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EW’s Postmortem on True Blood’s “May Be The Last Time”

If you’re like me and you’re starving for more True Blood–anything True Blood–then check out this great article from Entertainment Weekly.  It’s an interview with Craig Chester, the writer who brought us S7E7 “May Be The Last Time.”  He offers us some juicy tidbits about the episode that has everyone talking. (I’m surprised he didn’t talk more about Hoyt’s girlfriend, microbiologist Brigette, played by Ashley Hinshaw; the Internet has been going crazy since she appeared last week)  You can find the article here:

Be sure to check back for more True Blood news…and I’ll be with you on Sunday for the next episode!

True Blood Recap S7E7: May Be The Last Time

True Blood Season 7, Episode 7: May Be The Last Time

Airdate:  August 3, 2014

Summary by: Sarabeth Pollock


We’re back in Dallas as Eric interrogates Amber about Sarah’s whereabouts.  Eric’s tactics aren’t working, so Mr. Gus steps in and asks about an antidote to the virus.  Amber tells Mr. Gus that Sarah’s name is now Newme, and “she’s a good person.”  She lets it slip that Sarah is the cure.  Eric points out that Sarah’s disease killed her boyfriend and Maker, Jeremy, and set fire to their happiness.  If Sarah is the cure, then Amber needs to share that information with them.  Amber goes all Exorcist on Eric and refuses to answer his question, so he stakes her in a rage.  “Fuck!” Mr. Gus yells.

Andy and Holly arrive at Fort Bellefleur looking for Adilyn and Wade.  They aren’t there.  Andy calls the kids perverts and in violation of the curfew.  Andy tries calling Adilyn but they quickly discover that her cell phone is in the treehouse.

Jessica and Sookie sit with Bill.  They’re amazed at how quickly the Hep-V is spreading in him.  Sookie wonders if the disease is spreading so fast because she’s Fae.  Jessica’s phone starts ringing but she doesn’t want to answer it.  Bill gets up to grab the phone.  It’s Andy.  He wants to know if Jessica can sense anything wrong with Adilyn.  He makes Jessica promise that if she feels anything she’ll call him.  Jessica asks him to call her if he finds her.  Andy smiles and agrees.  Holly hints that they might have gone to the lake house…in Oklahoma City.  Andy vows to hug them, and then kill them.

Violet takes Adilyn and Wade to a huge house.  She tells them that it’s a shame their parents don’t support their love.  She used to screw her brother all the time.  Violet reveals a huge room that rivals Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain…complete with a 19th century strap on.  She bids them good night and tells them to “have fun fucking” after she kisses them both.

Bill’s disease starts to spread into his neck.  Sookie refuses to believe that there’s no cure.  She doesn’t accept it.

Keith, the vamp who saved Arlene, surprises her at Bellefleur’s at the end of the night.  He says he’s there to see her home safely, to offer his protection.  He reminds her that he’s 515, not the 25 she thinks he is.  Arlene still believes that humans and vampires shouldn’t be together, but she doesn’t stop him when he kisses her.  “Did that feel wrong?” he asked.  “Yes,” she breathes.  They kiss some more.  Then he takes her to the pool table.  Arlene doesn’t stop him when he rips her panties off right from underneath her jean shorts.  As she climaxes, she wakes up in bed.  It was all a dream.

Pam is furious with Eric for killing Amber.  Sarah is the antidote.  Their new mission is about capturing Sarah Newlin.  Mr. Gus comes in with a business proposition, to capture Sarah and synthesize her blood—New Blood—so that they can cure everyone and rebuild the Tru Blood empire.  He knows that they’ll need a vampire testimonial in order to regain trust, and Eric is incredibly handsome.  He offers Eric 49% of the company.  Eric pledges to help him.  Mr. Gus will just have to trust him.

Bill is sound asleep.  Jessica wants to stay with him, so Sookie suggests that she climb in bed with him.  Jessica wants to know what Sookie is going to do to figure this out.  Sookie meets people who don’t believe in miracles every day, but miracles happen every day and there’s one waiting for Bill.  She just has to find it.  “I hope you do,” she says.

While Bill sleeps, he has a dream that he’s back in 1855.  His father tells him that he has to marry the Shelby girl.  Bill does not want to do it.  He’s young and he wants to go to California.  Bill’s father tells him to do it for his mother so that their lands can combine in the future.  His father describes her as “comely.”

Hoyt pulls up with his girlfriend.  Arlene greets them at the door.  She is sorry for his loss, and he’s sorry about Terry.  He introduces his girlfriend, Brigette (Ashley Hinshaw).  Hoyt asks about the ownership change.  They tell Arlene that they’re safe up in Alaska because it’s always daylight at this time of year.  The happy couple sits down and Hoyt orders.  Arlene begins to suspect something is wrong when Hoyt forgets Jason’s name.  She goes into the office and calls Jason (who is vacuuming in his boxer shorts).  He tells her that he’s on his way, and that Hoyt doesn’t know who he is.

Adilyn and Wade are trying to figure out which of Violet’s love toys they should use.  They have no idea what it does.  She can read his mind and she sees that he’s not into any of the toys.  They thank each other when they realize that they were doing this to please the other.  She thought he was more experienced, but then they find out they were both virgins.

