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The Walking Dead Recap S4E5: Internment

The Walking Dead S4E4: Internment

Original Airdate: November 10, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


At the end of last week’s episode, I was thinking about two things: One, I couldn’t believe Rick would take it upon himself to deliver judgment upon Carol, and two, Rick needs his old sheriff’s uniform back.

Rick drives back to the prison, his bandaged hand gripping the steering wheel while Carol’s watch sits on the empty seat beside him.  A Walker is on the side of the road being consumed by wild dogs.  Rick’s eyes remain vacant.

At the prison, Hershel, Glen and Sasha try to intubate a man who is choking on his own blood.  Once he’s stable, Hershel convenes a meeting of the abbreviated Council.  He rules that there should be spaghetti nights on Tuesday and Wednesdays, once they find some spaghetti.  Glen and Sasha are very sick.  The man they saved will only remain alive so long as they manually fill his lungs with air.  As Hershel and Glen make rounds, they find a dead man in a cell and Glen starts to kill him (again) but Hershel tells him that they need to get him away from the others.  They load him onto a gurney.  Lizzie sees them and asks what they’re doing.  Hershel tells her to get his copy of Tom Sawyer and read it by the end of the night.  When she leaves, Mr. Jacobs starts to come back to life and so Glen stabs him.  It was the first time Hershel had to witness someone being killed preemptively.

Later on, Hershel meets Maggie at the window.  He says that Glen is resting after spending the day helping out.  He asks about Beth and tells his daughter to stay positive.  Glen is beyond the door, and he thanks Hershel for keeping Maggie from freaking out.  They need her to stay strong and take care of things on the outside.

Maggie is at the fence killing off the Walkers when Rick gets back.  She’s wearing a cool suit of body armor.  He asks about Carl and Judith, and then he asks about Hershel and Glen and Sasha, and then he asks about the search party.  Maggie wants to know where Carol is, and eventually he tells her that Carol admitted to killing Karen and David.  She says he did the right thing, and she doubts that she’d be able to do the same.  He disagrees.  She says that they need to figure out what to do with the new herd of Walkers.  Boy, wait til she sees the group that the search party ran into.

Rick goes inside and gives the bag of goods to Carl.  Carl doesn’t know that Carol is gone yet.  He assures his father that he didn’t need to use his gun, and he says that Beth is with Judith.  Carl points out that he was with Rick before the illness broke out, and he was with Patrick the day he died.  He isn’t sick, so he should be out helping.  Rick tells him that he needs to stay where he is and help that group.  Carl agrees.

Hershel hops up the stairs and finds Glen helping Henry to breathe.  He thanks Glen and then goes to check on Dr. S.  Dr. S says that not everyone gets to live, and he’s in the end stage so Hershel should focus on the ones that have a chance.  He says that they need to use IVs and keep the other people from dying, one after another.  He shows Hershel his stash of death row medicines, but Hershel doesn’t think they’re at that point.  Dr. S insists that the doors are all locked at night.  When Dr. S starts coughing, Hershel insists on taking a look at him.  Dr. S relents…and Hershel sees that the man’s eyes are bleeding.

Hershel tucks everyone into their cells, shutting the doors securely.  A man bursts from his cell and convulses on the ground before dying in the middle of the cell block.  Hershel tells everyone to get back into their cells, but they don’t.  Not at first.  Sasha comes forward and helps Hershel get the man onto a gurney.  The exertion is almost too much for her.  He asks if she can make it to her cell, and she nods.  He pushes the gurney into the hallway, and then he stops, removing his knife.  After a lot of hesitation, he plunges the knife into the man’s head.  Once the job is done, Rick appears out of the shadows.  Hershel says they have lost three people; they are taking them outside and burning the bodies.  He’d seen the man the day before.  He didn’t want people to see what was going to happen next.  Rick points out that it’s more important for them to see Hershel moving forward.  Hershel says that it was good that Rick got the break he needed and deserved, and he still thinks that there is a higher purpose to all of this.  “Life was always a test, Rick.”  Rick says that they need to talk about Carol.

It would seem that Hershel reacted badly to Rick’s news.  He staggers, dazed, through the cell block, securing the doors.  He finds a dead body in one cell but spots Sasha on the ground in the next cell so he rushes to take care of her, telling her that she knows how to fight.  Unfortunately, he forgets to kill the Walker next door.

Maggie and Rick try to keep the fences up as the herds of Walkers push against them.  He tells her that her father looked good.  She wonders if he’d be out there if Carl was sick.  As she wonders, a Walker grabs Rick’s ankle.  Maggie chops her arm off.  Rick says he’s glad she’s out there with him.

Hershel is at Sasha’s bedside when she wakes up.  She had been dehydrated.  She thought he was foolish going into to the isolation ward.  She doesn’t believe in magic or luck, preferring the math.  She doesn’t think she’d be there if she was in his position.  He decides to take it as a compliment.

Down the hall, Glen realizes that Henry has stopped breathing.  He starts CPR, but the chest compressions take a lot out of him and he can’t even call for help.  He starts coughing violently, collapsing on the floor.  Hershel is still closing cell doors when a Walker comes out.  Lizzie finds Walker Henry and leads him down the hall like he’s a lost puppy.  The Walker takes a bite out of the man Hershel had just said goodnight to, and the man fires his gun.  In saving Hershel, the man lost his life.   Outside, Maggie and Rick hear the gunshot but know that they have to keep working to keep the walls secure.  Rick tells her that he’s got it, and sends her inside.

Rick rushes inside to check on Carl.  Carl heard the gun, too.  Rick says he needs his son’s help.

Lizzie trips and Walker Henry lunges at her.  She screams, and Hershel pulls him off and tosses him over the side.  He locks the kids into a cell and goes to find Glen.  Glen is bleeding from his eyes and mouth but is still alive.  Maggie reaches the isolation ward but the door is locked and she can’t get in.  Hershel goes to Dr. S’s cell for medicine, but Dr. S is gone.  With only a moment’s hesitation, Hershel stabs the doctor in the head.

Rick and Carl are at the fences.  Rick watches his son proudly as the boy grabs a log and helps wedge it against the teetering fence.  There are too many Walkers, though, and one of the logs snaps in half, sending a horde of Walkers into the prison yard.  They make it to the door and get inside the prison yard.  Rick suggests backing the bus against the fence.  Carl asks if it will hold.  It’s the only chance they have.  He gives Carl a rifle and gives him a brief introduction as to how to use it.  Father and son stand together as the fence crashes down and the yard fills with Walkers. They shoot as many as they can.

Inside, Hershel checks on the kids before going to tend to Glen.  He manages to take out the Walkers in the cellblock as Maggie breaks a window and gets inside.  When she finds her father, he’s wrestling with Walker Henry over the breathing tube in his mouth.  Crack Shot Maggie takes out Henry and helps her father put the breathing tube into Glen.  It’s touch and go, but eventually Glen starts breathing easier.  When it’s over, he tells his daughter that he didn’t want her in there, but she had to do it.  Lizzie comes in and asks if it’s over.  “I hope so, honey,” Maggie says.

Carl stabs a Walker in the head as he and Rick make sure they have killed all of the Walkers in the yard.  Carl sees the light coming from Daryl’s car and Carl says it’s going to be ok.  Tyreese jumps out and hurries to Sasha’s bedside.  Paul helps to make the medicine they need.  Maggie tells her father to go rest.  Hershel goes to Dr. S’s room and sits on the bed, the doctor’s body still on the floor.  He picks up a Bible and opens it, and then he puts it down and sobs.

The next day Rick goes outside and finds Michonne clearing away the bodies.  He asks if she needs help but she tells him to do his thing.  Carl catches up to Rick, wondering why he let him sleep in.  Rick needs to talk to Daryl.  Hershel walks out and finds Tyreese and Daryl.  Tyreese asks about Glen, and Daryl says he’s a “tough sumbitch.”  He suggests that Daryl find Rick so he can tell him about Carol.  He says she’s okay but they need to talk.  Hershel sees Michonne getting ready to dump the bodies, and she asks if he wants to come.  “Hell, yeah,” Hershel replies.

Rick and Carl stand together out in their fields.  They share a father-son moment.

Outside, someone is watching the prison.  He turns his head enough so that we can see the eye patch.  Holy shit, the Governor is back!

I don’t know about you, but this season has been a whirlwind.  It started out slowly, and then all hell broke loose, and as soon as everything calmed down the Governor returns.  This show makes me feel exhausted at the end of it.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Leave your comments below!

The Walking Dead Recap S4E4: Indifference

The Walking Dead S4E4: Indifference

Original Airdate: November 3, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Welcome back to another week at the prison, fellow Walkers.

Rick changes the bandage on his hand contemplatively while Carol goes to visit Lizzie.  She wanted to tell Lizzie that she’s going on a run with Rick because the other team is taking too long.  Lizzie says that “no one has died yet” in quarantine, but at least she gets to come back.  Carol tries to point out that coming back as a Walker is not living, but Lizzie insists that she’s not weak, and that’s why she is expressing her opinion.  Carol asks where she is hiding her knife, and Lizzie shows her.  She slips up and calls Carol “mom,” which Carol reprimands rather harshly.  Carol makes sure that Lizzie is ready to fight if the time comes, and Lizzie says she is but it’s clear that she’s really not sure.  While this conversation is taking place, Rick has been investigating David and Karen’s deaths.  Now that he knows Carol did it, it looks like he’s trying to figure out what to do next.

Daryl, Michonne and the gang are on their way through the woods to find a new ride in the next town.  Tyreese seems to be having a mental break and he can’t stop.  “It helps to keep moving,” he says.  “No, it doesn’t,” Tyreese tells him.

Rick and Carol head down the road.  She says Maggie wanted to come with them, but she knows that Rick needed someone he could trust to stay behind.  She tells Rick that David and Karen would have drowned in their own blood.  She was only trying to save lives by getting rid of their bodies to prevent the spread of the disease.  “Maybe,” Rick mutters.

Michonne and Daryl share a joke as he gathers something for one of the prison residents.  She asks if he knows everyone back there, and he tells her that if you stay somewhere longer than a few hours, you learn things.  She frowns at the obvious dig at her habit of leaving.

Rick and Carol park outside a house.  They both wear large backpacks.  A minivan has “pardon our dust” written on the dirty windows.  It looks like the drivers have been there recently.  Rick tells her to start looking for anything useful in the houses, starting with the contents of the medicine cabinets.  Carol asks if they are doing this in case Daryl and his team don’t come back.  No, he says.  “Until they do.  That’s what this is.”

