Twas the Night Before the AHS Coven Finale…

Well, the end is almost here.  Tomorrow night is the season finale of AHS Coven, and given that AHS is technically a miniseries, it’s more like a series finale.  It’s the last time we’ll see Miss Robichaux’s School in New Orleans. 

(Spoilers if you haven’t watched the last episode of AHS)

Who will survive?  With Fiona dead, along with her boyfriend the Axeman, and sweet Nan, and Angela Bassett’s amazing Marie Laveau, it would appear that the fate of the Coven lies with Queenie, Zoe, Misty Day and Madison.  Myrtle and Cordelia seem to think Zoe is the Supreme, but wouldn’t that be a bit too easy? 

We’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.  Would anyone care to venture a guess as to the new Supreme?  I’m going to say Misty Day, but that could be because I think her character is, as Kyle would say, “amaze-balls.”

Still Pondering the Vampire Thing

Yesterday I asked if you would talk to a supernatural creature if you encountered one.  I haven’t stopped thinking about the question.

Let’s assume for the moment that these supernatural creatures exist.  I see two possibilities.  Either they have adapted and integrated into mainstream society, or they live on the fringe. 

NBC’s version of the Bram Stoker classic, Dracula, posits that Jack the Ripper was in fact a vampire.  Vampires feed on blood, so they would need a source of food.  I don’t think this is the kind of vampire I’d want to talk to.

But let’s say that vampires and witches and the rest of the “supes” have managed to integrate.  It would make sense given that it would be hard to hide bloodless bodies or mysterious occurrences with today’s 24/7 media coverage.  I think you could have a conversation in this scenario.  I realize that therr is still an inherent danger.  Anne Rice and Deborah Harkness’s vampires and supernatural creatues are mostly civilized, but there is still an element of danger.  Frankly, though, I’d go as far as to say that there is danger meeting anyone these days (Christian Bale and American Psycho, anyone?)  You just have to be careful.

So as I strive to be a perpetual optimist, I still think I’d talk to a vampire if I encountered one.  Good conversation can be so hard to find these days….

What do you think?

Would you talk to a vampire in real life?

If you encountered a vampire in real life, would you talk to him/her?  What about a ghost or a witch or a werewolf or a mummy?

It’s an interesting dilemma.  These days, supernatural creatures have essentially been neutered by modern literature and movies.  Vampires are sexy, not scary.  Witches are cool, and werewolves are hot.

I’ve always battled with this question.  As a history major, I’d be fascinated to be able to talk to someone who has lived several hundred years.  I’d like to think that it would be easy to carry on a conversation with any of the creatures listed, but frankly it probably wouldn’t be as awesome as I picture it in my head.

Would you talk to a supernatural creature?

Some thoughts on AHS Coven: Go To Hell

Spoilers if you haven’t watched tonight’s AHS Coven episode….

With one episode to go in the season, it looks like there’s going to be a showdown among the younger witches of the Coven.  Is it possible that there is no one Supreme?  I’m starting to wonder.  Perhaps they all rule together as a Council…or perhaps they all die trying.

I didn’t see Fiona’s death coming.  She was fading fast, but I didn’t think she’d die at the hands of her lover, even though it was clear in the last episode that she was going to bail on their agreement.  And it was fitting that the infamous Axeman died twice at the hands of the Coven.

I’m obsessing over the scene with Queenie and Papa Legba at the chicken place.  It was so creepy seeing the people in line, waiting to get their food.  I like that Papa Legba appreciates Queenie’s cunning. I like that he’s willing to work with people so long as it suits his needs as well.  I love his accent.  I love that he loves extra marshmallows in his hot chocolate.

It makes me laugh to see Kathy Bates leading the tour of LaLaurie’s house.  Can you imagine going on a tour of a famous historical site without realizing that the tour guide is the actual (former) resident of the house?  Creepy.

Next week’s episode promises to be a roller coaster ride.  Care to venture a guess as to what happens?

AHS Coven

Just got done watching tonight’s episode of American Horror Story Coven.  The recap is sent away, and now I feel like I need a nap.  This is probably the most eventful episode of the entire franchise.  Seriously, it never stops.  I feel like I just watched four hours instead of forty minutes.  It’s an incredible episode.  You’re all in for a treat.