Jason arrives and sees Bridget.  He approaches the table and introduces himself to Hoyt.  You can tell Jason has no idea how to react.  Hoyt says that none of this feels real.  They invite him to stay for breakfast.  Jason is totally uncomfortable sitting next to Hoyt’s girlfriend given his history, not to mention how much she looks like Crystal.

Dr. Ludwig arrives at Sookie’s house.  She’s upset that Sookie didn’t have her go directly to Bill’s house.

Bill is still dreaming about meeting Caroline Shelby.  He sees her for the first time and realizes that she’s beautiful.  She was expecting an older, larger man.  He was expecting a more comely woman.  They know they’re being watched closely during this first meeting.  They go for a walk.

Dr. Ludwig examines Bill and says that she’s blown away.  Bill reveals that Sookie is half-Fae, which leads to her tale of seeing a vampire infected with Hep-V through his Fae lover.  The disease took on an entirely different course.  She wants to know more about Sookie’s lineage, and when Sookie reveals that Niall is her grandfather, Dr. Ludwig heads for the door.  She doesn’t want anything to do with Niall’s line.

Jason watches as Hoyt and Brigette look at Mrs. Fortenberry’s body.  He can’t take his eyes off Hoyt’s girl.  You’d think he’d know better by now.  Hoyt is heartbroken that he wasn’t there for his mother.  He wishes he could have one more guilt trip from his mother.  Brigette calls Jason into the room because she thinks Hoyt will feel better when he talks to someone who also knew is mother.  Hoyt asks Jason how his mother died.  Jason explains that the orthodontist got the townsfolk all riled up and took the law into their own hands.  Jason tells a white lie and tells Hoyt that his mother was fighting with the good guys.  Hoyt asks if Jason got the guy who killed her, and he says he did.  Hoyt hugs him.

Sookie pays a visit to the cemetery.  She sees Bill’s family’s grave markers.  Sookie calls for Niall, reminding him that she’s never called upon him in other times and she needs him now.  He doesn’t show up.  “Fuck this,” she says, and she goes back home.  Niall is rummaging around her kitchen.  He asks her to make her spaghetti.  While he eats, he tells Sookie that he was watching over her the whole time.  Dr. Ludwig would have been afraid of their line because she’s a dwarf and they’re royalty, and over the years they have killed many of their kind.  Niall knew Sookie was infected when she allowed Bill to drink her blood.  He says he did, but he didn’t stop her because Bill isn’t right for her.  Sookie says that if they’re so special, he should try to save Bill.  He agrees.

Sarah arrives at the remains of the Light of Day Institute.  All around her she hears the sounds of the past.  She sees Jason catch a touchdown pass.  He greets her with a smile, then he says that everyone dies alone, that Eric is coming for her and he’s going to kill her.  Her number is up.  Sarah says that he isn’t real.  He pledges that he’ll see her in hell, but she doesn’t believe in hell.  She tells herself to hold it together.  Above her, Mr. Gus’s satellites find her image.  He looks at the sleeping forms of Pam and Eric and lights his cigar in thought.

Sam talks to Arlene about the state of the town and how he wants to be a father to his baby girl.  He doesn’t know what to do.  He’s torn about making the right decision.  Arlene pours them more drinks and she tells him that Bon Temps is the only place he’s ever stuck around.  If he stays, could he be happy there without Nicole and the baby.  If he can answer that, then that’s what he needs to do.  Arlene says she fakes her happiness in hopes that one day the happiness becomes real. 

Andy and Holly have arrived in Oklahoma City.  They go inside, but the bed is still made.  Andy is outside with tears in his eyes.  Holly asks if Adilyn has any friends.  When she sees Andy’s tears, she asks what’s wrong.  He says that the lake looks so peaceful compared to their “fucked up reality” they live in.  He can’t protect them from the dangers out there.  This is all his fault.  Adilyn ran because he was upset.  Holly insists that they will get them back.  She knows he doesn’t care for the Wiccan side of her, but she vows that their story will have a happy ending.  She hugs him and he gives in to his tears.

Niall and Sookie approach Bill’s house.  Niall wanders into the woods outside and tells her that they need to channel nature so that they can find some answers.  He takes Sookie’s hands and together they fall into a purple haze.  They go back and see Caroline deliver their first baby.  “Wow,” Niall says of the spectacle.  Niall says that birth and love and death and forgiveness are all miracles.  He brought her to that spot to tell her that some things can be fixed with magic, but magic cannot cure Bill.  She thanks him for the life lesson but tells him to leave.  Niall disappears and Sookie looks up at the house in tears.

A little girl looks out her window to see Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging holes in her yard.  “Mama!” she cries.

Arlene is in a drunken stupor when Keith arrives.  He says he felt her pain and came to her.  He offers his hand to her and she takes it.  He came as soon as he could.  Arlene thought vampires only cared about danger, but he says that her pain is tangible.  She can’t believe he’s 515.  He grins.  Arlene reveals that she’s Hep-V positive.  “Then let’s just dance,” he says.  She starts to cry and she hugs him.