Daryl and company find a car under some bushes, but the gas station is covered in vines and filled with Walkers.  As they work to clear away the bushes, Tyreese goes crazy with his machete and a bunch of Walkers emerge from the vines.  The other three take care of their Walkers, but Tyreese doesn’t let go of his Walker and instead falls on the ground with the Walker on top of him.  Paul shoots it, and Michonne demands to know why he didn’t let go of it.  Tyreese stays silent.

Rick and Carol raid the houses.  Rick cleans out a medicine cabinet and a Walker falls down the stairs.  Carol stabs it in the head, but they both stop when they hear a noise upstairs.  A man and woman step out of the doorway and offer them fruit.  The man insists that they’re ok.  Rick keeps his gun leveled at them.  Carol bandages up the man’s arm.  He fell through the roof of a greenhouse.  That’s where the fruit is.  These two seem pretty stoned.  Sam’s arm is dislocated so Carol set it for him.  They explain that they were separated from their group about a week prior, and they found this house but didn’t see the Walker so they dove into the bathroom and hid there for two days.  They have a gun but not enough bullets to take care of themselves.  It really is a wonder they’ve lasted as long as they have.  Sam asks what Rick’s “setup” is like.  He starts asking them his three questions.

Inside the gas station, Daryl finds a stash of car batteries.  Tyreese and Michonne work to clear the car from the vines that have overtaken it.  She asks why he didn’t let go, and he wants to know why it matters to her.  Plain and simple, she doesn’t want to see him die.  They have to keep going.  He wants to know why she keeps going after the Governor when the trail has gone cold.  She isn’t sure.  She just does.  Daryl sees vomit and antifreeze on the ground inside and figures that they people who were stuck inside the gas station took themselves out.  He calls them douche bags, which Paul finds offensive.  If they chose to go out together, why does that make them douche bags?  They might have made it, Daryl replies.  They find a fourth Walker buried under a cabinet.  Above him are pictures of the foursome in happier times.  Paul puts him out of his misery.

Carol suggests that they start moving.  Sam asks Rick if they passed his test.  He tells them about the prison but warns them that they can’t guarantee their safety with the flu that’s going around.  Carol says they have lost children to the disease, and when the girl asks if she’s lost a child, Carol says no (which catches Rick’s attention) but one of her girls has the flu.  However, the prospect of a place with walls is too enticing for them.  They’re in.  Rick tells them to wait while he and Carol finish searching the houses, but the young duo insists on helping.  Rick is clearly reluctant to put more people in harm’s way, especially knowing that they can’t take care of themselves, but Carol points out that they can cover more ground that way.  Rick is annoyed but isn’t going to argue.  He gives their new friends guns and his watch so they can meet up in a few hours.

Daryl and Paul work on the car.  Daryl asks about Paul’s past.  Paul has been the last one standing in the two groups he has been with, and he almost kept walking when Daryl found him, but he didn’t want to face being alone again.  He says he needed to drink to be able to sleep.  In fact, at the store that day he went to get a bottle and when he put it back it brought the shelf down and then Zack got killed.  “That’s bull shit,” Daryl says.  He tells him that he won’t be standing alone anymore.  They get the car started and they roll out of the gas station.

Carol finds some expired medicine but Rick says that Hershel might use it.  Rick wants to know if bringing the kids with them is the right thing to do.  She says it was the humane thing to do.   “Rick, I killed two people and you haven’t said a word about it,” Carol says.  “You can be a farmer, Rick.  You can’t be just a farmer.”  He points out that she killed two people, and she reminds him that he killed one.  But Shane was going to kill him.  So were they, in their own way, she replies.  She tells Rick that this is their new reality, and he needs to accept it.

Daryl and Company reach the veterinary college.  They start loading up on supplies.

Rick and Carol stop to pick tomatoes.  He asks how she learned how to set shoulders.  She learned on the internet after her husband dislocated her shoulder multiple times.  She tells him that she thought she could be happy with him, even after all the things he did to her.  She never thought she could be strong.  Rick asks why she never says Sophia’s name.  It’s someone else’s slideshow, she says.  Rick says he still wakes up thinking Lori will be there.  He can still remember the God-awful pancakes she used to make.  It wasn’t about the pancakes; it was about being the kind of family that had pancakes on Sunday.  They follow a trail of apples to a gate, where they find the girl’s tattooed leg. Carol matter of factly says that they should get back because Sam is probably waiting.

Paul tells everyone what type of medicine to look for.  Tyreese and the others were able to grab everything on their list.  They make their way down the long dark corridor and find a room full of Walkers.  Of course.  They go into a room with a door that won’t close.  Michonne finds stairs, so once the Walkers are cleared, they move to the next door full of Walkers.  They clear them out and keep moving, with more Walkers on their tails.

Sam isn’t back.  Rick says they should leave, but Carol waxes poetic about how they really should wait, but it has been too long.  “It was a nice watch,” she says finally, rising from the table.  She keeps saying these random yet deep things, and Rick isn’t sure what to make of her.

The fierce foursome is being followed by a herd of Walkers.  They don’t have an exit so they bust out a window and jump onto the roof.  Paul trips and his backpack falls over the side.  He gets caught in a tug of war with the Walkers.  Tyreese and Daryl pull him back, and Daryl realizes that his backpack is full of booze.  “You should have kept walking,” Daryl growls.  Daryl goes head to head with Paul and tells him that he’ll beat his ass if he drinks one drop before the medicine gets to the people at the prison.  Tyreese sees this and seems to come back to reality.

Rick and Carol load up the car.  He tells Carol that Karen and David might have lived.  He warns that Tyreese might kill her when he finds out.  The others might kill her.  He needs to make sure his family will be safe, and he doesn’t think that Carol can be trusted.  He doesn’t want her to return to the prison with them.  He tells her that he can’t keep her secret.  “You’re not that woman who was scared to be alone…you’re gonna survive out here.”  He promises that Lizzie and Mika will be cared for.

Paul and Tyreese agree on which road to take.  Michonne gets in the driver’s seat and tells Daryl that she knows the Governor’s trail has gone cold.  She’s not going out anymore.  “Good,” he says.

Rick tells Carol to take the gas can.  He has loaded up the other minivan for her.  She gives him the watch that her husband gave her on their first anniversary.  “I should have given it away years ago,” she says.  She gets into the car and drives away.

Meanwhile, the other van carrying Daryl’s team heads down a blessedly empty road.

Rick drives back toward the prison.  His eyes are vacant.

I knew that Rick was up to something, but I had no idea that he was going to banish Carol.

What did you think about tonight’s episode?  Please leave your comments below!

The Walking Dead Recap S4E3: Isolation

The Walking Dead S4E3: Isolation

Original Airdate: October 27, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


The Walking Dead producers promised a wild ride this week, and they didn’t disappoint.

Glen is out digging graves.  Patrick’s glasses hang from his wooden cross.  Across the way, Maggie digs a grave, too.  There are four people in the field digging graves.  Hershel and Dr. S are examining a patient.  Dr. S shakes his head and pulls out a switchblade, preparing for the inevitable.  Outside, Tyreese shows Carol, Daryl and Rick the charred remains of David and his beloved Karen.  As Daryl and Rick try to calm Tyreese down, reminding him that they have all lost loved ones, Tyreese flies into a rage and attacks Rick, then Daryl.  Rick snaps and attacks Tyreese, beating him into a bloody pulp.  Daryl pulls Rick away as Carol looks on in horror.  Rick stares at his bloody fist.

Hershel cleans Rick’s hand, saying that it’s sprained but doesn’t need stitches.  Good thing he doesn’t need to type in the next few days.  “It hurts,” Rick mutters, but he’s not talking about his hand.  Hershel agrees that they have been through a lot, losing twelve of their own.  The Council is meeting the next day and they need him.  Hershel tells Rick that he has fallen off the wagon before, but it’s important to get back on and keep working to help everyone else.

Outside, Tyreese digs a grave.  Paul comes up and offers to help him get cleaned up, but Tyreese won’t stop until Karen and David are in the ground.

Glen wants to know if they are still at risk now that Karen and David are out of the picture.  Hershel says that it would be one thing if it’s all Walkers, but with people it’s another story.  Sasha comes up, hacking up her lungs.  She tells the pair that she’s going to be okay because she’s going to see Dr. S.  She goes inside Cell Block A and finds that there are Walkers in the cells.  Dr. S staggers out of the darkness and tells her that it’s starting, that the outbreak is spreading.

The Council convenes.  Without Sasha, it’s Carol, Daryl, Hershel and Glen. They know that Cell Block A is already in isolation but it’s still a risk.  Glen looks a little green.  Is he sick?  Michonne ducks her head inside and asks if it’s a done deal once you get sick.  Hershel says that the disease has to run its course, but they could get medicine to help people once they show symptoms.  He suggests raiding a nearby veterinary clinic for supplies.  Daryl volunteers to lead a group, and Michonne says she’ll tag along. Hershel warns that she might get sick after being in a car with Daryl, but she points out that he already gave her fleas.  Hershel offers to draw a map for them, and he also suggests separating the most vulnerable people—the young people—in the administration building.  Glen wants to know what will happen with the old people.

Carol and Rick try to jump start the water pump.  It isn’t working, but they need to fix it.  Five more people are sick.  Carol asks if Carl is upset about being forced into isolation.  He is, but it’s for the best.  Carol sees Tyreese and suggests that Rick go apologize.  Rick doesn’t hesitate, offering an apology.  Tyreese says that it’s on both of them, and he just wants justice.  Rick asks if anyone was upset with Karen or David, and when Tyreese sees where Rick is going, he stops him.  Rick is only wondering if they were attacked and killed because they had been the only ones who were sick.  Tyreese points out that now more people are sick, so all he sees is the investigation stalling.  Is murder now acceptable in their community?  Rick insists that the priority right now is helping the living, and keeping them alive, so Tyreese says he will work to do the right thing and exact justice.

More people are getting sick by the hour.  Tyreese watches as one young man coughs up blood.

Carl grabs the picture of his mom and dad as he packs to go to isolation.  Rick tells him that he needs to keep Judith safe, and he wants Carl to let him know if someone gets sick.  Carl has his gun, and he reminds his dad that he actually might need to use his gun.

