Freshness of the Blank Page

So here it goes.  My first blog post.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks, waiting to help my future brother-in-law with his taxes.  I just came from home, where I’d been watching my former student pitch against the New York Yankees (go Brian!) and before that I’d been in a chatroom talking to fellow Being Human fans in anticipation of the season finale tonigh on SyFyt.  Since I’m on the West Coast, I still have some time before the show airs tonight at 9pm, and I have to stay away from Twitter soon lest the spoilers…well..spoil it.

I’m working on recaps of Fringe for  I already have a review of Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift there, and I’ll be working on a few different projects while recapping shows.  I have to say, recapping shows is a fascinating thing to do.  You have to watch the show in such a different way.  Details that you might have glossed over before suddenly have a new importance.  It reminds me of cramming for a test, in which you have no idea what the questions will be like and so you must prepare for every eventuality.

I love it.

After four seasons, going back to the first episode of Fringe has been lots of fun.  It casts everything in a new light.

OK, the Yankees are up 5-1 in the top of the 6th over Baltimore.  Come on, Birds!

Hopefully this blog will compliment the stuff I have going on over at  Feel free to post your thoughts and questions.  And you can follow me on Twitter at @SarabethPollock

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