As the sun goes down, Violet wakes up and goes to find Adilyn and Wade.  They apologize that they didn’t use her toys, but Violet has other plans.  They’re going to use the toys now.  Wade jumps out of bed and Violet throws him against the wall.  I guess it’s playtime….  Of course, Jessica feels Adilyn’s fear and she takes off.

Eric wakes up and realizes that they’ve overslept.  He wakes Pam and they go out into the living room to find that it’s empty.  Outside, Mr. Gus and his men wait for them.  It’s time to make some money, Mr. Gus drawls.

Sookie wakes up and she goes to Bill, vowing that she’s going to stay with him until the very end.  They kiss.  Aww, how great it is to see them together again.

Sarah is trying desperately to stay calm.  Steve Newlin and the Yogi and Governor Burrell’s head make an appearance to let her know that she’s going to die tonight.  Steve reminds her that she fornicated with Jason in the church they built.  Steve offers her a choice between Heaven and Hell.  Jason appears and tells her that death is coming for her.  Mr. Gus has arrived.

Sookie and Bill reunite in front of the fire.  Now that he’s naked, we can see that the disease is all over his body.  His fangs pop out, and they get it on.

What a great episode!  We were reunited with Hoyt and Steve Newlin!  It is my deepest wish that we get to see Russell Edgington one more time before this is all over. 

We only have three more episodes left, boys and girls….  Until next week!


True Blood Recap S7E4: Death is Not the End

True Blood Season 7, Episode 4: Death is Not the End

Airdate:  July 13, 2014

Summary by: Sarabeth Pollock


Alcide is dead.  If you didn’t know that, you’ve been under a rock all week.  Last week’s shocking moment left many fans saddened, but star Joe Manganiello hinted in an interview that he knew it was coming.  Sookie would never end up with Alcide.  It just wasn’t in the cards, and he clearly loved her too much to let her go…which meant he needed to go.

Jackson, Mississippi.  Big Daddy is back. Alcide’s father is in the middle of some hanky panky with a girl when he gets a call from Sookie.  She tells Jackson that Alcide is “gone.”  Jackson sinks into a chair in shock. (Did you notice the color of his eyes?)

In Alaska, Hoyt Fontenberry gets a call from Jason.  Jason has some bad news.  “She passed last night,” Jason says.  Hoyt bursts into tears when Jason reveals that she died, so Jason tries to console him.  The thing about it is that Hoyt can’t remember who Jason is.

Sookie asks Jackson how soon he can get to Bon Temps, and he says he will get there as soon as possible.  He takes a moment to say that his relationship with Alcide was distant, but Alcide truly loved Sookie.  Sookie says she loved him, too.  She gets off the phone in time to see Jason finish his conversation with Hoyt, and Jason remarks that Hoyt is so polite.  The fact is, Hoyt can’t remember Jason.  Jason starts to fall apart but Sookie tells him he has to stay strong.  Andy is with Holly so Jason is the law now.  He has to be strong for everyone else.  She wants to fall apart as well, but if she has to man up, so does Jason.

Cue the credits.  Did anyone else notice how many names have been added to the cast? 

Anubis Air is flying high.  Eric has his face buried between the legs of the flight attendant who is giving him a rundown of the flight plan.  Their destination is Baton Rouge; Pam thinks Sarah Newlin will try to contact the Senator.  However, Eric wants to go to Shreveport.  After alerting the flight attendant that she is now a carrier of Hep-V (which will cause her to lose her job), Eric orders the plane to change its destination.  Pam is furious; she hates Shreveport.  Eric wants to go after Willa.  He is saddened that Pam lost her progeny, but he has an obligation to Willa.  Besides, he adds with a grin, it will be a walk down memory lane for the two of them.

Shreveport, 1986.  The Magister of Louisiana greets Pam and Eric and says that he’s about to pronounce their punishment.  He gestures to an old video store.  “This place smells of sperm and piss and bad hair dye,” he says.  And it is theirs.  They can use it to run a business.  That’s their punishment.  The Magister gives them a tour.  Inside their new store they have every movie you can conceive of, along with a whole array of movie theater-style candy.  Downstairs it also includes the largest selection of porn in Louisiana.  Beyond the door in the back is a Civil War-era tunnel used during the Underground Railroad.  The Magister informs Eric that the Authority will take a part of his income, and they’re also making him Sheriff of Area 5 so that they can keep an eye on him.  The Magister hands them the keys to their new lives.

Sookie, Sam and Jason arrive at Arlene’s house to see how her kids are holding up. (How weird is it to see Sookie in jeans and a shirt?)  The kids are feeling like they’re in a glass house.  Sookie levels with them like equals.  She tells the kids that Arlene is tough and she’s fighting hard to get back to them.  That’s why they have to keep fighting.  Sookie is going to help Holly remember where Arlene is.  Andy is reluctant to let Sookie make Holly remember, but Sookie persists and they get inside Holly’s bedroom.  Holly gives Sookie a big hug for her loss.  Holly looks awful.  She can’t remember much after the mixer.  Her memory is blank after that.  They join hands and Sookie sees her memory of being fed on at the creek.  She remembers that they took her outside, and then she sees Fangtasia.  Holly bursts into tears and Andy looks to Sookie for advice on what to do with her.  “We like to be held,” she says.  He holds her while she cries.

