True Blood Love is to Die

True Blood Recap S7E9 Love is to Die

Bill tries to explain to Jessica and Sookie that he has accepted his fate.  Pam reminds everyone to keep it down while the Yakuza is upstairs.  Sookie tells Bill that if he chooses death he is giving up on both of them.  Bill settles on the True Death and Sookie slaps him.  Twice.  She’s on to a third time when Eric grabs her hand and stops her.  Eric tells Bill to leave, but before he does, Jessica asks Bill to release her.  He doesn’t just release her.  He makes an Emmy-worthy speech about righting the wrongs of making her in the first place.  Blood tears fall down her cheeks as he releases her, and then he turns and leaves.  Eric hugs Sookie and says he’s sorry.  Pam embraces a sobbing Jessica, but she tells her that she’s paying for the jacket if there is blood on it. 

Five minutes into the penultimate episode and Bill has chosen the True Death, and he’s released Jessica.  Wow.

Sookie and Jessica arrive back at Sam’s house via Alcide’s truck.  Jessica checks it out and declares it safe.  Inside, they find that Sam has packed up.  He left two envelopes on the table.  One is for Sookie.  As she reads it, we see Sam packing up with Nicole.  He’s convinced that he needs to be there for his child.  He’s going to Chicago, and he isn’t saying goodbye.  In fact, he wants Sookie to visit.  As they drive past Bellefleur’s Nicole acknowledges that he’s giving up on a lot.  But Sam doesn’t see it that way.

Next they head to Bellefleur’s, where Arlene is having a party.  Andy and Holly are there, with Lafayette and James and Jason.  Sookie announces that Sam is gone, and she asks to speak with Andy.  The other letter is for him, and she figures that he’d like to read it in private.  It isn’t a long letter—it’s Sam’s resignation as mayor.

James approaches Jessica and apologizes for the way things went down.  She tells him that she doesn’t know a lot about him, which is what Lafayette told her back at Sookie’s party.  She is sorry for never asking those questions, and she wants to know that he’s happy.  James says he is happy.  Jessica asks James to make sure Sookie gets home safely.  Then she leaves.

Hoyt is watching television while Brigette does dishes.  She is upset and wants to talk about the night before.  She feels he owes her an explanation about what he said about not having kids.  He says he just doesn’t know about having kids.  Brigette wants to know who the redhead was.  Hoyt says that he has never seen her before, but Brigette could see that she had been all doe-eyed with him.  She asks where he was all day, and at first Hoyt says he was with Jason, but then he admits that he’d been to see Jessica because he heard that Bill was dying.  They apologize to each other, and as he hugs Brigette there is a knock on the door.  It’s Jessica.  She has come to tell Hoyt that they knew each other.  She starts to explain everything and Brigette interrupts and says that she can’t listen to any of it.  She gives Hoyt an ultimatum that if he goes outside to listen to her then they are done.  Hoyt apologizes to Brigette and goes after Jessica.

Jessica tells Hoyt that Bill released her earlier, that there is a cure but he wouldn’t take it.  Hoyt wants to know why.  Jessica tells Hoyt that she doesn’t think that Bill understands how she feels.  She tells Hoyt that he was the first man she ever loved.  After all of the crap she’s been through tonight he was the only person she could think of to be with.  Hoyt tells her that he wants to hear their story.  He pulls her into his arms and hugs her.

Jason is at home when his phone rings.  It’s Brigette.  She asks Jason to come pick her up, since he’s the only person she knows in Bon Temps.  Brigette tells Jason that Jessica showed up.  That’s all Jason needs.  He’s on his way.

Big John has cooked up a huge feast.  Adilyn asks Sookie if she is going to join them for the big feast.  Arlene asks Adilyn if Sookie is ok.  When Adilyn says no, she goes after Sookie.  Sookie is happy that Arlene has Keith, who clearly makes her happy.  Sookie tells Arlene that Bill is dying and it’s her fault.  He’s going fast.  Sookie asks how Arlene has made it through so many heartaches.  Arlene knows that Sookie will get through it.  She wants Sookie to eat, and she ushers Sookie to the table.

There’s a knock at Bill’s door.  It’s Eric.  Eric comes inside and tells Bill that when he saw his family die he wanted to die.  Eric says that Hep-V attacks the spirit, and that he’s here for Sookie.  He wants Bill to see what he’s doing to Sookie.  Bill doesn’t think that Sookie would want them if not for the fact that she’s half-fae.  Bill recounts the dream that he had with Sookie rocking the baby.  He says that Sookie gave birth to death, that the baby was a black void.  He says that all they can do is offer her death, and after all he has done to her, she keeps coming back.  Bill asks Eric to bring Sookie so that he can explain it to her.  It’s the last favor that Bill will ever ask of him.  Eric pats his shoulder on his way out.  It’s a very tender parting.

