Lizzie kills her sister

Lizzie from The Walking Dead is F-ing Nuts. And Brighton Sharbino Needs an Emmy

Brighton Sharbino needs an Emmy for her performance tonight.  Sharbino’s portrayal of Lizzie was the epitome of the word “visceral,” and given her age…holy crap.

If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead episode “The Grove,” then stop reading and go watch it.  Holy crap.

When Lizzie has a meltdown after Carol kills her Walker playmate, we see just how messed up this little girl is.  She can’t distinguish between killing people and killing Walkers, and in a way, Carol is making it worse by praising Lizzie for being brave while trying to get Mika to step up and kill.  Mika doesn’t even want to kill the deer.  Mika is a beacon of light in a dark world…and tonight her light went out at the hands of her sister.

When Carol sees Lizzie standing next to Judith’s blanket with bloody hands, she freezes.  Judith is alive…but beyond the blanket, Mika is dead.  Lizzie says they have to wait for her to come back, and then “they’ll see.”  The girl sees something that no one else can see in the Walkers, and she’s a liability.

At the end of the episode when Carol takes Lizzie out to the grove, Lizzie is more worried that Carol is upset that she pointed a gun at her than the fact that she killed her sister.  Carol tells her to look at the flowers and she shoots her.  I don’t think anyone would dispute what Carol did.  Lizzie is a huge liability.  And Brighton Sharbino’s wide-eyed crazy performance made it all the more real.  And all the more visceral.

After four seasons of The Walking Dead, I don’t think I’ve seen anything as shocking as I have in tonight’s episode.  Frankly, it wouldn’t be as shocking if not for the performances.  These actors delivered a gut-wrenching performance tonight.  And I think people are going to be talking about it for a long time to come.