Sam and Jason take off for Fangtasia.  Sam is worried about Nicole and the baby at Fangtasia.  Sam turns around and heads to Shreveport.  Jason pulls out his gun and tells Sam not to make a bad decision.  They need the vampires to help them.  Sam yells and stops the car, forcing Jason to drive.  Sam refuses to be the one driving away from his family.

At Bill’s house, Jessica moans in her sleep.  James tells her that she needs to eat.  The bullet wound isn’t healing because she won’t eat, but she doesn’t think so.  James is frustrated.  He goes to get Bill, which pisses her off.  Bill comes in and asks how long this has been going on.  He means business.  James tells Bill she hasn’t been eating for ten weeks.  He doesn’t see how she can be protecting Adilyn and not getting any blood in return.  Jessica is afraid that she’ll kill Adilyn.  Sookie arrives downstairs and Jessica welcomes her up to her “intervention.”  Sookie chases the boys out so that she can tell Jessica she doesn’t give a shit about the dead faeries.  Everyone she knows is dying and she’s going to need help rescuing Arlene.  So Jessica needs to feed to be able to help.  Jessica’s eyes are as big as saucers, but she quickly agrees.  Sookie storms from the room, telling James to call Lafayette and telling Bill that they need to talk.

Back in 1986, a young starry-eyed Ginger comes into the video store looking for a list of vampire films.  Pam is impressed that she’s looking for the good vampire films, and explains that she’s taking a class at Tulane about “The Other” in society, and the class is examining issues vis-à-vis the vampire myth.  She laughs innocently and assures Pam that she’s not crazy and she doesn’t think vampires exist.  That is, until Eric walks in all smoldering and badass with his swept back hair and black shirt and pants.  Eric introduces himself.  Ginger sees that Eric needs help and asks for an application.

Jason and Sam arrive at Rosie’s house to inform her of Kevin’s passing.  She thinks she might be under arrest for her actions the night before, but Sam says she isn’t in trouble.  They tell her that Kevin is gone.  They explain that Holly revealed that he had died but they haven’t recovered the body.  Jason assures her that they will avenge his death.

Bill tells Sookie that he’ll call upon as many vampires as he can, but the Bon Temps vampires have already lost a lot and there isn’t much in it for them to go to Shreveport.  He’s doing this for her because she has given him everything.  Sookie seems to make a decision, and then she offers him “lunch” so that he’s at his strongest.  Bill can’t resist an offer like that.

Upstairs, Lafayette arrives.  Jessica is in tears and she’s upset with James.  Lafayette senses the tension and tells James to movie aside so he can do his thing.  Jessica is having trouble understanding how immortal vampires have to prey upon innocent humans.  Lala tells her that he’s not so innocent; he killed the man he loves.  James is shocked by this and wants to go to him, but instead he watches as Jessica finally feeds.

  1. Ginger arrives at the store with a huge throne-chair for him.  Pam says she’s late, but Ginger points out that she found this “shitty chair” and it may be the start of a new future now that vampires have come out.  Pam is listening.  Ginger has a vision of a nightclub that pushes sex by putting Eric on a throne until people are so horny they throw down their money for drinks.  Pam loves the idea.  She even loves Ginger’s name: Fangtasia.  She loves it so much that she glamours Ginger into forgetting that it was her idea to begin with.  Eric laughs on the plane as Pam finishes the story, calling her a bitch with a huge smile on his face.  She asks if he still loves her.  “Always,” he says.

Night has fallen and there are cars in Bill’s driveway.  There are only a few uninfected vampires who showed up, including James’ bass player, Keith.  Jason attempts a rousing speech but there’s no reaction.  Bill recalls the battle of Normandy but is interrupted by a knock at the door.  He opens it to find Pam and Eric standing there.  “Pam says you wrote a book in which you claim not to be an asshole anymore.  Is this true, Bill?”  Bill’s eyes are fixed on the Hep-V infection spreading across Eric’s chest.  He tells Bill that he’s only a month along in the disease.  Stage One.  Sookie comes to the door and hugs Eric, who takes her into his arms with relish.  Pam groans.  She reminds Eric that they have a Christian to kill, and that they’re there to find Willa. 

In a dark alley, Willa is about to feed on a teen when her Maker calls upon her.  She rolls her eyes and says that she hates him.

Bill shows Eric and Sookie to his office and leaves them.  They face each other and he asks how she is.  “Shitty,” she says, and she tells him about Alcide.  Eric starts to question the fact that she was with a werewolf, but she interrupts and says he died that morning.  Without hesitation, Eric pulls her into his arms and holds her.  (Just like the advice she gave to Andy)  She asks where he was, and Eric tells her that he’d traveled the world, starting with Sweden, where he triggered an avalanche.  He wanted to see the world one last time.  He gets serious and asks what kind of trouble she’s in.  Willa interrupts and demands answers.  He abandoned her when she was two weeks old.  Eric uses his power to command her to wait until later.  Eric and Sookie go outside, where Pam had been telling Bill that they’re walking into a bloodbath.  Eric jabs Bill by pointing out that they’re outnumbered, but he knows a secret way into Fangtasia.  Bill is most unpleased that Eric is back.  He gives Sookie a look before they all drive off.