Maggie walks into their cell to find Glen hunched over the toilet.  He has the sickness.

Daryl checks one of the cars to make sure it’s ready for their trip.  The car is low on oil.  He tells Michonne that he’s glad she’s there.  She says that she’s not running off.  At the moment, the plan is for them to go alone, just like the old days, but they feel like they need another person.  There aren’t many choices given how many people are sick. Daryl seeks out Tyreese for the trip.  Though he is hesitant to leave the sickroom where his sister is, he considers leaving to get the medicine she needs to get better.

Hershel contemplates something at his desk.  It looks like he might have fallen off the bandwagon.  Carl finds him while he’s patrolling the hallways and sees that he’s about to leave.  He says he needs to go out to the woods, and he doesn’t need Carl telling him what he can or can’t do.  Carl decides that if Hershel is going to leave, then Carl needs to go with him.  What is it with this kid’s logic?  I don’t get it.

Carol is at the entrance to Cell Block A shepherding the sick through the doors.  One woman insists that she’s suffering from allergies, but she has no choice but to go in with the other sick people. She is almost done when Lizzie’s sister comes up and says that she’s sick, too.  Carol hugs her and sends her inside, but the girl is terrified and asks Carol to tuck her in.  Carol can’t go inside, so she tells the young girl to find Glen.  He’ll help her.

Beth and Maggie converse through a glass door.  Beth is holding Judith.  Maggie is having a hard time dealing with everything, but Beth tells her that they don’t have time to get upset.  They will deal with whatever comes at them, but they have jobs to do.  She is so wise for her years.

Hershel asks Carl when he got his gun back as he gathers the leaves from some plants.  Carl tells him that he got it back the day before.  He also put his hat back on.  Hershel thinks that the time away from everything was probably helpful for him.  Their peaceful moment is interrupted when Carl finds a decaying Walker who is covered in moss and is growing in the side of a tree.  Another Walker staggers up with her leg in a bear trap.  Carl aims his gun but Hershel points out that he doesn’t need to shoot either one of them.  They don’t pose a threat.

Tyreese talks to his sister through the observation glass.  Sasha doesn’t look good at all.  He tells her that there is a team going out to get medicine, but she knows that the vet college is far away.  If they had the medicine the next day, though, they just might make it.

Daryl is finished getting Zack’s car ready for the trip.  Paul is going to join them—he can read medical speak, which Daryl finds useful.  Tyreese asks if there is still room on the trip.  There is.  But before they leave, Tyreese finds Carol and asks her to check in on Sasha.  He knows that she cares for people and he’d appreciate it.  Carol says she’s sorry for what happened to Karen, but as soon as he walks away, she kicks over the water barrel and weeps.  She weeps like someone who has a very guilty conscience.

Maggie finds Hershel walking around outside of the quarantine.  He says that he can be more of a help to the people who are sick.  Rick walks up and tries to reason with him.  Hershel points out that everything around them comes with risk.  Drinking water, going outside the fences, being with sick people, it all has risk.  He has a remedy for fever that can help until the medicine arrives.  He needs to be inside with the people who are sick.  Maggie begrudgingly opens the door for him to go inside.  Maggie returns to the door to talk to her sister.  Beth knows that their father went in with the sick people.  It’s clear that Beth is about to crack, but she insists that “we don’t get to get upset.”

Rick is outside surveying the area where Karen and David were burned up.  He’s the most qualified person to conduct an investigation of a murder scene, and you can see his training come back to him.  He sees blood on the door leading outside, suggesting that they weren’t taken without force.  Carol is outside pumping water, and Rick goes out in time to see that Carol has gone outside the fence to unplug the pump, but she doesn’t realize that she’s surrounded by Walkers.  She makes it back inside, and Rick angrily reminds her that they were going to fix the pump tomorrow.  She doesn’t know that there will be a tomorrow.

Daryl is driving (a new model car) down the road.  He tells Michonne that he knows that she wasn’t running away, and that he would be out there with her if he knew that the trail hadn’t gone cold.  I can only think that they’re talking about finding the Governor.  As they drive, Daryl fiddles with the radio.  They hear a voice.  It’s faint, but it’s a voice. Someone is talking.  While his attention is on the radio, he doesn’t see the Walkers in the road.  He hits a few of them before stopping the car.  Up ahead is a group of thousands of Walkers.  They surround the car, and Daryl must back up through them.  Of course, the car gets stuck in a clump of Walkers and so they have to abandon the car.  Paul, Michonne and Daryl jump out, but Tyreese stays inside.  When he finally gets out of the car, Tyreese is quickly surrounded by Walkers.  He’s fighting them off, but there’s no telling how long he can keep it up.  He yells for the rest of them to go.  Daryl says they have to leave him.

The trio runs through the woods.  When they get to a clearing, they stop to see two Walkers emerge from the woods.  Tyreese is behind them. They grab him and run off as more Walkers come after them.

Hershel gives his tea to Dr. S, who is getting sicker.  Suddenly Dr. S starts coughing, and he coughs up blood all over Hershel’s face.  Hershel slowly takes his mask off and tells Dr. S to hang in there.  Next Hershel visits Glen, who can’t believe that they could be killed by a cold after all they have been through.  But Hershel tells him to hold on.  He has a job to do.

Rick watches Carol bring water to fill the barrels.  He tells her she did a stupid thing earlier by going out alone.  He acknowledges the hard work she does on a daily basis.  He wonders if there isn’t anything she would do to save everyone. “Did you kill Karen and David?” he asks.  “Yes,” she replies, and she walks away to finish her chores.

Holy crap.  Carol killed Karen and David.  Tyreese asked her to care for Sasha.  What will happen when he finds out what she did?  How many more people will die before they get a handle on the disease moving through the prison?  Will Hershel and Glen survive?  What is going to happen with the mission to secure antibiotics?

There’s a lot up in the air at this point.  It seems like we’re back in the second season with the farm, given that we haven’t left the prison, but this time there are at least a dozen storylines going to keep things interesting.  What do you think about tonight’s episode?  Leave your comments below!

The Walking Dead Recap S4E2: Infected

The Walking Dead S4E2: Infected

Original Airdate: October 20, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


But first, there’s a traitor in the Prison Gang.  It’s nighttime and the Walkers are at the fences.  So, too, is someone with a flashlight and rats to tempt the hungry Walkers to the weakest part of the fence.  Who would do something like that?  Who, indeed.

Meanwhile, Tyreese and Karen are getting to know each other in the library.  Tyreese is still thinking about losing Zack during their run.  With all of the craziness, they might as well be the only ones left in the whole world.  He starts singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”  She decides they need some rest, so once they offer to crash at each other’s places; they depart for their own cells, alone.  Along the way, Karen stops to go to the bathroom.  She has a flashlight (how many people have flashlights?) and she pauses to look at a child’s drawing on the wall. (I think it was Lizzie’s picture because it shows Nick, the Walker that she named in last week’s episode, much to the ire of Carl)  Karen thinks she hears something in the bathroom but dismisses it after looking around and heads back to her cell.  Little does she know, she woke up Patrick.

Remember when I ended last week with “Poor Patrick”?  Well, Poor Patrick turned into Walker Patrick.  And he is hungry.  Walker Patrick takes a trip to Cell Block D and enters one of the cells.  Kneeling, he takes a bite out of the sleeping man’s neck, effectively silencing him while he’s being eaten alive.  And then there were two Walkers.

It’s early morning and Rick gives Carl his 6am wake-up call while he takes care of Judith.  Carl doesn’t look like much of a morning person.  While Rick hands the baby to Beth, Sleeping Guy is now Sleeping Walker and he joins Patrick in the feast.  Outside in the tower, Glen takes a picture of his sleeping sweetheart.  When he wakes her up, he offers to bring breakfast.  She kisses his hand as he leaves.  They are so sweet together.  Michonne has saddled up her horse and is heading out as Rick and Carl head to the field.  She asks Carl if he wants anything, like comics or “stale M&Ms” but Carl points out that she’s the one who likes candy.  She asks the question we have been wondering ourselves—why isn’t Carl wearing his hat anymore.  “It’s not a farming hat,” Carl replies.  Rick beams.  They head to the field to grab some worms and lettuce for the pigs.  Carl watches as the Walkers form a cluster at the fences.  Their numbers are increasing and Carl wonders if they should help the others take care of them, but Rick has other plans for both of them.  Evidently this is something that they have discussed before.  Carl apologizes and says he has been trying, but he’d like his gun back.  Rick ignores this and talks about worms and protein for the pigs.

Michonne has left the gates when there’s a noise.  Rick hears it, too, and tells his son to stay back.  Lizzie and her sister run out of the cell block saying that there are Walkers inside.  Glen and Sasha are there already, and once Rick knows that Judith is safe, he rushes in.  Daryl joins them.  Outside the gates, Michonne whistles for Carl, and he manages to open the gate but he can’t close it fast enough to keep the Walkers from coming in.  She struggles to fight them off, tripping over a rope.  Maggie climbs down from the tower as Carl shoots one of the Walkers with a shotgun from the tower.  Maggie grabs Michonne and they get back inside, but not before the Walkers decide to form a cluster nearby.  The fences sway dangerously.

Inside Cell Block D, it’s a madhouse.  Chaos reigns as scared women and children try to flee and newly reborn Walkers emerge from their cells.  Rick leads people to safety while Daryl and Glen kill them.  Carol finds Lizzie’s father with a wound on his arm and tells him that they’ll have to amputate.  But then she sees that he’s been bitten in the back of his neck.  There’s no hope.  Tyreese finds Karen and they embrace.  Once the bottom floor has been cleared, they head upstairs to find Patrick.  There are other bodies on the ground and they have to make sure they don’t turn into Walkers.  Daryl uses his crossbow while Rick tries to make use of his little knife.  Even with the attack, Rick is still hesitant to resort to violence.

Carol knows that her patient is going to die and become a Walker.  When he realizes it, too, he asks her to take care of his girls.  He doesn’t have anyone else and he’s seen how she is with children.  She agrees.  Carol tells him that she is going to bring the girls in to say goodbye.

Rick uses his knife to kill a Walker who is locked inside his cell.  As Hershel, Daryl, and two others gather round, Rick observes that the dead Walker doesn’t have bite marks, and he was locked in (he used to sleep walk, Daryl explains).  That means there is a sickness going around.  The Woodbury doctor, Dr. S, says that it looks like they had an infection and choked to death on their blood.  Rick mentions that one of his pigs was sick (something will need to be done about them, Hershel says) and so it’s probably an airborne virus.  That means they’ve all been exposed.

