True Blood Fire in the Hole

True Blood Recap: S7E3 Fire in the Hole

True Blood Season 7, Episode 3: Fire in the Hole

Airdate:  July 6, 2014

Summary by: Sarabeth Pollock


There’s a crazy yoga class happening in LA.  “You are here in the now,” the Yogi says.  “In tune with yourself.”  He corrects his students as they take their poses.  All of a sudden Sarah Newlin rises from the floor.  “Namaste,” she says.  Oh great, she’s back.

Pam wants to know how long Eric has been sick.  He seems surprised that she knew where he’d been.  You know how she hates Russians.  He reluctantly says that she outwitted him, but only because he’s not well.  She tells him that Tara met the True Death and she gets mad when he doesn’t respond.  Eric has lost too many people.  He has a flash back to the Rhone Valley, 1986.  He’s speaking French, which is really hot. There’s a woman there and he’s seducing her in her father’s vineyard.  (Once again we start out with Eric Northman sex.  Go figure.)  Eric bites her and they have sex in the grapes.  That’s when our Authority friend the Chancellor shows up. 

Next we see the Chancellor charging Eric and Pam with failure to register with the local Sheriff and pay taxes.  Pam immediately says she doesn’t like the woman, though she appreciates her shoes.  The Chancellor wants them to know about the invention of True Blood, a product of Japan that will allow for full integration into society.  Pam agrees to behave, but Eric is necking on the couch and tells the Authority bitch to “go fuck herself.”  Pam is beside herself that he told off Ms. Flanagan of the Authority, but Eric promises to protect her from danger.

Alcide wakes up hungry.  He realizes that Sookie is gone.  He races over to Bill’s house and breaks down the door.

In the car, Bill assures Sookie that he’s covered their tracks.  She wants to know why he can’t feel her anymore.  It’s because he had been fully drained back at Vamp Camp.  Now he’s a clean slate, and while he’s a new vampire, he still has to live with the memories of what he did to her.  He insists that she take his blood so that he can sense her.  As she drinks, he gets turned on.  “I have a boyfriend,” she says.  Bill’s fangs pop back in.

Adilyn and Wade are in a jail cell.  He’s worried about his mom, so to distract him she tells him about the time they made out and Eric glamoured the memory from him.  They’re about to kiss when Jessica shows up with Andy.  Wade is worried about getting Rocky into trouble.  “We’re all in trouble,” Andy says.  Adilyn says the mob is after anything that’s different from them.

Sam and Reverend Daniels are having an existential conversation in the church.  Sam can’t believe that a family like Mary Beth would die when they had crosses in every room.  The Reverend confides that Death is always coming.  Willa bursts in ahead of Lettie Mae, who is in the middle of an equally intense conversation with Tara.  The Reverend asks everyone to leave.

Sam and his vampire defender drive off when they come across the mob.  They confront their mayor for being a shapeshifter.  Sam pleads with Rocky to listen.  Vince blows away his vampire friend, so Sam shifts into an owl and flies away.

Jason looks at a picture of his family and asks Violet if she’d consider having kids with him.  They could adopt, he says.  He says he’s a modern man who can love and fight.  Violet loves that about him.  There’s a knock at the door and it’s Andy and company.   They come in, even though Violet says that they’re in the middle of a fight.  Violet keeps Jessica at bay but agrees to join forces.

Lafayette is in the middle of a party when James shows up looking for weed.  He confesses to Lala that he’s not sure what to do with Jessica, who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s there with her.  It’s a much longer conversation, he says.  That’s why he’s looking for an escape.  Vampires can’t swallow pills, so Lafayette agrees to be the beaker for this little experiment to mix up the right drugs to take James to the beach.

At Fangtasia, the Hep-V vamps discuss how many humans they have left.  The disease is taking its toll on them, but they only have 4 people left and they’re going to need more.  Holly casts a spell with the women in the basement.  The vamp finds them and wants to take Holly hunting.

Bill and Sookie are in a field.  Bill says that Alcide would agree that this plan is not a good idea.  She reminds him that he called her vampire bait once before.  Bill asks if she wants him to bring Alcide along when they come to rescue her.  Bill wants to be friends, so he says they should be able to talk.  She confesses that he wants kids and he loves her more than she loves him.  She feels rotten and she doesn’t know how long she can deal with it.  Bill says love isn’t always equal.

Andy and the gang try to call Sookie’s phone.  Jason leaves a message.  They come upon Sam’s car and find the mob.  Vince says they mayor flew away.  Jason threatens to shoot them if they don’t walk away.  Mrs. Fortenberry claims Jason and Jessica for what they did to Hoyt.  She shoots Jessica with a silver bullet so Violet charges and rips out her heart.  The mob scatters, and Andy sends Violet into the woods to find Rocky.  Alive.  Jason hurries over to Jessica and tries to help.

Meanwhile, the Hep-V vamps find more food in the woods.

There’s a party at Lala’s house.  James and Lala are listening to Bob Marley and talking about how the drugs are in time with the music. 

