writing goals

New Years Resolutions

Do you set New Year Resolutions?

I never used to, until a few years ago when I realized that having goals was helpful.

Even though we have yet to hit Christmas, I’m already thinking of what I want to focus on in 2015.

In 2015 I want to focus on a running goal, a writing goal, a professional goal, and some kind of personal goal.

My goals are as yet undefined, but I suspect that they will start to take shape as we get closer to the New Year.  I will share them with you all once I figure them out!

An Ode to my Coach

I have a business coach.  As you might have read, I’ve been having trouble getting my book done.  My book is tied to my business.  I explained my challenges to my business coach, and by the time we ended our conversation I had much more clarity, along with a clear vision of how to proceed.  My business coach is now my writing coach.

The benefit of having a coach is that he won’t hold back.  He told me to refocus my efforts and head in a different direction, which is exactly what I needed.  

A writing coach can be anyone, from a friend to a relative to a trusted colleague.  The important thing is that you find someone who won’t be afraid to push you or challenge your ideas.  The idea is to help you, not hinder you.  Having someone who will keep you accountable and focused on your goals will only move you toward your end goal even faster.

So…many thanks, Coach.  You’re the best!

Now…back to writing….