True Blood Recap S7E8 Almost Home

Welcome back, Truebies.  We have two episodes left after tonight’s roller coaster ride.  Loose ends are still…loose.  Last week we saw Sookie reunite with Bill.  That left everyone talking.  But the big revelation was Ashley Hinshaw as Hoyt’s girlfriend.  That news took the world by storm.  Pity that she only has four episodes with us.  It would be fun to see what Hoyt has been up to in Alaska.  And frankly, I’d love to see some more Steve Newlin.  That was even more fun.

At any rate, onto tonight’s episode.

Mr. Gus and his men have Sarah surrounded. She’s still having visions of Jason, who tells her to let the truth in.  Sarah decides that death is the answer.  She hurries outside and Eric captures her.  Sarah begs for death so that she can be reborn as the Princess of Peace.  Pam is afraid that Eric will renege on their deal with Mr. Gus, so she takes a gun and aims it at her heart.  If Eric dies, she dies.  Eric drinks from Sarah and lets her go.  Mr. Gus and Pam watch as Eric feels the antidote working its magic.  He lets out a triumphant yell.  Is he cured?

Sookie traces the lines on Bill’s chest.  He asks what she’s thinking.  He wants to know.  She has been thinking about the past but she’s afraid to bring up the bad memories.  Finally she asks about Sophie Anne and what she wanted.  Bill explains that Sophie Anne wanted to capture all the Fae and seal the portals between the worlds.  Then, if Sookie proved to be Fae, she would be bred for her magic blood.  Bill also explains that he stopped his mission when he met Sookie and she reminded him of what it was like to be human.  Everything else for him was darkness and that was all he could offer her.  He could never escape his past no matter how much she tried to help him.  That’s why he made it his own mission to protect Sookie, to atone for the past.  Sookie kisses him.

Lafayette and Lettie Mae are digging in the front yard.  Reverend Daniels arrives and assures the homeowners that everything is ok.  James shows up and the Reverend accuses him of being the V supplier, but Lettie Mae reminds her husband about the journey he took when he lost his faith.  Tara is trying to show her something and she needs to go on the journey.  Lafayette takes James’ blood, then he offers the wound to Lettie Mae, and then, slowly, the Reverend takes blood as well.  When he looks up he sees Tara standing in the doorway.  “I’ll be damned,” he laughs.  Tara leads the group inside the house, past the terrified family.  There is a bright light, and once they’re inside they see a vision of Tara’s early childhood during a birthday party.  Sookie is there and they’re celebrating.  Tara’s father shows up and he’s clearly drunk.  He sticks his hand in the cake.  Sookie is afraid of him.  He accuses Lettie Mae of spending money but not inviting him to the party.  He hits her and Tara watches as her father searches for his gun.

Brigette looks at Hoyt’s old photos from school.  She’s sitting on the couch with Jason and she makes a remark about having children.  Hoyt gets upset at the mention of children given that they’re going through his mother’s old things.  She apologizes, and he says that it’s wrong that they’re going through all of these memories but it’s not the same for him.  (Mainly because he can’t really remember any of his childhood)  Meanwhile, Jason gets a text.  It’s a picture of Adilyn tied up and gagged.  There’s also a picture of Jessica tied up and gagged.  And there’s an address.  Brigette is fed up with Hoyt’s attitude and she says she’s going with Jason.  Jason calls Andy, who is still 50 miles away with Holly.  Andy tells Jason to get to Violet’s house, and he leaves with Brigette in the car with him.  Poor Jason, even when he doesn’t want it to happen he ends up with Hoyt’s girls in his car.

Back at Fangtasia, Mr. Gus tells Pam and Eric that there is going to be a delay in getting the New Blood out to the public.  The blood is synthesized but they don’t want it to be perfect.  They don’t want a cure; they want something to keep people going for a while so that they can maximize profit.  Eric and Pam, who are both dressed in black leather, sense that there is more to all of this, but they agree. 

Jason and Brigette arrive at Violet’s house.  Jason gives Brigette a gun but warns her to stay in the car.  When he goes inside, there is church music playing.  The lights are dim so he keeps getting spooked by the stuffed animals all over the place.  As he prowls, Violet sneaks up on him.  She’s glad he’s loyal to at least one woman.  However, it isn’t her.  She promises to show Jason what real betrayal looks like.   Violet drags him into a room where Wade, Jessica, and Adilyn are tied up in their underwear.  She’s going to crush Wade’s skull and rip Adilyn’s breasts off with some kind of kinky BDSM tool.  Then, she’s going to use a hot poker (literally) every ten minutes to rob Jessica of her virginity every time it heals.  And Jason is going to watch all of this and know it was his own doing.  All she ever wanted was to be with him.  And now this.  And—BANG! Violet stops mid-sentence as blood runs down her chest.  She explodes, and Hoyt is standing behind her with a gun drawn.  Hoyt saved the day.  He rushes to free Jason, and then he frees Adilyn while Jason frees Jessica.  Jessica is stunned to see Hoyt, and she’s even more stunned to see Brigette, who runs into his arms.