Carol leads Lizzie and her sister in to see their father.  They arrive just in time to say goodbye, and then he dies.  In one of the more disturbing scenes I’ve seen, Carol tells the girls that they have to do what they’ve talked about, meaning they have to make sure their father doesn’t come back as a Walker.  Carol takes out her knife, preparing to stab him in the ear, when Lizzie decides she should be the one to do it.  She loses her nerve and starts to have an anxiety attack, so her sister helps her focus on her breathing while Carol does the deed.  It was very disturbing.

Rick walks outside into the courtyard as Carl and Maggie help Michonne.  Carl rushes to his dad and tells him about using the gun, saying that he didn’t want to do it.  Michonne confirms that he was helping her.  Rick had tried to keep Carl from hugging him, but he couldn’t.  He tells them that Patrick died from an infection and attacked the entire cell block.  He tells Maggie that Glen and their father have both been exposed.

The Council has a meeting to discuss the situation.  Carol had been with Patrick the day before and he hadn’t showed signs of being sick.  They’ll have to separate everyone, and the whole Council had been exposed.  Hershel says that the people who are sick need a place to be. Carol suggests Cell Block A, or Death Row.  “It’s clean,” Daryl points out.  As they talk, they hear coughing in the hallway.  It’s Karen.  Tyreese is taking her to his cell, but Hershel says that Judith is there and she can’t be exposed.  The Council will need to reconvene.  Daryl asks if Carol is okay, but she’s worried about her girls.

Carol finds the girls at the fence.  Lizzie is clearly distraught, but not for reasons that we’d think of.  Carol tells her that she was weak, that she lost her nerve, and if she wants to live she has to be strong.  Lizzie is looking beyond Carol to the area outside the fence, where her special Walker named Nick is crumpled in the grass.  “He was special, and they killed him,” she says, running off.  Lizzie’s sister looks at Carol solemnly.  “She’s messed up.  She’s not weak,” she tells her.

Daryl is digging graves for the deceased when Rick walks up.  He seems a bit apologetic, but Daryl says that he deserved his time off.  Rick was the one who got them all there, and without him they wouldn’t have made it.  Besides, Daryl says, “When the shit hits, you’re standing there with a shovel.”  Their moment is interrupted when Maggie screams from the tower.  The Walkers are clustering again and this time the fence is about to go down.  They all rush over and start poking them through the fence.  Rick pauses, and then he starts poking with a vengeance.

Beth is taking care of Michonne’s leg.  Baby Judith gurgles beside them.  Michonne is upset at herself for what happened, and what could have happened if Maggie and Carl hadn’t been there.  Michonne says they could have been hurt.  But Beth points out that they all care for Michonne.  “When you care about people, hurt is part of the package.”  Beth continues her train of thought, pondering how many parents have lost children.  What are they called?  Judith starts to cry, and Michonne cringes in agony.  Beth says that Judith seems to sense people’s moods.

Maggie falls and Glen tries to help her but she tells him to stay away.  The group finds the dead rats on the ground and realizes that someone has been feeding them, leading them to that particular area.  (Do you suppose it was Lizzie?)  Something has to happen.  The fences are about to come down.  Rick tells Daryl to get the truck.  He knows what needs to happen to save the day.

Carol finds Carl making grave markers.  He asks if Patrick was Catholic, but she says he was a “practicing atheist.”  They talk about what Carl saw in the library, and she asks if he is going to tell his father.  Carl doesn’t want to lie to his dad, but she just wants him not to say anything.  She feels very strongly that she is doing the right thing.

Michonne is doing exercises while Beth sings to Judith.  When Judith spits up, Beth asks Michonne to hold her, but Michonne doesn’t want to.  When she relents, Michonne starts crying.  Hard.  Baby Judith has triggered something deep inside of her.

Daryl fires up the truck and pulls a trailer outside the gates.  Rick’s plan is to lure the Walkers away from the fence using his sick pigs.  They had been infected already, and so they would have been killed anyway, so this solves two problems.  The Walkers take the bait, but when Rick gets to the last pig, he looks into its eyes before slicing open its leg and leaving it to the Walkers.

The girls watch the Walkers.  Carol tries to explain that Nick was a Walker, and they had to take care of her father to prevent that from happening.  Carol cuts some flowers and puts them in her hair.  Lizzie reaches over and clasps her hand.

Rick tells Carl that they might have made the pigs sick, or vice versa.  He thinks that they should stay away from Judith for a while.  Carl agrees, and then he takes a deep breath and tells his dad about Carol.  “I think you should let her,” Carl says.  Rick agrees not to say anything, and agrees not to stop her.  He’s glad Carl told him.  Once he has taken the pig pen apart, he lights it on fire.  Then he goes over to a toolbox and gives Carl his gun.  He also straps on his own gun.

Rick is back!

Rick and Carl share a father-son moment, and then Rick peels off his bloody shirt and throws it into the fire, a sign that the times are changing at the prison.

Tyreese goes down to visit Karen in her quarantine area.  He finds her door closed and a bloody trail leading from her cell to the back courtyard.  Outside, he finds the charred remains of two people.  One of them is Karen.

Well, that was one roller coaster of an episode!  Who do you think is the saboteur?  Is it Lizzie?   Who killed and burned Karen?  Leave your guesses and your comments below!

The Walking Dead Recap S4E1: 30 Days Without an Accident

The Walking Dead S4E1: 30 Days Without an Accident

Original Airdate: October 13, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


With all the buildup to the fourth season of The Walking Dead, tonight almost feels like the season finale.  But not so…it’s the season premiere…and there are flowers.

Rick walks through the prison yard to his little makeshift farm.  Farmer Rick.  While the Walkers congregate outside the fence, Rick digs into the ground and finds a gun.  He switches off his iPod and looks at the gun for a long moment before tossing it aside as if he’d never used a gun before.  Looks like things have changed since we last visited the prison.

Carl finds Farmer Rick watching over a sick pig.  He asks why his dad didn’t wake him earlier, but Papa Rick knows his boy was up late reading comics.  Violet the Pig doesn’t seem too happy.

Daryl greets Carol as she makes breakfast.  Daryl is like a hero to the refugees, having caught a deer the day before.  It sounds like he has also found some people outside the prison and led them to safety.  An eager young man approaches hoping to shake his hero’s hand.  Daryl seems to take this all in stride.  Carol pulls him away to show him the latest overnight developments.  Several prison residents are taking turns killing Walkers who approach the fences.  Apparently they have a new tactic: Instead of randomly picking spots to approach, the Walkers congregate together so that they have the ability to knock down fences.  The Fence Pokers kill them as soon as they approach, but the bodies are piling up.  Dare I say they might start climbing over each other like a little ladder of dead Walkers?  As Daryl assesses the situation, looking grim, Carol smiles.  “Sorry, Pookie,” she says.  He gives her a smile and nudges her as she walks away.  Aww, aren’t they cute?

Glen and Maggie wake up in a nice warm bed.  I only mention this because the accommodations in the prison seem a lot better than they were pre-Woodbury.  He tells Maggie he doesn’t want her going on, and eventually she agrees with him.  His tone is interesting; he has definitely gotten a lot more confident since the second season.

At the fences, Tyreese greets his lady friend and tells her that he is going out because he doesn’t think it’s ethical to kill the Walkers from the fence.  In the fields they’re like game, but poking them through the fence just doesn’t sit well with him.  When she asks why he volunteered for the duty in the first place, he tells her it was to get to know her better.

Daryl loads up and Beth’s boyfriend sees her and tells her he’s going on a run and assures her that he’ll be safe.  He must be a Woodbury guy, because Beth has been out there and knows what it’s like.  She kisses him but refuses to say goodbye, choosing instead to walk away with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.  The boy seems perplexed. “Damn romance novel,” Daryl smirks.

Sasha is loading up her car when one of Daryl’s wanderers asks to join the group.  He’s a trained army medic, so Glen thinks it’s a good idea.  Sasha warns him that he needs to be part of the group, but the new guy looks like he just wants to fit in.

Herschel tells Farmer Rick that his tomato plants won’t have fruit because they were in the shade.  He gives Rick lots of advice about propagating plants.  Then there’s a whistle, and they duo rushes to the gate to allow a horseback riding Michonne into the prison.  She hit the jackpot—she found a bunch of comic for Carl.  She seems to be genuinely happy to see Rick and Carl.  The feeling is mutual.  Daryl rides up on his motorcycle, leading the caravan.  He’s happy to see her, and when rick decides he needs to stay and check his snares instead of going out, Michonne agrees to go with them, telling Carl that even though she just got there, she’ll be back.

Carl is taking care of the horse.  Rick gives the horse a kiss and tells Carl that he should be in reading or studying with Patrick and the new kids.  But Carl doesn’t count himself as one of the kids.  Rick leaves Carl to his chores when Hershel walks up.  Yes, Hershel is walking.  Crazy.  Hershel is quick to tell Rick that no one has any problem with the fact that Rick doesn’t want to stray far from the prison, but the Council is insisting that he carries a gun when he goes out.  Daryl, Glen, Carol, Sasha, and Hershel make up the Council.  They want Rick to know that Rick is safe, but Rick argues that he carries his knife and six bullets won’t help him anyway.

In the forest, Rick finds a deer in one of his snares, but it has already been devoured by Walkers.  Then he finds a hog in distress.  A Walker falls on her knees in front of it so he walks away, but then she stands up.  “Please, help me,” she says.  Holy shit.  She isn’t really a Walker.  She just looks like one.  She begs him to help her take the pig to her husband because they are very hungry and haven’t eaten.  He offers her some food and she takes it, thanking him.  She asks if they can join Rick at their camp, and Rick in turn says that he needs to meet her husband and ask them three questions.  He frisks her, and then he issues a stern warning not to try anything.

Back at the prison, a group of children wave at “Nick” the Walker.  Carl and his older friend show up and ask what they’re doing.  One of the more outspoken girls says that one of the Walkers had a nametag, so they started giving out names because people have names, and Walkers are people but are “different.”  Such a great way to see it.  Carl disagrees.  Walkers kill people.  “People kill people,” she counters.  Carl does not want them giving names to the Walkers.  They children leave to go read.  Carl’s friend admits that he attends story time with them but insists that Carl “wouldn’t dig it” because it’s juvenile.  The older kid leaves, calling Carl “Young Sir.”  Poor Carl.  He’s trapped between two worlds.