A rat makes its way through the Underground Railroad.  The women scream when it comes into the dungeon.  But it’s Sam.  Arlene can’t figure out what she’s just seen, but Nicole is elated to see him.  He promises that there are good vampires outside waiting to rescue them and that they just need to hold tight.  He turns back into a rat and scurries off, but the door opens upstairs.  The women scream.

Outside, Eric punches a wall and makes a small dent.  Bill pushes him aside and blasts the wall out with one hit.  Eric is clearly too weak.  Sam returns and says the women are right where they’re supposed to be. Eric and Bill start to leave, but Pam stops Eric, telling him that she’s going.  Eric can’t argue, and he watches helplessly as they leave.  Pam and Bill arrive to find that the vampires have taken Arlene.  Bill says he’s going to rescue Arlene.  Pam gives him some advice-Sookie will not be his.  Not now, not ever.  So don’t blow it.  He runs upstairs to and sees that they’re feasting on Arlene.  Bill is about to intervene when Eric knocks on the door and says that he’s brought a human with him.  The Hep-V vamps smell Sookie’s blood.  Bill rolls his eyes when Eric comes in and takes control of the scene.  He warns them that he brought some friends…and that’s when Bill and everyone else burst into the room.  However, Vince and Rosie and Kenya decide that they want to take out the vampire bar as well.  They blast the place with Molotov cocktails, so the Hep-V vamps flee into the parking lot.  They kill a few members of Vince’s gang, and then they meet the healthy vamps for a battle.  Meanwhile, Sookie is inside with Arlene, who is about to die.  Bill rushes in and prevents a man from staking Eric (thus proving that he’s no longer an asshole) and then he has t hurry out to save Jessica.  Sookie tells Eric to find a healthy vampire to save Arlene, but Eric looks pretty spent himself.  Arlene isn’t going to make it.  She starts to hear Terry calling out to her.  Sookie can see what she’s seeing and Terry is there with her.  Jason blows a vampire away and rushes in with Keith, who gives Arlene her blood.  Terry tells Arlene that she can’t come with him because she needs to be there with their kids. She gasps and comes back to life.

Outside, the healthy vampires rejoice at their victory.  Pam panics when she can’t find Eric, but he’s in a minivan feeding on a guy.  “I had to eat,” he says.  He goes inside and sees Sookie holding Arlene.  He smiles at her, and Sookie smiles back. 

I have to tell you—I think this is one of the best episodes of True Blood ever.  It was so incredibly well written, and so packed with drama, that I had to watch it twice to be able to recap it.  It blew me away.  I can only hope that the season continues this way.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

True Blood Recap: S7E3 Fire in the Hole

True Blood Season 7, Episode 3: Fire in the Hole

Airdate:  July 6, 2014

Summary by: Sarabeth Pollock


There’s a crazy yoga class happening in LA.  “You are here in the now,” the Yogi says.  “In tune with yourself.”  He corrects his students as they take their poses.  All of a sudden Sarah Newlin rises from the floor.  “Namaste,” she says.  Oh great, she’s back.

Pam wants to know how long Eric has been sick.  He seems surprised that she knew where he’d been.  You know how she hates Russians.  He reluctantly says that she outwitted him, but only because he’s not well.  She tells him that Tara met the True Death and she gets mad when he doesn’t respond.  Eric has lost too many people.  He has a flash back to the Rhone Valley, 1986.  He’s speaking French, which is really hot. There’s a woman there and he’s seducing her in her father’s vineyard.  (Once again we start out with Eric Northman sex.  Go figure.)  Eric bites her and they have sex in the grapes.  That’s when our Authority friend the Chancellor shows up. 

Next we see the Chancellor charging Eric and Pam with failure to register with the local Sheriff and pay taxes.  Pam immediately says she doesn’t like the woman, though she appreciates her shoes.  The Chancellor wants them to know about the invention of True Blood, a product of Japan that will allow for full integration into society.  Pam agrees to behave, but Eric is necking on the couch and tells the Authority bitch to “go fuck herself.”  Pam is beside herself that he told off Ms. Flanagan of the Authority, but Eric promises to protect her from danger.

Alcide wakes up hungry.  He realizes that Sookie is gone.  He races over to Bill’s house and breaks down the door.

In the car, Bill assures Sookie that he’s covered their tracks.  She wants to know why he can’t feel her anymore.  It’s because he had been fully drained back at Vamp Camp.  Now he’s a clean slate, and while he’s a new vampire, he still has to live with the memories of what he did to her.  He insists that she take his blood so that he can sense her.  As she drinks, he gets turned on.  “I have a boyfriend,” she says.  Bill’s fangs pop back in.

Adilyn and Wade are in a jail cell.  He’s worried about his mom, so to distract him she tells him about the time they made out and Eric glamoured the memory from him.  They’re about to kiss when Jessica shows up with Andy.  Wade is worried about getting Rocky into trouble.  “We’re all in trouble,” Andy says.  Adilyn says the mob is after anything that’s different from them.

Sam and Reverend Daniels are having an existential conversation in the church.  Sam can’t believe that a family like Mary Beth would die when they had crosses in every room.  The Reverend confides that Death is always coming.  Willa bursts in ahead of Lettie Mae, who is in the middle of an equally intense conversation with Tara.  The Reverend asks everyone to leave.

