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The Walking Dead Recap S6E3: Thank You

The Walking Dead S6E3: Thank You

Original Airdate: October 25, 2015

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Rick barks out commands to Tobin while Glenn and Michonne clear Walkers ahead of them.  Abraham, Sasha and Daryl want to turn back and help but they can’t.  The townspeople are falling behind, and falling down and hurting themselves.  One guy accuses Rick of bringing them out to die, and Michonne silences him.  The horn is still blaring at this point.  Rick tells the group he’s going to go get the RV and lead the herd away, leaving Michonne and Glenn in charge.  Rick tells them that they’re not all going to make it.  As if on cue, Mr. Protester gets bitten by a Walker and Michonne kills the Walker as everyone watches.  The horn stops.  “Get back safe,” Rick tells them.

Michonne’s group continues through the forest.  Heath asks what they’ll do if they don’t make it.  They consider that they might be returning to “nothing” because something must have happened.  They know that they’re moving in the same direction as many other things and might run into something.  Michonne says they have to keep going.  They come across a small group of Walkers and Michonne, Heath and Glenn start to take them out as quietly as possible.  The rest of the group, including Nicholas, joins the fight.  As expected, several members of the group are taken out by Walkers.  When they think they’re clear, a Walker takes out another one of their group.  One guy runs away.  It’s insane how the Alexandrians can’t protect themselves.  Two people are bitten and they’re still alive.  The group must press on.

Daryl asks how far they’ve gone.  They’ve led the Walkers five miles out and he’s ready to turn around and go back.  Five miles is fifteen miles short of their goal, but he wants to change the plan.  Sasha says that if he goes, the herd might overtake the car.  Daryl says he has faith in them and pulls out ahead of them.

Michonne’s group reaches the road.  They’re beaten up but still going.  The man who was bitten on his back asks how the wound looks.  He has been married for three months and lost everything until Aaron found him.  He’d given up until that point.  He found his wife, Betsey, on the way back and they found solace together.  He hopes to make it back to tell her that finding her made everything better.  They come to a town that has been ransacked.  They search the cars to see if they can use anything.  Glenn tells Michonne that he has to get back.  Heath asks Nicholas about the last time they were in this town.  He tells the group that he can lead them through, but he gives the impression that something bad went down there.  They find Sturgis’s hat…and then they find Sturgis as he is being eaten alive.   That’s what he gets for leaving them behind.  Walkers surround the town in the few minutes they’ve taken to stop there.  Nicholas leads them into a pet store, where carcasses rot in cages.  Michonne says they can wait it out, but Heath says that they are surrounded.  She tells him that she’s trying, and she won’t give up.  Glenn proposes that they burn a building down to distract the herd.  He says he’ll do it, because Michonne needs to lead the group back to town.  Nicholas offers to take him them, and Glenn agrees.

Rick runs down the road.  Glenn radios that he’s setting the fire and he tells Rick not to worry about it.  In the meantime, Rick kills three Walkers and cuts his hand in the process.

The pet store group does some triage.  Heath says they will make crutches for Annie, but she tells him to leave her.  The man with a bitten leg agrees with her.  They’ll only slow everyone else down.  Heath says they don’t leave people behind, and Michonne seconds that.  Michonne approaches Heath and asks what his problem is.  Heath says that he heard what Rick said about some of the group not making it back.  Michonne says that they know what it’s like out there.  Heath says he’s been making runs, but Michonne says that unless Heath has been covered in so much blood he doesn’t know if it’s his, Walkers or his friends, he has no idea what it’s really like.  That shuts him up.

Nicholas and Glenn run toward the feed store.  Bodies line the ground and a Walker is pinned under a car.  He says he should kill him because he was on Nicholas’s team.  He was a 19 year old named Will.  Glenn sees the agony in Nicholas’s face and tells him he isn’t the same guy anymore.  He does the deed, and suddenly they hear a gunshot.

The pet shop group hears the gunshot.  They’re bandaged up and ready to go.  The gunshots lure the Walkers away.

Rick makes it to the RV.  His hand is bleeding heavily.

Bitten Guy gives Michonne a note for Betsey.  She writes on her arm that they’re getting home.  There’s a noise in the back and Michonne opens a door.  Two Walkers stumble out and Michonne kills them, but the noise distracts the herd.  She looks out the door to see that the rest of the herd is approaching the pet store.  This just keeps getting better and better.

Michonne throws open the door and they fight off the Walkers.  They start running away when Annie falls down.  She tells them to run and gets eaten herself.  Glenn and Nicholas get to the feed store and find that it has already been burned.  Michonne leads the group between two buildings and they have to jump the fence.  Michonne and bitten man are the last ones over but they get caught before they can make it.  Glenn and Nicholas find themselves in a similar dead end, only Glenn is trapped on both sides.  Bitten Man gets pulled down and eaten, his note crushed under his boot.

Glenn pulls Nicholas on top of a trash bin.  They are surrounded by Walkers.  Nicholas looks at the Walkers and seizes up with fear.  Glenn calls to him but he is gone.  He says “thank you” to Glenn and then blows his brains out.  He falls into Glenn, who falls off the trash bin and is torn to shreds by the Walkers.  His entrails are pulled out while he screams.

Glenn…no, not Glenn!

Michonne and Heath lead their bitten leg friend out of the forest.  He collapses but they press on after picking him up again.  They reach a river.  Michonne turns around and sees that there is no smoke.  Heath says that doesn’t mean anything, but she knows better.  She looks at the message on her arm and wipes it off.  Heath catches a glimpse of himself in the water, with blood all over his face.  He understands what Michonne meant now.

Rick calls in to Glenn and gets static.  He calls Tobin and gets the same response.  He reaches Daryl, who is flying down the highway.  Rick hears the gunshots from Alexandria and tells the others that they have to press on for them, and that hopefully they make it on their own but this is for them.  Rick seems very weak from the cut on his hand.  Suddenly someone shoots at Rick from inside the RV.  Another man jumps out and tackles Rick.  He manages to fight them off and shoot them.  One of the men has a jar of baby food in his pocket.  Rick spots several other people creeping around the RV and he starts shooting at them through the walls.  Daryl flies down the road and meets back up with Sasha and Abraham.

Michonne and her group arrive back in Alexandria to find the buildings burned.

Rick tries to start the RV but it’s dead.  He is shaking uncontrollably as the herd moves in.

And that’s it.

Is Rick going to make it?  We don’t know.  We don’t know much of anything.  Perhaps Glenn really didn’t die…maybe those aren’t his entrails…

Oh, how The Walking Dead loves to torture us….