Outside the prison, Daryl explains to Medic guy that they found this Army refugee camp but it was full of Walkers.  So the prison group drew them out with a boom box in order to gain access.  The camp is full of bodies.  Daryl, Beth’s Boyfriend, and Michonne are scouting a nearby store.  The Boytoy has a game that he plays with Daryl, trying to figure out what Daryl did before the Turn.  Today he guesses he was a homicide cop.  Daryl pretends he’s right, then a Walker appears and they go in.  Elsewhere, Sasha tells her team the rules of engagement when they scout the store.  Medic guy sees a pair of legs on the ground.  He finds it suspicious…and with good reason.  There is a crashed helicopter on the roof and a horde of Walkers pacing around.

Rick and his new friend walk through the woods.  The woman tells him that she and her husband were on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico when the airports shut down.  She attributes everything to her husband, who helped her through the tough times.

Michonne, Glen and Medic Guy go shopping. Medic Guy sees something dripping from the ceiling as he peruses the wine and beer.  The shelf collapses, sending it down on top of him.  Daryl rushes to his aid, but the Walkers hear him as well.  They start moving toward the noise below them, and then they start crashing through the roof.  One Walker dangles like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, but with his innards hanging out as well.

Rick talks to his new friend about the sculptures at the airport.  It’s a fond memory for him as well.  She’s hoping that they can pass his three questions test so that she and her husband can be safe.

The supermarket is a warzone.  Cleanup on every aisle, please.  The Shoppers manage to fend the Walkers off when Daryl notices the helicopter that’s about to fall through the ceiling.  Glen clears a path for him to jump away while Medic Guy peels the skull away from a crawling Walker to keep from being bitten.  It looks like everyone is going to be safe until a hidden Walker pops out and bites Beth’s boyfriend.  The gang stops and watches in horror as he’s devoured, and then the ceiling collapses to boot.  That was not a good shopping experience.

Rick’s new friend leads him to a field where a tent has been pitched.  It’s all very idyllic.  That is, until he realizes that she’s talking to an empty crate.  She rushes at Rick and tries to attack him.  Apparently she couldn’t part with her husband so she kept him, and when her attempt to use Rick as food fails, she stabs herself and begs Rick not to stop her from turning.  As she lay dying, she wants to know what his three questions are.  They are: How many Walkers have you killed?  How many people have you killed?  Why?

Rick is shaken.  She dies, but the bag is still moving.  Rick walks away.

Carol is in the prison library reading to the kids.  Carl walks in and hides.  She reads for a while, and then one of the kids volunteers to keep watch when reading time converts to knife training.  Carl’s friend leaves because he’s too squeamish, but Carl decides to show himself.  Carol asks Carl not to tell his father.

Rick returns to the prison and finds that poor Violet the Pig has died.

Tyreese tells his Lady Friend that he doesn’t like going outside of the prison either.  Glen tells Maggie that Daryl is about to tell Beth about her boyfriend, Zack.  She plans to go tell see her sister, but she pauses to tell Glen that she’s not pregnant.  But she doesn’t want to live in fear anymore.  She wants to live, and getting pregnant would just be part of life.  She is willing to take the risk.

Daryl walks up to Beth’s “room” and she looks up at him.  She already knows why he’s there.  She confirms that he’s dead, and then she gets up and walks to her desk.  He watches her closely, given that she isn’t reacting.  “I don’t cry anymore,” she says.  It’s a stunning statement, really.  She’s seen so much in her young life.  She’s just happy that she got to know him when she did, and she’s glad she didn’t say goodbye.  Beth asks if he’s okay, and Daryl tells her that he’s sick of losing people.  She gives him a much-needed hug.

Hershel listens to Rick tell his story while Rick cradles a much bigger Judith.  Hershel reminds Rick that he came back, as did Carl.  He doesn’t need to be afraid.

Meanwhile, later that night poor Patrick (Carl’s friend) is a little sick.  Well, he’s a bit more than a little sick.  He stumbles into the bathroom and turns on the shower.  Then he collapses.  Shortly thereafter, he awakens as a Walker. Yikes.  A Walker in a cell block full of sleeping people.

Well, friends, that is episode one of the fourth season.  What did you think?  Farmer Rick…how do we feel about that?  Rick’s Crazy Lady Friend and her ordeal have rattled him.  Daryl is at the head of the Council, which seems to be a logical progression given the presumed safety of the prison.  Carol and Daryl?  Maybe?  And Patrick.  Poor Patrick.

Tune in next week as the season four drama continues.

The Walking Dead Recap S3E16: Welcome to the Tombs

The Walking Dead S3E16: Welcome to the Tombs

Original Airdate: March 31, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Well, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The battle for the prison.  Let’s get right into it!

The episode begins with the Governor talking to the camera.  He punches the person he’s talking to.  The Biters were burned up and eight of his men died.  He’s pissed all right…he’s pissed at Milton.  There are no more free passes.  Milton can barely keep his head upright.  “You kill or you die.” Milton wonders what his daughter would think if she saw him today.  The Governor points out that she’d still be alive.  Milton asks if he killed Andrea, so he brings him to see her as she sits bound in the chair.  She pleads with the Governor to stop this, but he’s past stopping.  He tells Milton to collect the instruments of torture, as they don’t need them anymore.  He staggers forward to collect them and drops several onto the floor.  After a moment’s hesitation, he leaves something on the floor to help her escape.  However, the Governor has other plans.  Milton is going to kill Andrea…and when Milton resists, the Governor stabs him.  He will die, and he’ll turn, and he’ll rip her flesh from her body.  That’s his master plan. He drops Milton’s dying body to the floor and mover to the door.  “In this life now, you kill or you die.  Or you die and you kill.”  The door closes, leaving Andrea to an uncertain fate.

At the prison, Walkers stumble through the fields and there is a wooden cross marking the spot commemorating a lost life.  Merle?  Carl packs his bags and takes a moment to study the photo of his family that he fought so hard to get.  He finds his father’s badge and packs it.  Outside, Rick and Glen prep the cars.  Carl walks past his father and dumps his bag into the back of the car while Beth looks on in concern.  Glen tells Rick that he’s never seen Carl so angry before, not even after they lost Lori.  Rick hopes that he’s resilient enough to get past his anger.  Daryl is having trouble believing that Merle lost his life the way he did, but Carol points out that his actions gave them a chance at survival.  She’s dressed in black and she offers her hand to Daryl before walking away.

Michonne finds Rick doing a final check of the cellblock.  She tells him that he needs to think hard about the Governor’s offer.  She gets it.  He says he came close, but it wasn’t right.  If she hadn’t had the baby formula that day they found her, they would have lost baby Judith.  They could have simply taken the formula, but Rick maintains that something else made them decide to take her in and, ultimately, it was Carl who decided that she was officially part of their group.  So no, they couldn’t just hand her over.

The Governor rallies his troops back at Woodbury.  The Prison Gang killed eight men during the ambush and five during their siege upon Woodbury.  He says they’re no different than the Biters.  It’s time to end this once and for all.  Tyreese and Sasha take that time to tell the Governor that this isn’t their fight.  They will kill Biters and they’ll stay to protect the children, but they won’t kill other people.  In an eerie change of pace, the Governor takes a rifle from one of the soldiers and hands it to Tyreese.  “Thank you,” he says, and then they drive away.  I wonder what possessed him to take it easy on the brother-sister duo.

The gates are open back at the prison.  Walkers meander near the road as the Governor’s caravan approaches.  Martinez blasts the guard tower apart.  They storm the prison and start taking out Walkers, but they’re not getting any resistance.  The place seems too empty.  The Governor and his small army pour inside the locked fences, but they find nothing.  As they make their way inside the cell block, it becomes clear that no one is inside.  Like a good general, the Governor leads the way deeper inside the prison.  Martinez shakes his head.  Empty.  Inside one of the cells is a copy of the Bible with a verse highlighted:  “And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.”  There’s your scripture on this Easter Sunday.  The Governor slams the Good Book to the ground and tries his best not to lose his cool in front of his people.  They decide to split up, thinking that there’s no way the Grimes Gang simply abandoned the prison.

Back at Woodbury, Milton tells Andrea that he left some pliers behind the chair, and from his vantage point she just needs to use her foot to get them.  And once she’s free, he orders her to find something sharp and stab him in the head.  That’s what she’s going to do.  She doesn’t argue.  Not yet, anyway. (After all, it is Andrea)

The soldiers continue their search, trying to be badass commandos when really they’re just frightened citizens.  There’s a noise coming from deep inside the prison.

Tyreese checks on Sasha, who is keeping watch with the women and children of Woodbury in the stock room.  He took out a few Biters, but it’s quiet outside.  They need to find a way out.  Andrea made it out, after all.  Sasha points out that she was going back to the prison, which isn’t entirely accurate….

….given that she’s still tied to the chair in the Governor’s torture room.  Just as she reaches the pliers, she sees that Milton is either really quiet or very dead.  He regains consciousness and asks why she stayed when she knew her friends were out there.  She was hoping to be the hero to save everyone.  She tells him that she had a chance to kill him before, back before this all started and she was sleeping with him.  She didn’t want anyone to die. “I’m still here.  I’m still alive,” Milton breathes.  Andrea nods.  “You need to hurry,” he tells her.

Just as one of the teams gets deep into a corridor, there is a series of explosions and the alarm klaxons go off.  The Soldier-Citizens panic and flee, and they run right into the waiting crosshairs of the Grimes Gang, who is outside in prime positions to take them out.  The Governor gets in one of the cars and takes off.  Maggie pulls off her riot gear helmet and asks Glen if they did it.  Looks like it for now, doesn’t it?

Out in the bushes, one of the younger members of the Woodbury Militia (in fact, it’s the kid with asthma that Andrea was trying to protect) encounters Hershel, Beth and Carl.  Carl and Hershel level their guns at him and tell him to lower his weapon.  He’s dangerously close to Carl, and as he gets closer to him, Carl makes a decision and pulls the trigger.  Hershel and Beth stare at him in horror.  I don’t know about you guys, but Carl looks like he’s seventeen these days.  He has aged really quickly.

The Grimes Gang comes out of their hiding space.  They think they have won the battle, but Michonne and Daryl think they need to go back and finish them off.  They know that the Governor will find a way to regroup and come after them.