Sam and his vampire defender drive off when they come across the mob.  They confront their mayor for being a shapeshifter.  Sam pleads with Rocky to listen.  Vince blows away his vampire friend, so Sam shifts into an owl and flies away.

Jason looks at a picture of his family and asks Violet if she’d consider having kids with him.  They could adopt, he says.  He says he’s a modern man who can love and fight.  Violet loves that about him.  There’s a knock at the door and it’s Andy and company.   They come in, even though Violet says that they’re in the middle of a fight.  Violet keeps Jessica at bay but agrees to join forces.

Lafayette is in the middle of a party when James shows up looking for weed.  He confesses to Lala that he’s not sure what to do with Jessica, who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s there with her.  It’s a much longer conversation, he says.  That’s why he’s looking for an escape.  Vampires can’t swallow pills, so Lafayette agrees to be the beaker for this little experiment to mix up the right drugs to take James to the beach.

At Fangtasia, the Hep-V vamps discuss how many humans they have left.  The disease is taking its toll on them, but they only have 4 people left and they’re going to need more.  Holly casts a spell with the women in the basement.  The vamp finds them and wants to take Holly hunting.

Bill and Sookie are in a field.  Bill says that Alcide would agree that this plan is not a good idea.  She reminds him that he called her vampire bait once before.  Bill asks if she wants him to bring Alcide along when they come to rescue her.  Bill wants to be friends, so he says they should be able to talk.  She confesses that he wants kids and he loves her more than she loves him.  She feels rotten and she doesn’t know how long she can deal with it.  Bill says love isn’t always equal.

Andy and the gang try to call Sookie’s phone.  Jason leaves a message.  They come upon Sam’s car and find the mob.  Vince says they mayor flew away.  Jason threatens to shoot them if they don’t walk away.  Mrs. Fortenberry claims Jason and Jessica for what they did to Hoyt.  She shoots Jessica with a silver bullet so Violet charges and rips out her heart.  The mob scatters, and Andy sends Violet into the woods to find Rocky.  Alive.  Jason hurries over to Jessica and tries to help.

Meanwhile, the Hep-V vamps find more food in the woods.

There’s a party at Lala’s house.  James and Lala are listening to Bob Marley and talking about how the drugs are in time with the music. 

Sam and Alcide meet up.  Alcide lost Sookie’s scent.  Together, they turn back into canines and continue the search.

Bill laughs at Sookie’s impatience.  She feels a bit insulted that they haven’t taken the bait yet.  Bill assures her that she still smells very good.  She tells him about the freefall ride at Six Flags.  He thinks the idea of a freefall ride would be terrifying, but she says the scary part is the waiting.  You know you’re going to drop but you don’t know when.  That’s the scary part, and that’s what this feels like.  He says it’s more like going to war.  This is a war, he says, and he recalls the time before he left for war that he had pictures taken of his family.  The photographer was a Fortenberry, and he Bill posed with his daughter first before posing with the rest of his family.  He smiles at the memory of his family.  Bill is jolted from his reverie when Sookie cuts open her arm and calls out to the vampires, telling them that she tastes like sunshine.

Reverend Daniels comes out to tell Willa that Lettie Mae is finally sleeping.  She wonders if Lettie Mae burned herself on purpose.  He knows Willa is hungry so he offers his arm to her.  “But you’re a reverend,” she says.  While she feeds, he tells her that they moved to Bon Temps after the loss of his daughter.  It was the worst time of his life.  He lost his faith.  He hid from well wishing congregation members because he didn’t want to face them.  He was alone.  Then one day he got in his car and drove to a church that was boarded up.  A woman saw him and said that she’d been waiting for him.  It was Lettie Mae, and she saved him as much as he saved her.  Willa finishes feeding and he says that Lettie Mae has a disease.  He says that Willa’s blood is like a bottle of Captain Morgan to an alcoholic, and he says that she can’t stay there anymore.  He thanks her, and then rescinds her invitation.

James wakes up to find that Lala wasn’t moving.  Lala wakes up and says that he’s a professional when it comes to drugs.  James decides to erase the fang marks on Lafayette’s neck.  Lala realizes that James is coming on to him.  They share a sweet moment together.  Lafayette says goodnight to his vampire friend.

A group of Asian men arrive at Eric’s French estate while Pam is pleasuring a young woman and Eric is getting it on farmer-style with Sylvie.  The men are from the corporation that Nan referred to.  They have a silver chain around Pam’s throat.  Eric apologizes for not following the rules.  The man in charge, who has a gold tooth, forces Eric to make a choice between Pam and Sylvie.  Eventually, Eric chooses Pam, and Sylvie is stabbed.  The men take Eric prisoner.

Back in the present, Pam asks again if Eric contracted Hep-V on purpose.  She begs him to not give up.  With a fresh blood supply, he can live longer.  She vows to keep him well.  She begs him not to make her watch him die.  He says the world has been his oyster for a thousand years, but he’s lost his taste for oysters.  Before she leaves, Pam tells Eric that Jason didn’t kill Sarah Newlin.  She’s out there somewhere.  This gets Eric’s attention.  He slowly gets up from his chaise.  “Let’s go find her, shall we?”

