Writing with Someone Else’s Voice

Have you ever been asked to wrote something for someone else? I’m not talking about writing fiction and moving between different characters. I’m talking about producing a piece of writing with someone else’s voice and tone.

I’ve written letters of recommendation for bosses before. Those are relatively easy because generally they follow a pattern.

I’m trying to come up with content for a friend’s website. It needs to include information about events and recaps of shows.  She’s a comedian.  And since she’s a comedian she wants everything to sound like her. 

I’m not a comedian.  I dropped out of comedy school because as Freud would say, I’m too anal retentive.  (Ironically, I was a valedictorian and I’ve never dropped out of anything)  So writing content in her voice is an interesting challenge.

However, I feel like it’s a good experience and it will broaden my horizons and all that jazz.

So…(insert humor here)

Possum (or Opossum) in the House

No, that’s not a metaphor.

Last night my mom’s German Shepherd brought a juvenile possum into the house. It had been injured by the neighbor’s dog, so our heroic dog brought it inside and left it in the middle of the kitchen so that we could help it. At least, that’s what I think he wanted us to do. He had no interest in it upon depositing it on the floor.

Mom called me to come help, but by the time I arrived the possum had scampered off.  In the house.  When I asked her why she didn’t put a box over it while it was playing possum, a blank look came over her face as if that never occurred to her.

So there are about a dozen different ways the possum could have gone and we had no idea how far he got.  We couldn’t let the dog back inside for fear of scaring the poor thing, so I enlisted the help of the cat, who upon receiving his mission, promptly led me to the front door.  Upon closer inspection, the possum had hidden underneath a chair in the entry way.

I put the possum in a box, rewarded my genius cat for being awesome, and delivered the possum to a wildlife shelter that could help him recuperate from his ordeal.

Crazy night, indeed.

“Devil’s Due” Devil Baby Attack in New York

Only in New York.

Have you seen the You Tube video showing how a demonic baby in a remote-controlled baby carriage wreaked havoc on unsuspecting New Yorkers?  It’s hilarious.  As the daughter of a mother who loves to play pranks on other people (including her own daughters), I have grown up with a sense of humor and a healthy respect for things that scare the crap out of me and then make me laugh.  Watching that scare-then-laugh reaction in other people is even more fun.

Check it out…if you dare:

I wish I could borrow that scary stroller.  That would be fun…so much fun….