War on Christmas

I love Christmas.

I’m not religious. Like at all. 

I love the season, I love the lights, I love the trees, I love the smells, I love the traditions, I love the music.

Lately I’ve noticed a trend. More and more people are saying “Merry Christmas” than in recent years.  It was once shunned; it was bad form to use the “C” word in mixed company. Now people are freely flying the Christmas flag.  The families celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah are rocking their trees and Menorahs together in holiday bliss.

Conversely, there also seems to be a Christmas/holiday backlash. Those people who don’t celebrate holidays are more vocal about having to deal with the myriad holiday celebrations, be it Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.  These people don’t want there to be celebrations at all because they will invariably offend their non-celebratory sentiments.

So the question becomes this: Do we have to cancel celebrations so no one is offended or left out? With tales of schools nixing Santa pictures and Christmas performances, it seems like there is a precedent being set. Is there a middle ground? Or is it all or nothing?