Back inside the prison, the group comes together.  Carl tells his father that he’s going with them to finish the job at Woodbury.  When Rick protests, he tells him that he shot one of the soldiers, saying that the enemy drew first.  Rick is apologetic that Carl had to do it, but Carl is more concerned that his father knows that he is part of the frontlines these days.  After he leaves, Hershel tells Rick that the kid was scared and he hadn’t drawn his weapon but Carl killed him anyway.  Rick doesn’t believe him, but Hershel manages to get through to him.  Oh lord.  Carl is on the edge.

The Governor’s car catches up to the van that had fled before theirs did.  He forces them to pull over and tells them they have to go back.  The Woodbury Militia has had enough.  Killing Biters is one thing, but they don’t see any point to go into a slaughter with the crazy people back at the prison.  Allen tries to speak up for the Governor—they killed his son, so he wants to go back and kill him.  As they citizens argue, the Governor’s sanity meter gets very low…and suddenly he starts shooting the reluctant militia.  He aims for their heads, mainly, in an attempt to prevent them from becoming Biters.  Several people try to run away, but he manages to shoot them all.  Allen stands there, openmouthed with shock, and the Governor shoots him, too.  Martinez and one other soldier watch in horror as he goes to the field and makes sure that everyone is completely dead. (He misses the one woman who is hiding underneath a dead body…she’s still alive, but for how long, really?)  He walks back to the truck and gets into the driver’s seat.  He beckons for Martinez and the other man to get in, and they do, but Martinez opts for the bed of the truck.  I wouldn’t want to ride with that nut, either.

Andrea is trying to use the pliers with her toes.  It isn’t working well.  (Her toes look very-well manicured, by the way)  She drops the pliers again.  Milton isn’t responding…but his fingers are moving a little bit.  Is he dead?

Daryl is on his motorcycle ready to leave.  Rick seems to make a decision and goes back to talk to Carl.  Carl points out that the kid had a gun and that he had just attacked them.  Rick wants to know if he was handing it over.  Carl points out all of the missed opportunities they had to take people out who ultimately hurt the ones they loved.  Dale.  Lori.  Merle.  He tells his dad to do what he needs to do, and he drops the badge at his father’s feet for good measure.

Glen and Maggie decide to stay to protect the prison.  Michonne, Daryl and Rick leave to fight the Governor.  They come across the van with the dead citizens of Woodbury.  The Walkers have already descended upon the fresh bodies.  And then the lady who survived the attack pops out of the cab of the truck.  Boy does she have a story to tell.

Andrea finally manages to get the pliers into her hand when Milton finally passes on.  The rattle in his chest reveals that he has turned.  She frees one of her hands when he gets up off the floor.  Of course, the next shot is outside the room as she screams and there is lots of growling, and then finally the sound of the pliers clattering to the floor.  But what happened?

Rick and Daryl and Michonne arrive with Karen and she tells Sasha and Tyreese what happened.  Sasha has the “Oh shit” look on her face.  She knew something wasn’t right with him.  Tyreese wants to know why Rick is there.  He explains that they were coming to finish the Governor off when they saw the carnage on the road and knew that they had to stop this. He tells Tyreese that Karen said Andrea made a run for the prison but she never made it.  Together, they search the town and find the chamber where Maggie and Glen were tortured.  They come to the door, guns drawn, and they see Milton’s dead body on the floor.  She’s collapsed on the floor, burning up.  She reveals that she’s been bitten, and she takes the time to make sure the baby and the others are alive.  Andrea wants to kill herself while she still can, and she makes a joke about knowing how the safety works.  Michonne stands by with tears in her eyes, pledging to stay.  “I tried,” Andrea whispers.  “Yeah, you did,” Rick agrees.  He and Daryl leave Michonne and Andrea alone.  They wait outside and then they hear the shot that takes her life.

The next day, a caravan approaches the prison.  In it is a school bus loaded with the frightened women and children of Woodbury.  It won’t be as cozy as Woodbury, but it’s a hell of a lot safer.  Carl wants to know what this is, and Rick explains that they’re joining them.  Hershel pats Tyreese on the back in greeting.  Rick looks up at the walkway and doesn’t see Lori, for a change.    The cross is still in the field with the Walkers.  But the Grimes Gang is safe.  For now.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but this episode didn’t disappoint.  This was adrenaline at its best.  It looks like a new age is about to dawn at the prison.  What will happen now that the Grimes Gang has taken on so many Woodbury refugees?

I’m eager to hear your thoughts about tonight’s episode. Did it live up to expectations?  Is it a positive deviation from the comics?  Please leave comments below…and I’ll see you all in the fall!

The Walking Dead Recap S3E15: This Sorrowful Life

The Walking Dead S3E15: This Sorrowful Life

Original Airdate: March 24, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Can you feel the tension in the air?  We’re almost to the end of season three…and tonight’s episode didn’t disappoint!

Rick, Hershel and Daryl talk in a remote corner of the prison yard.  Rick speaks vaguely of separating one member of the group from the rest of them, and it has to be done quickly. Of course, he’s talking about Michonne.  Daryl doesn’t like the plan; it isn’t what they do.  Hershel agrees, but Rick won’t hear any argument.  He accepts the job of going to talk to Merle.  Inside the cell block, Merle is searching mattresses for drugs. He needs a “vacation,” he tells Rick, and the best drugs he ever got were from a mattress.  Rick wonders if Merle knows why he does the things he does.  While Merle ponders this, Rick tells him of the plan to hand Michonne over to  the Governor.  It’s the only way to get Woodbury to stand down and give them a chance at survival.  This catches Merle’s attention.  It’s so unlike Rick to even consider a plan like this.  Merle recalls going out on runs with the Governor, who would caution Merle against using bullets and opted instead for bashing skulls in.  Merle knows that the Governor won’t back down after he has Michonne, and he tells Rick that he’ll probably take out one (or both) of her eyes, but he won’t kill her.  That would be too easy, and Merle is almost shocked by Rick’s callousness.  “You’re cold as ice, Officer Friendly,” he says.

Out in the field, Carl and Maggie try to round up the Walkers while Michonne, Daryl and Glen set traps up at the gates.  Daryl tells Rick it was Michonne’s idea.  He looks at her.  “We don’t have to win, we just have to make their getting at us more trouble than it’s worth,” Michonne says.  She looks different somehow.  More…normal?  I don’t know what it is, but she looks like she’s trying hard to fit in.  Rick and Daryl exchange looks as she walks away.

Carol wants to know if Merle is on their side.  He says he’s on his brother’s side, and she points out that Daryl is with them, so he should be as well.  He recalls the frightened mouse of a woman she was at the camp in the beginning, and she reminds him that she was hiding in the shadow of her husband.  Merle calls her a late bloomer.  She says the same could be true of him.

Glen is working on one of the gates when Daryl approaches and asks if he’s seen Merle.  Glen gives him a long look.  Daryl immediately jumps into action to help him, and eventually he says that Merle will apologize for what happened back at Woodbury, even if Daryl has to make him do it.  Glen tells Daryl that he’s missing the point.  Yes, Merle tied Glen to a chair and put a Walker in the room with him, but it’s what he did to Maggie that upsets him.  He handed her over to a monster who humiliated and degraded her.  And Glen cares far more about Maggie than he does himself.

Daryl continues his search for his brother, and he finds him in the machine room.  He asks if Rick talked to Merle yet, and Daryl says he has, but he doesn’t think that Rick will be able to go through with it.  He reminds his brother that they used to make fun of people like Rick, people who don’t have the backbone to do the dirty work.  Daryl tells his brother that it was wrong what Merle did to Glen and Maggie, and Merle counters that he’s done worse.  It’s what you need to do to survive.  And now they’re about to deliver Michonne to that very same monster.  Merle knows that the rest of the group see him as the devil, but he argues that maybe they need someone like him around to do the dirty work.

Hershel, Beth and Maggie read scripture together.  As they hold hands and Hershel reads, we see Rick making preparations outside.  He’s testing wire rope to make sure it will bind Michonne’s hands.  He hangs his head, struggling with the weight of his decision.  He looks up to see Lori standing above him on the bridge.  Is she an omen?  He gets up and walks away, into the room where Hershel finishes reading.  “What I wouldn’t do to keep you safe,” Hershel mutters as Rick approaches.  But Rick has had a change of heart.  He can’t go through with it.

However, down in the labyrinthine corridors of the prison, Merle leads Michonne on a mission to clear Walkers from the inner chambers.  Looks like he has taken matters into his own hands.  Maybe it’s even a self-fulfilling prophecy of doing the dirty work on his own, to remove guilt from everyone else.  As Walkers come at them from the hallway, he knocks her out and then ties her up, wrapping her up securely.

But wait.  Merle and Michonne walk through a neighborhood outside the prison.  He has just finished telling her about the plan they had to hand her over to the Governor.  He knew Rick wouldn’t be able to go through with it so he was finishing the job for him.  Michonne doesn’t seem surprised or upset.  She’s very calm.  Across the field, a Walker approaches.  Merle uses her sword to cut its head off, and when he turns he expresses surprise that she’s still standing there.  She’s not going to leave without her sword, she tells him, smiling sweetly.

Rick delivers the news to Daryl, who is relieved that Rick changed his mind.  The only problem is that Rick can’t find Merle or Michonne anywhere.  They return to Merle’s prison hideout, and Daryl realizes that his brother has gone without them.  He pledges to bring them back, and when Rick insists on going with him, Daryl reminds him that he can’t track for shit and he has a family to care for.

Back on the road, Merle continues his conversation with Michonne.  He suggests that maybe their little journey will allow the prison to remain standing, and if he pulls it all off, maybe all will be forgiven.  Michonne tells him that bad men carry a burden as light as a feather, because they can’t feel a thing that they do.  Merle’s face betrays the emotion he feels, but he replies that he has killed sixteen men since the world fell apart.  As they move on, it’s clear that he can feel the weight of what he has done.

Hershel is in his cell when Glen walks in.  Hershel says that there will always be men like the Governor out there.  Glen fingers the watch Hershel gave him, saying that he now understands what it means.  He wants to marry Maggie, even if they only live through the week, just so that she knows what it’s like.  Hershel gives him his blessing, smiling in pride at the man Glen has become.

