Magic the Gathering

SDCC: A Gamer’s Paradise

Ten years ago the Exhibit Hall at SDCC was open enough to host Pokemon and D&D tournaments.  That might be hard for some of you to believe.  Soon the game enthusiasts were moved upstairs into large meeting rooms so that they could play without being surrounded by the masses.  Some of those games remain in the meeting rooms, but most have been relocated to the Marriott and the Hyatt.

When you enter the second floor of the Marriott you’ll find whole ballrooms full of Pathfinders, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic enthusiasts.  They play until 2am every day during the Con.  The game rooms are also conveniently located next to the Con Hospitality Suite, which is a great place to grab snacks and relax when you need a break.



One of the really cool things about this area is that you can check out board and card games to play with friends.  That way, if you’re not a Pathfinder, you can hang out with Monopoly or Munchkin or Cards Against Humanity…


At the Hyatt, Xbox hosted a lounge in the 4th floor ballroom where anyone can go an try out the newest games and platforms from Xbox.  There is also a large area in the Exhibit Hall dedicated to video games.  Marvel and DC also offer their latest game offerings at their booths with plenty of screens to try the games out for yourself.

The bottom line is that if you play it, you’ll find other people playing it at Comic Con!