Jason arrives at Hoyt’s, sirens blaring.  When he gets out, Hoyt belts him.  I guess Jessica told him what happened.  When he wakes up, Brigette is driving him to the hospital in the squad car.  She says he’s been out for five minutes, which makes him laugh.  She agrees to take him home.  But before they get there, Jason tells her openly that they won’t have sex.  Brigette seems very shocked to hear this, but I think that it was more for Jason than anything.

The Yacuza grab Sarah Newlin and take her upstairs.  Pam is waiting for her.  Sarah is screaming.  Pam tells her that she’s taking her back to being blonde.  Certainly not what Sarah was expecting.

Brigette is trying to book a flight back to Alaska but the ticketing agent isn’t helping at all.  Jason asks if it’s a man or woman.  He gets on the phone and starts sweet talking the agent to book the flight.  At the end of the call, Jason gets her to book the flight.  Brigette thanks him, telling him that it’s a big deal for her.  He leaves her to go to sleep, and then he returns to his la-z-boy and ices his face.  And his crotch.

Jessica offers to heal Hoyt’s hand.  He wants to know if since they broke up because she wasn’t ready, so is she ready now?  She explains that when she was made she was a naïve 17 year old.  But things are different.  Sitting with him now makes her see a future for herself that she never saw before.  He agrees to let her heal him, which she does.  Gently.

Pam curses when she realizes that she has to remove Sarah’s gag to complete the bleaching.  She resorts to glamouring Sarah so that the gag can be removed.  Pam starts to tell Sarah about one of her girls, Mary, from the whorehouse.  (Mr. Gus’s men know that word)  Pam says that Sarah is like the whore who doesn’t know that she’s a whore.  But she is going to be very valuable very soon.

Brigette can’t sleep.  All Jason has to drink is beer.  They each drink a beer.  Brigette wonders if life would be different if she was a man.  Jason says that he was good at math but nothing else.  Eventually, Jason starts explaining his past with Hoyt.  While he tells the story, we see Jessica getting it on with Hoyt.  Jason apologizes and thinks that Brigette might not want to hear this.  But she does.  Jason says that Jason used to go out after school and Hoyt went home to his mom.  And then he met Jessica.  And things changed.  And Jason messed it all up.  With all of their shared past, Hoyt decided that he wanted his memory erased before he went to Alaska.  As Jason says that they belong together, we see Hoyt and Jessica climaxing together the way they never did before.  Brigette says she wants to take Jason to bed to show him how not to have sex with her.

Eric finds Sookie outside Bellefleur’s.  He tells her that he saw Bill, and she’s surprised that he cares.  Eric says that he only cares for a few vampires, and Sookie.  He wants Sookie to talk to Bill.  She’s resistant, but he says she really needs to see him.  He says Bill is doing all of this for her.  She thinks it’s absurd, but Eric says it isn’t when she hears it from Bill.  He offers her a ride home, but not in the car.  He picks her up and they shoot into the air.

Jason and Brigette are lying on his bed next to each other.  And they’re talking.  She reveals that she cheated on someone before.  Jason says that he likes the color pink.  When he decides to go deeper, he tells Brigette that he wants kids, unlike Hoyt.  He’s just afraid that his daughter could end up with a guy like him.

Sookie thanks Eric for the lift.  She’s never seen Bon Temps from the sky.  Her phone is ringing.  She asks if he wants to come inside.  He gives her a long look and then says goodnight.  Bill is on the phone and he asks if he can come to her.  He stops off at his family cemetery and looks at the gravestones.

Ginger wants to know if Eric was ever going to tell her that he was dying.  He says he was out all night listening to everyone else’s relationship problems, so he wants to make it up to her by fucking.  “Let’s do this, sweetheart,” he says.  On the throne, no less.  He makes her spell out what she wants.  He bites her (because he’s immune).  She has a screaming orgasm before he can even doing anything.  She’s passed out on the floor and Eric looks utterly confused for the first time in his life.

Eric goes to find Pam, but the office is empty.  He goes downstairs to find the Yacuza waiting for him.  They have Pam on a table in silver chains. Mr. Gus wants to know if Eric was out with Sookie.  He doesn’t have the leverage he thinks he has.  They are going to impale Pam if he doesn’t speak the truth.  Mr. Gus says goodnight to Pam and is about to cut the cable when Eric stops them and admits that Sookie knows about the cure.  Mr. Gus wants to know where Sookie lives.  Uh oh.

When Bill arrives at Sookie’s house, he finds her inside sitting in a chair.  She’s deeply troubled.  He knocks on the door.

And that’s the end of the episode.

These were the longest 58 minutes I’ve experienced in a while.  I’m not sure how they will wrap this series up in one hour next week.  There is so much to do at this point.  I’m a bit frustrated that Brigette had so much time tonight when we barely had any Lafayette.  And Sam was gone before we could process his departure.

Alas, that is life in Bon Temps, Truebies.  What are your predictions for next week?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!