Merle brings Michonne to an old motel.  He ties her to a post while he hot wires a car.  She stands there watching, even though I’m sure that she could easily get away.  Once he gets the car running, the car alarm goes off, attracting Walkers from all over the place.  Michonne calls out to him in warning.  Bad Ass Michonne tackles several of them while being tied up, and after a while Merle realizes what is going on and takes out the rest of them.  Have they just had a bonding moment?

They drive down the road.  Michonne wonders if he’s the trash man.  People need something done and he comes running.  It isn’t like that with Daryl.  Rick respects Daryl.  Merle laughs.  Michonne says this could have been his shot to get outside the box.  “At least when the Governor is done with me, I won’t have to live with myself,” she says.

Back at the prison, Glen goes shopping for a ring for Maggie.  “Shopping” entails cutting a ring off of a Walker.

Michonne talks to Merle about the sixteen people Merle killed.  She reminds him that the Governor didn’t help him.  They could both go back to the prison and pretend this never happened.  Merle stops the car and cuts her bindings.  He says she can go back to the prison, but he has something he has to do on his own.  Merle returns her sword and then drives off, leaving her in the middle of the road.

Daryl finds Michonne killing the head of the headless Walker.  She tells him that Merle let him go, so he tells her not to let anyone come after him.

Merle is in the car in the parking lot of a local bar.  He’s getting drunk while Walkers surround the car.  Slowly, he leads them on a merry chase to the meeting place.  While the Governor’s men scout the place, Merle sets up shop inside.  While the men take out the Walkers, Merle takes out the men.  Through the chaos, no one can hear the sound of Merle’s gun as he takes out the men.  Of course, it isn’t long before the Governor finds him.  And Merle, the expert marksman, would have taken out the Governor if Ben (from Tyreese’s gang) hadn’t stepped in front of the bullet.  As they struggle, the Governor manages to bite Merle’s fingers off.  Merle won’t beg for anything, but the Governor isn’t in the mood for negotiation.  He pulls out his gun and takes aim (presumably firing at Merle…but we don’t really know until we see Merle’s body…this is The Walking Dead, after all…).

At the prison, Glen approaches Maggie out in the yard as she looks out over the field of Walkers.  Before they leave to find Rick, he puts the ring in her hand (not on her finger).  She says yes.

Rick meets the gang in the courtyard for a little meeting.  He tells them about his conversation with the Governor.  He tells them about the deal.  They’d leave them alone if they gave up Michonne.  He was going to do it to keep the group safe, but he just can’t do it.  Now Merle kidnapped Michonne to put the deal in motion, and they don’t know if they’re too late.  He’s sorry.  He references his famous “this is not a democracy” line from last season, saying that it can’t be that way.  They have to be a group.  He’s not like the Governor.  They make decisions together.  They stick together.  They’re going to vote: stay and fight, or go.

Up on the tower, Rick sees Michonne out in the field.  He knows something happened.

Daryl scouts the meeting spot.  Walkers devour the remains of the Woodbury soldiers.  And then he sees a Walker with a prosthetic arm.  The Walker looks up with vapid eyes, expressionless as he licks the blood from his face.  Daryl weeps to see his brother like that.  Dead.  Empty.  Walker-Merle approaches Daryl, and Daryl launches at him and kills him, and then he lays in the field and weeps.


Who knew it would be so sad to see Merle die?

Well, fellow Walkers, what did you think about tonight’s penultimate episode?  That’s right, only one episode left until the end of season three.  What did you think?  Are you sad to see Merle go?  What do you think about Merle’s quest for redemption?  Did he achieve it?  Please leave your comments below.  I’ll see you all next week.  Grab your chocolate bunnies and get ready to watch the battle!

The Walking Dead Recap S3E14: Prey

The Walking Dead S3E14: Prey

Original Airdate: March 17, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


In case you were wondering, I didn’t get captured by the Governor and fed to Biters last week.  I was out of town and the hotel didn’t have AMC.  (Plenty of adult channels in Las Vegas, but no AMC.  Go figure.)  We can sum up last week’s episode by borrowing from Julius Caesar himself: Veni, vidi, vici.  Except in this case it was more like “they came, they saw, they talked, and they made agreements that neither side intended to keep.”  Andrea brought Rick and the Governor together to talk.  Rick brought an offer to draw a border between the prison and Woodbury, while the Governor was not prepared to give up anything.  Daryl and Hershel made nice with Milton and Martinez.  Glen and Maggie had sex while on watch duty back at the prison.  Crazy kids.  Merle challenged the Grimes Gang authority and ended up getting overruled.  In the end, the Governor said he was willing to wage peace in return for Michonne.  He gave Rick two days to think about it.  Rick knew there wasn’t really a deal on the table and told his people that they were going to war.  Back at Woodbury, the Governor continued to keep Andrea in the dark about his true intentions.

And that’s where we start this week.  Well, sort of.

We begin with a flashback of Michonne and Andrea camping in the woods during their time together.  Andrea wonders who her pets really are, and Michonne, in keeping with her tight-lipped ways, doesn’t give much away.  She notes that they weren’t human to begin with.  Hopefully we get to hear more about her pets later.  In the meantime, the Governor is preparing for Michonne’s return to Woodbury.  He’s preparing a torture chamber for her, complete with chains to keep her restrained.  Looks like someone is falling off the sanity bandwagon.

Milton sees Martinez loading weapons into trucks.  He wants to know what’s going on, but Martinez isn’t exactly forthcoming with the information.  The whole town is being dispatched to fight in the Governor’s war.  The Governor “wants options.”  Andrea appears and doesn’t understand what’s going on; after all, there was a deal on the table.  Milton puts her mind at ease by telling her that it’s just a show of force, and then he makes a hasty exit to find the Governor.  It doesn’t take him long to find him in a shadowy room.  The Governor is laying out various instruments of torture that look like something straight out of a BDSM medical/torture fetish scene.  After a few moments, the Governor notices that Milton had been watching him, and he calls out to his trusted friend. “You need something?” he asks nonchalantly.  Milton wants to know what he just saw in the room.  The Governor calls the room his workshop.  How does the workshop help Woodbury? Milton tries to reason with the part of the Governor that has a lingering concern for the well-being of the town.  But clearly that part of him is gone.  He’ll rest when he has Michonne.  If Milton ever believed that the Biters possessed a “spark” of life in them, then Michonne killed his daughter and the Governor won’t rest until he has had his revenge.

Outside, Milton tells Andrea that there is no deal, and the Governor is planning to massacre everyone at the prison after the Governor gets Michonne.  She doesn’t believe that Rick would ever hand Michonne over, but Milton points out that it doesn’t matter.  Nothing can stop the Governor.  He takes her to the workshop and shows her what he has planned.  Andrea decides that she must kill the Governor.  She watches with revulsion as the Governor whistles while he works, setting out a needle and thread before playing with a video camera.  The sick bastard plans to film everything.  After a few moments, Andrea takes out her gun and aims it at his head.  Milton stops her before she can pull the trigger.  They go back to her house, where Andrea demands to know how Milton can just stand by while this happens.  Milton explains that he knew Phillip before this all happened.  And even if Andrea kills him, then Martinez will take over and the cycle will continue.  No, Milton must stay in Woodbury.  She decides that she’ll have to go to the prison to warn everyone.

Looking dazed, Andrea makes her way through the town.  Martinez sees her and tells her that she has to surrender her weapon.  The Governor has ordered all weapons to be rounded up, and even though she asserts that she’s more useful armed, he doesn’t relent.  Once she has been stripped of her gun and ammo, the Governor walks up and apologizes for not warning her in advance.  She bats her eyes and plays coy, pretending to go along with his plan.  After all, she just wants to be helpful.  He smiles and tells her that he wants her to join them at the meeting with Rick the following day, just to make sure that things go as planned.  She agrees.

At the wall, Tyreese and Sasha keep watch.  Tyreese is using one of the approaching Biters for target practice; evidently, Sasha is a much better shot than he is.  He finally manages to shoot the Biter before he reaches the wall.  That’s when Andrea approaches, telling the brother-sister team that there is a herd approaching on the other side of town, and Martinez wants them to move over there.  Neither Sasha nor Tyreese falls for it, and they refuse to leave unless they hear about it from Martinez himself.  Eventually, Andrea breaks down and admits that she’s leaving Woodbury.  She gives them a few tidbits of information about the Governor’s insidious ways, and then she hops the fence and takes off.

Tyreese and Sasha go to the Governor and Martinez and report what happened.  The Governor twists Andrea’s story, saying that she’s in no condition to be out there alone, especially after spending the winter by herself.  Tyreese hopes that he hasn’t complicated things, given that she was once aligned with the prison gang, but the Governor insists that he isn’t upset (though you can see the wheels turning in his brain as he plots his next move).  Once he has gained their sympathy and ensured that they are loyal, he asks them to help Martinez while he goes out to look for her.

The Governor tells Milton that he’s going to look for Andrea himself.  Milton tells the Governor to drop it, that she’s just trying to be with her people.  The Governor puts two and two together and realizes that Milton must have talked with her.  He shoves the smaller man against the railing and demands to know whether or not he told Andrea about the deal with Michonne.  Milton doesn’t say anything…but he doesn’t need to.  The Governor puts it together and leaves abruptly.  Interestingly, he doesn’t hurt Milton, though he doesn’t hesitate to scare the living shit out of him.

Beyond the gates, Andrea sprints toward the prison.

Martinez tells Tyreese and his friends that they’re leaving in a few minutes.  Tyreese takes that time to talk to Ben and his son, telling them about Andrea.  Ben is convinced that Andrea was bad news, and he shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their position in Woodbury.  Clearly, Tyreese is rethinking their situation, but Ben is trying to keep his son safe.  Martinez interrupts them and says it’s time to go.

Andrea hears a car approaching and runs off the road into some trees.  It’s Martinez and his crew.  While she stands against a tree, a Walker grabs her from behind.  As she is being restrained, more Walkers approach.  She manages to pull her knife out and stab the Walkers, and then she breaks the arm of the one holding her.  That’s what she gets for taking a break.  There are no breaks.  You have to keep moving.

The crew from Woodbury arrives at the field where three pillar-like turbines spin.  There is a pit filled with Biters, and the plan is to put them into the nearby horse trailers.  Tyreese is appalled at the idea that they’re going to send Biters into the prison.  There are women and children in there.  Such an act would be reprehensible.  Martinez doesn’t care.  He gets to work.  Tyreese wants out of this plan, but Ben doesn’t want to follow along with Tyreese and the two men get into a fight.  Martinez is unimpressed and he orders the group to be sent back to Woodbury.

