Dissecting True Blood S7E8: Almost Home

There were quite a few things going on in last night’s True Blood.  The title of the episode, “Almost Home,” is very symbolic.

Here is a quick summary:
Eric is cured of Hep-V; he rushes to Sookie to let her know he’s ok, and then he finds out about Bill.

Violet captured Wade, Adilyn and Jessica, and then she catches Jason.  She is about to start killing them off when Hoyt kills her.

Hoyt gives Jessica a pint of blood when he finds out that Bill is dying. From one grieving child to another.

Lettie Mae finally convinces Reverend Daniels to take some V and see the visions.  Together, they see Young Tara almost kill her drunk father.

Sookie is able to ask Bill if he would have turned her over to Sophie Anne way back when they first met.

Bill continues to have flashbacks to the pre-war era, only now he sees Sookie in a nursery with a dead baby.

So there was a lot going on.

It is interesting to note that Eric went straight to Sookie when he found out he was cured.  He sees that she’s in a robe and she’s at Bill’s house, so surely he has put things together.  What’s more telling is that he pledges to help Bill even though it means going against his promise to Mr. Gus.  In spite of the risk, he wants to help Sookie. Clearly he still cares about her.

Violet has the perfect revenge plot in place. In all her years no one has ever cheated on her until Jason Stackhouse gets it on with Jessica. She’s ranting about her angst when Hoyt puts a bullet in her chest, catching her totally off guard.  Though he’d been fighting with Brigette, she rushes in and proclaims him a hero. Hoyt and Jessica see each other and Jessica is overwhelmed at seeing him again. She is perplexed that he has a girlfriend.  When Andy and Holly arrive, they forget their anger and Adilyn and Wade.  They are just glad they’re safe.

Later, after Jason takes Jessica home, they have a heart to heart and decide that they have a beautiful friendship, and that’s how it should be.

When Hoyt visits Jessica later, he offers her a pint of blood because he has always liked Vampire Bill and after losing his mom he knows what she must be dealing with.  For Jessica, it is the ultimate redemptive moment to see that Hoyt is doing well. She glamoured him so he could have a better life, and it worked.  Hoyt has to get back to Brigette.  They are leaving Bon Temps soon to return to Alaska. He is happy with her, and it sounds like a family is on the way for the happy couple.

Tara is finally able to tell her mother that she was a good mom and she wants Lettie Mae to let her go. And when Lettie Mae lets go, it allows Tara to be free as well.  She disappears into the mist with a final glance at her mom at her cousin. Tara is at peace.

Sookie finally understands that Bill had been living in darkness until she came into his life.  And while he had initially accepted his mission from Sophie Anne, who had a master plan to capture and breed fairies for their powerful blood, he quickly realized that he could never go through with it.  He loved her too much.

With Bill’s flashbacks we see him returning to a time when he was human and he was happy. It was shocking when he refused to drink Sarah Newlin’s healing blood…but I think that this is indicative of his newfound perspective.  In a lot of ways, I think Bill knows that he can never make Sookie happy when he can never live a full life with her, and after all these years it is time for him to rejoin his wife and children.  While I’d hate to see it happen, I think this story is going to get sadder before it gets happier.

What do you think will happen in the final two episodes of True Blood?  Leave your comments below!!