On Writing: The Headache at the Base of My Skull

I have a headache. It’s at the base of my skull and the pain is radiating down my spine.  My shoulders ache.

The cause? Stress. 

Stress from what, you might ask.

The answer is pretty simple, really.  I have a zillion things I want to do, and want to be doing at this very moment, but I can’t do them for a variety of reasons. 

How many of us have our creativity stifled by the dreary minutiae of everyday life? Like work.  Work (if it isn’t your dream job) is the pinnacle of the dreary minutiae of which I speak.

The solution? Persistence. Keep your nose to the grindstone and keep pushing through until you get where you want to be.  In my case, I write every moment I can so that I can be where I want to be.

So I keep going.  And I keep writing.  And using my lunch break to write is just the catharsis I need to rid myself of this headache….