Sam and Alcide meet up.  Alcide lost Sookie’s scent.  Together, they turn back into canines and continue the search.

Bill laughs at Sookie’s impatience.  She feels a bit insulted that they haven’t taken the bait yet.  Bill assures her that she still smells very good.  She tells him about the freefall ride at Six Flags.  He thinks the idea of a freefall ride would be terrifying, but she says the scary part is the waiting.  You know you’re going to drop but you don’t know when.  That’s the scary part, and that’s what this feels like.  He says it’s more like going to war.  This is a war, he says, and he recalls the time before he left for war that he had pictures taken of his family.  The photographer was a Fortenberry, and he Bill posed with his daughter first before posing with the rest of his family.  He smiles at the memory of his family.  Bill is jolted from his reverie when Sookie cuts open her arm and calls out to the vampires, telling them that she tastes like sunshine.

Reverend Daniels comes out to tell Willa that Lettie Mae is finally sleeping.  She wonders if Lettie Mae burned herself on purpose.  He knows Willa is hungry so he offers his arm to her.  “But you’re a reverend,” she says.  While she feeds, he tells her that they moved to Bon Temps after the loss of his daughter.  It was the worst time of his life.  He lost his faith.  He hid from well wishing congregation members because he didn’t want to face them.  He was alone.  Then one day he got in his car and drove to a church that was boarded up.  A woman saw him and said that she’d been waiting for him.  It was Lettie Mae, and she saved him as much as he saved her.  Willa finishes feeding and he says that Lettie Mae has a disease.  He says that Willa’s blood is like a bottle of Captain Morgan to an alcoholic, and he says that she can’t stay there anymore.  He thanks her, and then rescinds her invitation.

James wakes up to find that Lala wasn’t moving.  Lala wakes up and says that he’s a professional when it comes to drugs.  James decides to erase the fang marks on Lafayette’s neck.  Lala realizes that James is coming on to him.  They share a sweet moment together.  Lafayette says goodnight to his vampire friend.

A group of Asian men arrive at Eric’s French estate while Pam is pleasuring a young woman and Eric is getting it on farmer-style with Sylvie.  The men are from the corporation that Nan referred to.  They have a silver chain around Pam’s throat.  Eric apologizes for not following the rules.  The man in charge, who has a gold tooth, forces Eric to make a choice between Pam and Sylvie.  Eventually, Eric chooses Pam, and Sylvie is stabbed.  The men take Eric prisoner.

Back in the present, Pam asks again if Eric contracted Hep-V on purpose.  She begs him to not give up.  With a fresh blood supply, he can live longer.  She vows to keep him well.  She begs him not to make her watch him die.  He says the world has been his oyster for a thousand years, but he’s lost his taste for oysters.  Before she leaves, Pam tells Eric that Jason didn’t kill Sarah Newlin.  She’s out there somewhere.  This gets Eric’s attention.  He slowly gets up from his chaise.  “Let’s go find her, shall we?”

Sarah isn’t in hiding.  She’s screwing her Yogi.  “Namaste!” she cries as she comes.  She tells him that she came to his institute a Christian woman who thought life was an audition for getting into Heaven.  He laughs and tells her everything is about the here and now.  He tells her to run off and get a bottle of red wine.  While she’s gone, the Asian men who came after Eric in the 80s arrive in the Yogi’s bedroom.  They ask if he knows Sarah Newlin.  He says he can’t lie, and that he knows her.  When they ask where she is, he refuses to say.  She hears the men chop off his head and she covers her mouth to keep from screaming as his blood seeps under the door.

Holly is in a glamoured gaze as she enters the field where Bill and Sookie lie in wait.  Sookie rushes over to her, and out of nowhere a Hep-V vamp takes Bill out of the tree.  They collar him with a silver chain while the others capture Sookie.  That’s when Sam and Alcide, in their dog forms, jump the vampire holding Bill, and Jason and Andy take out the vamps holding Sookie.  She’s soaked from head to toe in blood.  Alcide asks if she swallowed any and she shakes her head.  He tells her to go clean off in the river.  Violet offers to help her rinse off.  While she’s getting cleaned up, Alcide confronts Bill for allowing Sookie to put herself in danger.  Bill asserts that this was her idea.  As Sookie rinses off, there’s a noise.  She looks up to see two bullets hit Alcide.  One in the chest, and one in the forehead.  She screams and rushes over to him.  Violet, Jessica and Bill stand around her.  They could turn him, but they’d have to do it soon.  She says no.  Jason asks if she’s sure, but Sookie has been there before.  Andy goes over to Lou, one of the kids in Vince’s mob.  He’s alive and he’s bleeding out.  He asks for an ambulance.  Andy reminds him that he shot first, and he reminds him that everything changes once you pull the trigger.  Sookie weeps over Alcide’s dead body.

So ends the third episode of the season.  Alcide is dead.  I wish it didn’t happen, but we all knew Sookie wasn’t going to end up with him.

Alcide, you will be missed.  (And I’m saddened by the fact he died on my birthday…)