Twas the Night Before the AHS Coven Finale…

Well, the end is almost here.  Tomorrow night is the season finale of AHS Coven, and given that AHS is technically a miniseries, it’s more like a series finale.  It’s the last time we’ll see Miss Robichaux’s School in New Orleans. 

(Spoilers if you haven’t watched the last episode of AHS)

Who will survive?  With Fiona dead, along with her boyfriend the Axeman, and sweet Nan, and Angela Bassett’s amazing Marie Laveau, it would appear that the fate of the Coven lies with Queenie, Zoe, Misty Day and Madison.  Myrtle and Cordelia seem to think Zoe is the Supreme, but wouldn’t that be a bit too easy? 

We’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.  Would anyone care to venture a guess as to the new Supreme?  I’m going to say Misty Day, but that could be because I think her character is, as Kyle would say, “amaze-balls.”