tru blood

True to the End

I remember walking through San Diego Comic Con in 2008 and seeing ads for a drink called Tru Blood in the Sails Pavilion.  They were all over.

When the show premiered, people who were Charlaine Harris fans didn’t know how true (no pun intended) Alan Ball would be to the source materials, namely the books thr characters were based upon.  Indeed, if Ball had stayed to the books, then we would have lost Lafayette very early in season one. 

The show has made stars of the cast, who are greeted each year by thousands of fans at SDCC. Even short term cast members find fame through their association.  Ashley Hinshaw plays Hoyt’s girlfriend Brigette. She has been in the final four episodes and somehow she has gained superstar status worldwide.  The show has that kind of power.

True Blood pushed boundaries, using vampires and supernatural creatures as metaphors for real-life issues facing our nation and the world at large.  In a short amount of time, True Blood went from guilty summer television to a must-watch cultural phenomenon.

And so tonight when we say goodbye to Sookie and Bill and the good people of Bon Temps, we lose a small piece of TV history. But history tells us that True Blood will never fade into the night.  With rumors of a musical, there is always a chance that our favorite show might be resurrected in another form.