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It’s #CapalDay for Doctor Who Fans

Peter Capaldi is making his debut today as the 12th Doctor.  This Scottish actor has been a lifelong Doctor Who fan, which makes me even more excited to see him take on the iconic role.  Here is an actor who, like Chris Pratt and Star Lord and Tom Hiddleston and Loki, has embraced the role and the fans that come with it. 

In the teasers he asks Companion Clara a question: “Am I a good man?”  It will be fun to see his self exploration this season.

My only fear is that showrunner Stephen Moffat will louse things up with storylines that are overly convoluted or repetitive. We have seen Madame Vastra and Jenny and Straxx a lot in past seasons. Perhaps it’s time to venture away from Victorian England and return to random planets and one-off adventures.

However, that’s just my opinion.

At any rate, I am thrilled to see Peter Capaldi take on this role. I already get chills thinking about it.

Happy #CapalDay!