took down and he’s about to talk when Carol shoots him.  She hands them both a gun, but Morgan gives his back to Gabriel, who says he’s not good with guns either.  Carol finds Maggie, and they go off together.  Aaron shoots a few Ws, and Rosita is doing well, too. Morgan is surrounded by several Ws, and he tells them to leave.  They get closer, so he hits two of them with his stick.  They keep getting closer, and he tells them that his people have guns, and if they continue to choose this path, they will die.  The lead W says they didn’t choose this life.  He turns to run away, but he grabs a gun on the way.  Morgan closes the gate.

Carol looks down at dead Shelly.  Her Morley cigarettes are on the ground.  (Morleys are what Cancer Man smoked in The X-Files)  Carol starts to smoke one and then she sees a red letter A on her porch.  Sam had the A stamp.  She starts to weep.

Aaron walks through the streets stabbing people in the head to prevent them from turning.  He finds a dead man with a knapsack that has photos inside.  They’re photos of the town, and the wall.  They’re the same photos he used to recruit new members.

Denise tries to resuscitate Holly, who is very much dead.  Tara gives her credit for trying.  Denise tells them all to leave.  Tara tells her to get her brain.

Deanna and Maggie walk along the wall.  Spencer asks Rosita if this is what the world is like outside the walls.  She says that their group is trying to keep them safe, that this is what they do.  Maggie puts a charred Walker out of his misery.  “We’re still here,” Maggie says.  “Not all of us,” Deanna replies.

Carl looks out at the dead man outside.  He calls for Enid, who has left.  She left a note for him.  “Just Survive Somehow.”  JSS.  The alarm goes off and so Carl takes Carol’s casserole out of the oven.

A Walker approaches Morgan.  He hits him in the face and keeps going.  Morgan goes inside a house and is ambushed by a W, who realizes that Morgan doesn’t want to kill him.  “You should have,” he says.  Morgan attacks, and apologizes before killing him.  Morgan walks along the road and crosses paths with Carol, who keeps walking along.

Alexandria has been compromised, but we have yet to see the extent of the Wolves’ attack….

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