Sarah isn’t in hiding.  She’s screwing her Yogi.  “Namaste!” she cries as she comes.  She tells him that she came to his institute a Christian woman who thought life was an audition for getting into Heaven.  He laughs and tells her everything is about the here and now.  He tells her to run off and get a bottle of red wine.  While she’s gone, the Asian men who came after Eric in the 80s arrive in the Yogi’s bedroom.  They ask if he knows Sarah Newlin.  He says he can’t lie, and that he knows her.  When they ask where she is, he refuses to say.  She hears the men chop off his head and she covers her mouth to keep from screaming as his blood seeps under the door.

Holly is in a glamoured gaze as she enters the field where Bill and Sookie lie in wait.  Sookie rushes over to her, and out of nowhere a Hep-V vamp takes Bill out of the tree.  They collar him with a silver chain while the others capture Sookie.  That’s when Sam and Alcide, in their dog forms, jump the vampire holding Bill, and Jason and Andy take out the vamps holding Sookie.  She’s soaked from head to toe in blood.  Alcide asks if she swallowed any and she shakes her head.  He tells her to go clean off in the river.  Violet offers to help her rinse off.  While she’s getting cleaned up, Alcide confronts Bill for allowing Sookie to put herself in danger.  Bill asserts that this was her idea.  As Sookie rinses off, there’s a noise.  She looks up to see two bullets hit Alcide.  One in the chest, and one in the forehead.  She screams and rushes over to him.  Violet, Jessica and Bill stand around her.  They could turn him, but they’d have to do it soon.  She says no.  Jason asks if she’s sure, but Sookie has been there before.  Andy goes over to Lou, one of the kids in Vince’s mob.  He’s alive and he’s bleeding out.  He asks for an ambulance.  Andy reminds him that he shot first, and he reminds him that everything changes once you pull the trigger.  Sookie weeps over Alcide’s dead body.

So ends the third episode of the season.  Alcide is dead.  I wish it didn’t happen, but we all knew Sookie wasn’t going to end up with him.

Alcide, you will be missed.  (And I’m saddened by the fact he died on my birthday…)

True Blood Recap S7E2: I Found You

(Spoliers for “I Found You” below)

True Blood Season 7, Episode 2: I Found You

Airdate:  June 29, 2014

Summary by: Sarabeth Pollock


It’s nighttime in…somewhere.  Suddenly Jason comes upon Eric.  Is this real, or is this a dream?  Jason has questions, Eric might have answers.  Eric mixes a drink and offers it to Jason, and then Eric asks about Violet.  Jason can’t get Eric out of his head.  Jason figures Eric has heard that line a lot, but Eric replies that he’s only ever heard it twice.  Then they get naked.  Um, what?  And then Jason kisses Eric.  Ok, this is definitely a dream.  Right?  More kissing.  Nakedness.  A fire in the fireplace.  More kissing.  Heavy breathing. 

And then Jason wakes up in church.  He’s breathing heavily.

Yeah.   So begins Episode 2.

Jason walks outside to find his sister with Alcide.  The town is having a meeting and Andy and Sam are trying to figure how to find the missing people of Bon Temps.  Sookie suggests identifying the body she found in the woods.  Perhaps the strange vampires brought her with them, and they can track them.  Reverend Daniels asks Sam what the people should do with themselves during the day.  Sam tells everyone to keep going, that Arlene would want them to keep things running.  Andy wants to take Adilyn home, but she suggests that she stay with Wade because he’s family.  Lettie May wants to go visit Lafayette.

In Shreveport there’s a fight brewing with the vampires.  One vamp decided to eat one of the hostages, which drains their reserves.  There’s an argument about not having enough food and taking too much.  That means there needs to be another hunting party.  They choose a vampire teacher to do the dirty work.  The teacher, Betty, goes down to grab another victim.  She sees Arlene and chooses another victim.  Arlene asks Holly if her kids had her as a teacher.  She might be their way out.  Arlene attempts to raise spirits by giving a rousing speech. She’s been through too much to “die in a fucking vampire bar.”

Andy, Jason, Sookie, Sam and Alcide find the dead woman in the woods. She’s from two towns over.  Sookie quotes a gravestone that talks about the indifference of life.  Now the gang needs to take a road trip.

Lafayette finds Lettie May at his door.  They are both holding up all right, but Lettie May reveals that she made peace with Tara the night before.  She tells Lafayette that she wants more.  She wants to hold her, and she says that Tara needs help before she can head up to heaven.  She needs some V so that she can communicate with Tara.  Lala tries to convince his aunt that this isn’t what Tara wants. “You’re going to hell!” she shouts.  “That’s what this is,” he replies.

There’s a cleaning crew at Bellefleur’s.  Adilyn tries to console Wade.  Vince strolls in and mocks the people who are following Sam’s orders.  The fact that all of the town’s law enforcement is gone doesn’t leave protection for the town.  Hoyt’s mother finds dead people in the freezer.  Vince tells everyone that the vamps are going to come back.  He tells the story of what he saw the night before, that Sam is a shifter.  Mrs. Fontenberry reveals that she saw Sam transform and had previously blamed the Nyquil. Vince rallies the townspeople into protecting themselves.  Adilyn hears a woman who knows where some extra weapons are stashed.  She grabs Wade and tells him they have to leave.