Young Tara watches as he father searches for his gun.  The group is assembled and watches as Young Tara finds her father’s gun in the sock drawer.  Her father is beating Lettie Mae, so Young Tara takes aim and almost fires, but instead she runs outside and starts to bury the pistol.  Her father rushes out and leaves, and Tara sees her mother begging for him to come back because she can’t do it all without him.  Outside, back in reality, Reverend Daniels finds the pistol.  Finally, Tara is able to speak.  She apologizes for not pulling the trigger.  She was a good mother.  Lettie Mae apologizes for being a bad mother.  No more blame, Tara says.  She tells her mother to forgive herself and let go of Tara.  Tara wants her mother to continue living.  Lettie Mae promises that she will, and Tara gives her mother a hug.  At long last, Lettie Mae seems to be at peace.  Tara walks off into the murky woods, and she disappears. 

Goodbye, Tara.

Andy and Holly arrive to find Jessica making sure that Adilyn is okay.  Andy tells Adilyn to stop apologizing.  They just need to be okay.  Andy offers Hoyt a huge thanks for saving his daughter.  Jessica finds Hoyt and thanks him for saving them.  She has to introduce herself because he has no idea who she is.  Jason is sitting by the stairs and Brigette comes to check on him.  She asks who Jessica is to Jason.  She wants to know if Jessica is his girlfriend.  “Honestly, I don’t know what to call her,” he admits.

Bill is sleeping fitfully.  Sookie hears a knock at the door.  It’s Eric.  “Nice robe,” he says dryly.  He came to let her know that he’s okay, but when she says that Bill is sick, his expression changes.  He can’t tell anyone about the cure, including Sookie.  She begs him to explain how he was cured, but he says he needs to think.  He promises to return the next evening, but she’s not sure he has that long.  Eric shoots up into the air, and Sookie runs off through the field to her house. 

At the same time, Jason’s car pulls up into the driveway with Jessica.  He says he needs to stop making bad decisions.  He mentions the other night they spent together, and he says that he never considered anything they did together as a bad thing, except when he shot her and had her sent to the prison camp.  Jessica says that their paths have always crisscrossed, and seeing her with Hoyt brought everything back for Jason.  She laughs and says that her relationship with Jason is the least complicated of her life.  Eventually they decide that they have a beautiful friendship, which probably isn’t what Jason was thinking.  He reminds her that he’s here if she needs him.

The next day, Sookie drives to Fangtasia and sees Mr. Gus’s men outside Fangtasia.  They say she’s incredibly stupid for coming there.  Mr. Gus and Pam are inside discussing the finer details of the release of New Blood.   Mr. Gus wants to get rid of her, but Eric stops them, pointing out that though she is just a fangbanger he fucked a few years prior, she also has a brother in law enforcement.  He offers to glamour her, and Sookie plays along, but not before getting the information she needs from Mr. Gus’s head.

Jason is eating at Bellefleur’s and asks Arlene about the eggs.  Hoyt walks in and orders coffee.  He sits with Jason and says that he hasn’t been sleeping.  He admits that he was up all night, but he wasn’t thinking about his mother and Brigette.  They order beers.  Hoyt says was thinking about Jessica.  Hoyt asks if Jason and Jessica are together.  When Jason says no, Hoyt says that he isn’t that kind of guy.  Jason reveals that Jess is going through a hard time with the death of her maker.  Hoyt remembers Vampire Bill and how much he liked him.

Sookie drives down the road in Alcide’s truck, and as she recalls the words from Mr. Gus’s mind, she turns the truck around.

Hoyt shows up at Bill’s house.  He’s about to write a note for Jessica when she hears him.  When he says it’s him, she smiles broadly.  He goes inside and Hoyt says he’s sorry to hear about Bill.  Hoyt went to the clinic and brought Jessica a pint of his blood for Bill.  Hoyt says that he feels blessed in a way to not have known that his mother’s time was up.  He can’t imagine what Jessica is going through and so he wants to help her.  He keeps thinking back to when he was a kid, to a time when he was loved.  Jessica understands what he means.  Hoyt snaps out of his memories and says he needs to return to Brigette.  With that, Jessica feels much better.

Sookie walks down the alley to the back of Fangtasia, to the boarded up door they used to help Arlene escape.  She finds Sarah in the dungeon and Sarah tries to use the opportunity to bring Sookie into the madness.  Sookie tells her to shut up and she instead uses her fairy powers to see what’s really going on.  She sees that Sarah is the cure, but she’s not prepared to allow Sarah to hurt anyone else anymore.  Sookie returns to Bill’s house and tells Jessica that Bill is going to live. Meanwhile, Bill is having a dream that Sookie is holding a baby, but the baby is blackened and dead.  He wakes up to see Sookie standing over him.  “There’s a cure,” she says.

Mr. Gus informs Eric and Pam that he’s returning to Dallas but he’ll be back by sunrise.  He advises Eric not to do anything stupid.  Eric agrees, but Mr. Gus insists upon leaving his men with them.  Pam and Eric go down the stairs.  Pam asks if they’re about to do something stupid, and when Eric explains that they’re going to get some of Sarah’s blood to Sookie and Bill, Pam confirms that it’s something stupid.  Of course, Sookie, Bill and Jessica are downstairs already.  Bill sees that Eric is healed, and Eric offers Sarah’s blood to him.  But Bill refuses to drink.

That’s right.

We only have two episodes left.  What is going to happen now!?

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