When Do I Get My Hoverboard?

Back in the early 90s, my mom told me that Hoverboards really existed.  And when Mom says it’s real, it must be real.

Robert Zemekis said Hoverboards were real. He said the technology existed but parents groups would never go for it as a toy aimed at kids.

2015 is next year…and I still don’t have a Hoverboard.  What gives?

I have seen mag-lev trains and so I know it’s all possible.  Where are the flying cars and Hoverboards and…well, the McFly Family kitchen garden thing is kind of real, if you’ve ever seen those tomato-growing-devices.

I digress.  My point here is that we must focus on the future.  According to Back to the Future, we’re way behind.  We need to get on the ball and get the Hoverboards going, preferably before Comic Con 2015.  I think Hoverboards would solve a lot of congestion on the Exhibit Hall floor (and prove to be a form of entertainment as we sit and watch the security people give chase…)

So, come on, Mattel, let’s get going.  I want my Hoverboard soon.  Please.