stupid people

Entitlement and Plain Old Stupid People

Lately I’ve really seen an uptick on people who believe they are incredibly entitled, as well as those who are just plain stupid.  And many who toe the line between the two.

If you drive an eco-friendly car, thank you for doing your part to help the environment.  However, your eco-friendly car does not entitle you to text while driving, run red lights, or drive while smoking pot.  I saw all three today.

Yesterday I watched as a woman’s credit card was declined at Walgreens. She proceeded to open her drink (the safety seal cracked open), take a swig, and then try to convince the clerk that it had been open already.  Then she fled the store with a pocket full of stolen items.

People who text or talk while ordering food or paying at a cash register irritate me as well. As if you can’t wait thirty seconds before resuming your conversation.

People who think they can do whatever they want just piss me off.  No one is better than the next person, and ignorance/stupidity is not an excuse for doing stupid things.