Arlene and Holly tell Betty that they know who she is.  Betty thinks that they want her to let them go, but they convince her that she was the best teacher their kids ever had.  Betty’s afraid.  She goes to Arlene for a hug.  You can see the effects of Hep-V taking their hold on her.  Arlene tries once more.  Betty’s legacy is at stake, no pun intended.  She can make a choice to help them.  Betty promises to figure out a plan to let them go.  As she leaves, she takes one of the men back upstairs.

As Andy drives through the next town, the group is shocked to discover that the whole town is empty.  The streets are empty.  It’s a ghost town.  Buildings are boarded up. Messages are scrawled on churches and stores.  “FEMA, HELP US” is written on a street in a nod to the Katrina disaster.  Sookie comes across a pit that’s filled with bodies.  Everyone is left.

Adilyn tries to tell Rosie that the Bellefleur mob is going to come to the police station and grab the guns stored there.  Kenya leads them inside and they grab the guns just as the mob arrives at the station.  Vince demands the guns as part of his second amendment right to pretend himself.  The mob starts making Kenya doubt her role with Andy, reminding her that she was passed up for a promotion because she’s a woman of color.  Kenya decides to arrest Adilyn, who blasts her with her Faery powers.  That wakes up Jessica, who is sleeping under Andy’s house.  Wade tries to reason with his brother Rocky, but you can’t reason with a mob.  Jessica tries calling Sookie, but Sookie threw her phone away.  Back at the jail, the mob wastes ammunition with target practice.

Andy and the gang goes into a house where the dead woman once lived.  Jason tastes the pizza on the table and decides that the residents were last in the house two days prior.  The vamps must be raiding each town until it’s entirely cleaned out.  Andy sees a wedding picture and vows to make an honest woman of Holly when he finds her.  “A man ain’t nothing without a family,” he tells Jason.  Sookie wanders into the child’s bedroom and goes through a diary on the desk. Alcide walks in and tells Sookie that it would be ok to read her journal.  Sookie reads that the girl fell in love with a vampire named Henry, who takes her to Fangtasia.  She flashes back to the first time Bill took her to Fangtasia.  She recalls how excited she was going home and getting ready for her trip, a trip that wasn’t a date. “Like I said, I can’t fight it.  I am his, totally and completely,” she reads.  Then she finishes with an entry about an attack on a church.  Henry is infected with Hep V as well.  Sam finds a baby toy in the crib and becomes emotional.  Andy sees blood on the walls.   Mary Beth, the missing girl, writes that she hopes the vamps will spare a child.

Lettie May burns her wrist while she’s cooking.  She decides to burn her hand intentionally so she can call upon Willa for help.  But Willa has never been awakened in the middle of the day.  Willa says Lettie May should go to the doctor, that the Reverend said not to give Lettie May any more blood.  Willa relents when Lettie May begs, and Lettie May has another reaction.  She looks around the cellar and sees a cross in a forest.  Someone is calling to her.  She sees Tara on the cross with a yellow snake on her.  Tara is talking but Lettie May can’t hear her.  “I need the answer,” Lettie May cries.  Willa watches helplessly as Lettie May talks to someone in her vision.

Alcide tells Sookie that she and Mary Beth are nothing alike.  The vampires came out all over the world.  She fell in love with Bill hard and fast.  Sookie appreciates the sentiment, but she’s afraid that Bon Temps will end up like St. Elise.  Alcide knows they could flee right now, but that’s not the right decision.

Betty volunteers to be the sleep monitor.  She tells everyone that she’s the weakest link anyway and they’re waiting for her to die.  She sets the timer for them and then goes down to the basement.  She tells the women that they have twelve minutes to escape, but she needs blood.  Arlene offers her blood, but Betty has to drink from the femoral artery in case they get caught.  That way there are no bite marks.  As she feeds, the Hep V starts to take its toll, and she melts into a pile of goo right in Arlene’s lap.

Jessica’s bite wounds won’t heal, and as she tries to cover them up, Andy gets home.  He’s looking for Adilyn.  Jessica panics, but she knows she has to talk to him.  She tells him she’s in the attic.  She stays with her hands up.  She convinces Andy that she didn’t harm Adilyn, and she vows to find her as soon as the sun goes down.

Sookie and Alcide go home and she tells him to shower before hitting the bed.  She kisses him, and then when he’s in the shower she hurries over to Bill’s house.  When he answers the door, he seems pleased.  She gets right to business.  She wants to know if he can still sense her fear.  “If I get myself into some serious shit, can you still feel me?”

Rhone Valley, France.  Pam is on the hunt for Eric.  She goes down to the basement, where girls cry out that he won’t take their blood.  “You found me,” Eric says.  He’s in a chair, his hair is brown, and he looks years younger, somehow.  Pam stares in disbelief.

Well, folks.  It looks like Eric is back.

This episode moved really fast.  You can tell the writers are trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible, which makes the hour go by incredibly quickly.

So there’s a mob roaming the streets of Bon Temps, Adilyn is in danger, there are more questions than answers and we only have 8 episodes left.  Oh, Jason had an incredibly sex dream about Eric.  What do you think will happen next?