New Years: A Time for TV Marathons

As far back as I can remember, New Year’s meant two things: the Rose Parade and the Twilight Zone Marathon.

Nowadays, almost every channel has a marathon of some kind: The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, Sex in the City, Friends, Real Housewives, Lockup, My Strange Addiction…the list goes on.

The timing has been perfect for me this year, as I have been battling the sinus infection Santa brought me for Christmas. So I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon all day long.

But when did marathons become the new tradition? With Netflix and Hulu, it has become common to binge watch entire season of television. I can only imagine that network executives love being able to push a button on holidays and let shows run through in their entirety.

Are you binge watching shows this New Years? What show has you captivated? Did you start watching a new show this year? (I admit that I started watching Penny Dreadful…very good fun, I might add!)

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