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Penguin as the Standout Character of Fall 2014

Sorry, Twisty.  You are a great character with an emotionally gut-wrenching story.  But this Fall TV season belongs to the Penguin.

Robin Lord Taylor has done a brilliant job bringing this character to life.  You can see traces of the  Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito incarnations of the character.  He evokes sympathy while demonstrating his uncanny knack for manipulation.

(Spoilers for S1E7 Penguin’s Umbrella)

It all made perfect sense when Fish commented that Falcone seemed too composed with the chickens in the warehouse.  Birds of a feather and all that.  Looking back, I’m sure Penguin and Falcone orchestrated the Arkham Indian Hill deal together.  What a beautiful manipulation it was.  At the end of the episode, we see Falcone embrace Penguin.  Falcone respects him and will most likely go to great lengths to keep him safe. 

Penguin wouldn’t be nearly as interesting had he not been played by such a charismatic actor. There are not many characters on television right now that are as captivating as Penguin is. This could make casting the Joker even more of a challenge.

Gotham Recap S1E7: Penguin’s Umbrella

Gotham S1E7: Penguin’s Umbrella

Original Airdate: November 3, 2014

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Well, we knew that Penguin was stirring up trouble when he appeared at the police station last week.  And it’s true.  He now has bodyguards when he’s walking down the street, and he loves it.

Fish is furious when she finds out that Penguin is alive and working for Maroni.  She wants him brought to her, alive.

Gordon is on the phone trying to reach Barbara to tell her to leave Gotham.  Bullock attacks him and says that now he has to kill Gordon and take his body to Falcone, and beg for mercy.  Gordon says he has a plan, but Bullock isn’t listening.  He pulls his gun out and aims at Gordon, but Gordon manages to get it away from him and knocks him out.

Barbara’s phone is ringing but she’s not answering because Butch and one of his henchmen are with her.  He explains that Gordon was supposed to kill somebody and didn’t, now his boss is mad.  Barbara realizes that it was Cobblepot, and Butch gets excited that she knows. He asks if she has ever been with a criminal.  Before he can get too close, Gordon walks around the corner with a gun pointed at them.  He orders the henchman to drop the gun, but Butch insists that he’s the shot caller.  Butch complies, but he threatens to kill Barbara slowly, so Gordon shoots the henchman and clocks Butch.

At the bust station, Gordon explains to Barbara that he has to stay to fix things, telling her that he will join her in a few days.  She wants to know what happens if he doesn’t come back.  “Don’t come back to Gotham,” he says.

Gordon returns to the police station and sees that he’s the center of attention.  The crooked cops stare and the clean ones don’t know what to do.  Gordon asks Alvarez if he has any of the warrants that Judge Bam Bam signed.  Everyone continues to stare.

Fish tells Falcone that they need to stop Penguin.  Falcone is more interested in inspecting chickens.  She says Penguin knows too much.  He tells Fish to ask Maroni nicely to release Penguin.  Falcone notices that Gordon is missing and says he’ll send his guy Victor to pick him up.  She says she can get her people to do it, but that didn’t work so far.  Falcone stays with his chickens while Fish and Nikolai fall back.  Nikolai is ready to strike, but Fish says not yet.  She is worried that Falcone is too relaxed.  Even her girl says Falcone hasn’t touched her.  It’s like he knows something.

Essen finds Gordon at his desk and wonders why he isn’t in Alaska by now.  He’s planning to serve warrants to Falcone and the mayor on the charge of conspiracy to kill the Wayne’s.  She says he’s crazy, but he is totally serious.  His testimony is attached to the paperwork.  She points out that the DA won’t prosecute.  She can’t even help him.  She has a family.  She tells him to get out of town.  He reminds her that this is his home and it was his father’s home.  He’s not leaving.

Victor Zsasz strolls into the police station and gets on a desk to introduce himself.  He says he has been sent by Don Carmine Falcone to retrieve Gordon.  When Gordon comes out, Zsasz says that his orders are to keep him alive, but that’s a broad category.  Gordon points out that there are tons of cops in the room, but Zsasz orders them out. Essen stays, but Gordon tells her to go.  Gordon pulls out his gun but Zsasz has superhuman strength.  A gun battle ensues and Gordon is hit in the side.  He manages to get to the parking lot.  Another officer manages to distract Zsasz long enough for Gordon to run, but one of Zsasz’s thugs manages to shoot Gordon again.  That’s when a car pulls around and blocks him.  It’s Montoya and Allen, who grab Gordon and drive away.  Zsasz returns to the injured cop who prevented him for catching Gordon.  He shoots her, then he pulls up his sleeve and cuts a tally mark into his arm. “Twenty-eight,” he says.

Gordon wakes up on a cot.  He’s in a lab surrounded by rats in cages.  A doctor comes in and says that she took two bullets out of him.  We know that this is Dr. Leslie Thomkins.  She explains that Allen brought him to her because he’s a fugitive from the mob and can’t go to the hospital.  Gordon tries to get off the bed but she stops him.  She calls for Allen, who looks at Gordon in his undershirt and very tight boxer briefs and suggests that clothing would be a good call.

Fish has a meeting with Maroni and says that he needs to hand Penguin over.  He knows he should hand him over, but he likes the guy.  He notices that Fish really wants him, but she says that he disrespected them.  Maroni understands respect, so he calls Penguin out and has him offer his most sincere apology to her.  Maroni laughs at his own joke.  When Penguin calls Fish by her given name, she slaps him, drawing blood from three scratches on his face, and says that torture is too nice a word for what’s in store for him.  Maroni laughs again, but his henchman isn’t laughing.

