Papa Legba

Some thoughts on AHS Coven: Go To Hell

Spoilers if you haven’t watched tonight’s AHS Coven episode….

With one episode to go in the season, it looks like there’s going to be a showdown among the younger witches of the Coven.  Is it possible that there is no one Supreme?  I’m starting to wonder.  Perhaps they all rule together as a Council…or perhaps they all die trying.

I didn’t see Fiona’s death coming.  She was fading fast, but I didn’t think she’d die at the hands of her lover, even though it was clear in the last episode that she was going to bail on their agreement.  And it was fitting that the infamous Axeman died twice at the hands of the Coven.

I’m obsessing over the scene with Queenie and Papa Legba at the chicken place.  It was so creepy seeing the people in line, waiting to get their food.  I like that Papa Legba appreciates Queenie’s cunning. I like that he’s willing to work with people so long as it suits his needs as well.  I love his accent.  I love that he loves extra marshmallows in his hot chocolate.

It makes me laugh to see Kathy Bates leading the tour of LaLaurie’s house.  Can you imagine going on a tour of a famous historical site without realizing that the tour guide is the actual (former) resident of the house?  Creepy.

Next week’s episode promises to be a roller coaster ride.  Care to venture a guess as to what happens?