A group of nuns walk down the street.  Butch drives by in a van and opens the door, grabbing them. One of Maroni’s trucks is headed for the bridge but is forced to stop because the nuns have been chained to a chain blocking the street.  Butch tells the driver that Falcone will continue to block the bridge until they have Penguin.  He says the men need to be hurt to send a message, so he shoots them.

Maroni is furious over losing $4.5 million in supplies in a week.  His man Frankie doesn’t seem amused by the Penguin’s manipulation anymore.  Maroni knows that Penguin is a golden goose (“honk honk” Penguin agrees).  Maroni wants to hit them back, and Penguin knows just the spot to hit them.

Montoya wants to know that Barbara is safe.  They’re in a car and it’s dark.  He assures her that she is gone.  That’s when Alfred pins Allen up against the car, a knife in his hand.  When he learns that Allen is with Gordon, he offers his apology.  In the Wayne study, Gordon tells Bruce that he isn’t sure he can keep his promise to find his parent’s killer, but if anything happens to him, Allen and Montoya will take over the case.  They know everything he knows.  Bruce tells Gordon not to treat him like a child; he wants to know why Gordon thinks he is going to die.  Gordon says he’s in trouble with the wrong people, but he assures Bruce that they will find his parents’ killer.  Alfred points out that Gordon can barely walk, but Gordon is resolute.  Bruce hugs him tightly.  Even Allen is emotional at this display.

Penguin leads an attack team of Maroni’s men, including Frankie.  He takes them to a storage unit filled with Nikolai and Nikolai’s men and their money.  They blow it open and kill everyone.  There is money everywhere.  Frankie thinks Penguin is a waste of time and threatens him.  But Penguin has a plan.  He tells Frankie that his weakness is the fact that he’s cheap.  As Frankie moves to kill Penguin, Frankie’s men grab him and hold him.  As it turns out, Penguin offered them more money. Frankie loved money too much, so his own men were bought out.  Penguin plunges a knife into Frankie’s belly and he kisses Frankie as he dies.

Maroni and Falcone meet under the watchful eye of Fish and their men.  Falcone is sad over Nikolai’s death. He wants the bloodshed to end.  They’re willing to give Penguin up, but they want something in return.  Anything.  Even real estate.  Falcone asks for a warehouse, but Maroni says a warehouse on the river is too valuable.  Penguin whispers in Maroni’s ear, and Maroni offers up Indian Hill.  Fish explains that it’s in Arkham, and it’s a toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground.  It’s worthless.  Falcone disagrees, saying nothing is worthless.  They make a deal.  As they turn to leave, Maroni comments that he heard Victor Zsasz was looking for Gordon.  He wonders if they have caught him yet.  Not yet.

Gordon is back at his house loading up his arsenal.  He’s got several guns ready to go.  There’s a knock at the door. It’s Bullock and a prostitute, whom he introduces as the Duchess of Devonshire.  He tells her to find the bedroom and put on her birthday suit, then he tells Gordon that since he’s doomed anyway, he might as well join Gordon’s moral high ground.  He wants to know the plan, so Gordon explains that he’s arresting the mayor and Falcone for framing Mario Pepper.  Bullock asks if he came up with that plan while smoking crack with a bunch of chimps.  Bullock thinks they will be dead but Gordon says that they’re doing their jobs.  He says that he’s doomed anyway, so he goes off in search of the Duchess.

The next day, Gordon and Bullock go to work. Gordon gets into the mayor’s car with his big rifle.  He tells the mayor that he’s under arrest, and the mayor thinks he’s joking.  But Bullock is in the driver’s seat.  That mayor isn’t going anywhere.

The mayor pulls up at the Falcone estate and he’s waved in automatically.  Gordon leads the mayor into Falcone’s house and presents the warrant.  Bullock has the rest of his men.  Falcone says it must be nice having nothing to lose, but Falcone reminds him that having something to lose makes it worse.  He says that Zsasz has Barbara.  Gordon doesn’t want to lose her, so they put their weapons down.  Liza is making muffins and tells Victor there are none for him because he’s a creep.  Barbara is there with them.  Victor leads her into the study so that Gordon sees that she’s there with him.  Falcone is willing to let them go.  He’s content that Gordon listened to him.  He wants Gordon to see that he’s right.

When Gordon gets home, Barbara is in tears.  She says she was trying to help. He kisses her.  She says she loves him so much.

Falcone enjoys Liza’s muffins.  He apologizes that she had to see all of that earlier.  She understands.  He goes out to feed his chickens.  Penguin approaches.  They hug.  He had just been reflecting on the night they met.  On the night that Gordon and Bullock were tied up in the meat factory.  He had gone to see the Penguin before he condemned him to death.  Penguin had asked for Gordon to kill him, thinking that Gordon won’t kill him.  He’d return to Gotham and be Falcone’s snitch and get in to the Maroni Family.  Te secret was that Fish and Nikolai only pretended to hate each other.  They’re really lovers, and she’s preparing him to take over for Falcone so she can knock Nikolai out and gain all the power for herself.  Falcone is pleased with this secret.  Returning to the present, Falcone says that he’s not sure about letting Gordon live, but Penguin says that he will see the light, one way or another.

So ends another brilliant episode.  What did you think?