Andrea is in the middle of a big field.  She hears a car passing by, so she drops to the ground.  The car drives by and she breathes a sigh of relief, but little does she know, the truck is actually coming for her.  It’s the Governor, and he’s chasing after her through the field in his four-wheel drive chariot.  His face is eerily passive as he guns the engine and honks the horn while she tries to run from him.  She manages to run into a thicket and he stops, watching her intently.  This is a man obsessed.  She makes it to an abandoned building, but he’s right behind her.  It’s dark inside, but there are enough rooms to make it a challenging cat and mouse game between them.  The broken glass signals where she is.  The Governor whistles again, just as he did in his workshop.  This tells us that he’s a sociopath who finds pleasure in these heinous acts.  Andrea takes out a Walker; the sound alerts him to her location.  He tells her that he wants to take her back home, to Woodbury.  That’s her home and that’s where she belongs.  When she doesn’t come out, he starts breaking windows with a shovel, sending broken glass down upon her as she hides.  She manages to find a hiding spot.  The Governor is about six feet away, whistling and dragging his shovel around, and just when it seems as though he has spotted her, he hears something.  It turns out to be a few Walkers, which he takes out with ease.  (If ever he was concerned about Penny’s soul, he certainly has no regard for the other Biters)

Eventually, the cat and mouse game comes to an end when she finds herself cornered in a room whose door leads to a stairwell full of Biters.  As the Governor approaches, telling her that it’s time to go home, she opens the door and steps inside.  He gets closer, and the herd of Biters pours through the doors.  He tries to fight them off while she makes her escape.

Out in the field, the trailer and pit full of Biters are doused with gasoline.  Matches are thrown and the Biters go up in flames.  A truck drives away from the scene as the fire burns in the field.

The next day, Andrea reaches the prison.  She spots Rick on watch duty in the guard tower and raises her arm to signal him.  Suddenly the Governor tackles her from behind.  Oh shit.  This isn’t good at all.  Rick sees movement in the bushes, but there are so many Walkers out and about that he dismisses it.

The Woodbury crew goes to the field and discovers that the Biters have been incinerated.  Of course, they’re Biters, so even the fire can’t kill them.  The pit is full of wriggling, blackened bodies.

Martinez is at the gate when the Governor returns.  He asks if the Governor found Andrea.  No, the Governor replies.  He keeps his car window rolled up halfway so that Martinez can’t see that she’s actually there in the car with him.  Martinez reports that the pit Biters have been burned up, and he suggests that it was Tyreese who did it.  The Governor want to see Tyreese and his group, and he also tells Martinez to find more Biters.

Sasha wants to know if the Governor found Andrea.  He tells her that he didn’t, and that he almost didn’t make it back alive himself.  He’ll keep looking for her tomorrow.  Tyreese tells the Governor that they don’t want to cause any trouble for him, but they can’t stand by while women and children are fed to Biters.  The Governor assures him that it’s just a scare tactic, that “people are more afraid of a Biter on a leash than a gun in their face.”  Well, if that’s the case, then why didn’t they just say that?  The Governor points out that they don’t discuss tactics with people they don’t know.  Tyreese assures the Governor that they want to be a part of Woodbury, and the Governor appears to be placated.  Before he leaves, he asks where they got the gasoline.  “Come again?” Tyreese asks.  The Governor pauses.  He knows that they didn’t do it.

Outside, the Governor runs into Milton.  Milton wants to know if he Andrea is still alive.  The Governor hopes so.  He’ll keep looking for her.  Then Milton says that what happened at the pits is a “shame”, but he doesn’t seem very upset about it.  He asks if the Governor knows who did it.  Yes, he does now, the Governor replies.  Milton’s gaze never wavers as the two men stare each other down. Looks like the Governor is questioning Milton’s loyalty.

Deep within a hidden room in the idyllic little town of Woodbury, Andrea is chained to Michonne’s would-be torture chair.  Bound and gagged, her eyes reveal the terror she feels as she sits waiting for what is to come.

Well, boys and girls, I certainly didn’t see that ending coming.  Isn’t it just Andrea’s dumb luck that as soon as she pulls her head out of her ass and decides to return to the prison crew, she ends up being on the receiving end of the Governor’s torture fetish.  How many opportunities did she have to kill the guy?  I bet she’s regretting sleeping with him now.

We only have two episodes left in the season…what do you think will happen next?  Please leave your comments below!

The Walking Dead Recap S3E12: Clear

The Walking Dead S3E12: Clear

Original Airdate: March 3, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


The sign on the road says “Erin: We tried for Stone Mountain.”  It really got me thinking.  If there was a zombie apocalypse, I would think you’d see more signs like that.  Littering the streets, really.  Like a makeshift Twitter.  People still need to communicate, right?

Michonne, Rick, and Carl head out on their supply run.  Michonne is at the wheel.  On the road they pass a man who begs desperately for them to stop.  Michonne accelerates.  The poor guy falls to his knees as they drive by.

Ahead, the road is blocked by a number of cars.  A Walker struggles to free himself from underneath a bus.  The trio takes in the sight around them, happy to be safely inside their car…until the tire gets stuck in the mud…and a swarm of Walkers surrounds the car.  One of them is wearing a bracelet that says “Erin”; looks like she didn’t make it to Stone Mountain after all.  Rick tells them to cover their ears while he shoots them.  Once they’re clear of them, Rick picks through the cars looking for anything useful to help them out of the mud.  Carl is upset that his father allowed Michonne to accompany them.  Rick explains (while Michonne listens from the car, mind you) that they share common goals, and he couldn’t leave her back at the prison with Merle.  As they finish talking, the man they passed on the road comes around the corner, shouting for them to wait for him.  Rick taps on the car.  Michonne drives forward out of the mud.  They get in and leave.  Once again the man is left behind.

They drive to a deserted town.  This is the town where Rick and Lori and Carl lived.  They’ve come full circle.  Naturally, the first place they search is the jail.  To Rick’s frustration, the ammunition locker is empty save for one solitary bullet that Michonne finds on the ground.  Rick says there are other places they can look, such as behind the counter in the local grocery store (he signed their permits).  Michonne looks skeptical but says nothing.  When Rick asks her if she has a problem with that plan, she holds his gaze with a steely look of her own and replies, “No, Rick, I don’t.”  It’s interesting to hear her tone.  She sounds more feminine than ever.  I think she knows that she can now start trusting Rick’s group, especially now that her ties with Andrea have been severed.  My thought is that she knows that if she doesn’t start playing well with others, they might turn her away.

After they leave the jail, they pass the church yard where a pile of charred human remains is stacked in the open for all to see.  There are also green arrows on the ground.  Follow the arrows and you come to a street littered with makeshift “mines” to keep people away.  The signage is pretty clear.  “Turn around and live.”  What do they do?  They walk in.  Of course, there’s a Walker behind them that appears out of nowhere.  She trips the wire and is immediately shot dead.  A man on the top of a nearby building shouts for the trio to drop their weapons.  Michonne tells Rick that they need his assault rifle and that she thinks she can get up to him and take him out.  Rick tells them all to run for cover, and he opens fire.  Soon he’s down to one bullet, but when he goes to take the shot, the man is gone and Michonne is up there with no sight of him.  However, that’s because he’s down on the street already, and he fires openly at Rick.  Before he gets too close, though, he’s taken out at close range…by Carl, who defied orders and hid in the nearby shop.  Rick asks if he’s ok, having just killed a man.  Carl stoically nods.  As it turns out, though, the man isn’t dead.  He’s wearing body armor.  Rick is glad that Carl didn’t actually kill him, and when he pulls the facemask off, he’s doubly glad—it’s Morgan Jones, the man who rescued him in Season One.  Talk about full circle.

Rick and Michonne carry Morgan up to his rooms, making sure to avoid the booby traps he has laid out.  By now Rick has remembered that Morgan also had a son, Duane.  But where is he?  When they get to his room, they find that the place is a weapons cache.  He has been able to find way more weaponry than what was at the jail (which, in retrospect, Rick gave him access to).  Michonne and Carl waste no time stuffing ammo into their bags.  Rick starts looking at the writing on the walls around them.  As he kneels and looks into one of the boxes of ammo, he finds the walkie-talkie that is the mate to the one that Rick used during his journey back in Season One.  Morgan had been listening after all.  Suddenly, Rick tells Carl and Michonne to stop loading weapons.  They’ll wait until he wakes up.  Michonne protests, pointing out that he’s the one who fired on them, and to their credit, they didn’t leave him out for the Walkers.  She argues that he doesn’t need half the guns, and besides that, he’s clearly crazy.  Rick may have known him, but she doubts he’s the same man Rick knows.  He’s dangerous now.

Carl wanders into another room while Rick ties Morgan up with cable ties.  There is a map on the wall.  It’s a map of their neighborhood.  Morgan has “Rick’s House” crossed out with the words “Burned Out” written beside it.  Rick asks if that’s why Carl wanted to come.  Carl dismisses this and says that he wants to go on a run to the baby store around the corner.  They need a crib.  Michonne speaks up, pointing out that he’ll need help with the box.  Rick sees that she’s making an effort, and he agrees to let them go.

Outside, Carl tells Michonne she didn’t need to go with him.  She insists she is there to help.  While she takes out a Walker caught in the trap, Carl tries to give her the slip.  She catches him and points out that he passed the baby shop.  He admits he wants to get Judith something else.  Of course he does, because that’s how he gets into trouble.  Does the kid ever learn?

Back in Morgan’s apartment, Rick studies the writing on the wall.  He apologizes to Morgan for what’s happened to him.  Little does Rick know, Morgan is awake and he has a knife in the mattress.  As Rick surveys the room, finding the rifle he gave Morgan early on, Morgan attacks.  There is no recognition.  Morgan’s eyes are wild as he tackles Rick to the ground.  Rick tries to make him see that it’s him, but Morgan keeps going on about Rick being “clear.”  He stabs Rick and Rick pushes him to the ground, aiming the gun at Morgan’s head.  Morgan begs Rick to kill him.  What has happened to this poor man?

Rick has restrained Morgan once again.  He had dressed his wound, all the while talking to Morgan to get him to remember who he is.  It’s when Rick holds up the walkie-talkie that recognition passes through Morgan’s face.  “Rick?” he asks.  Rick wasn’t there, he yells.  He turned the radio on every morning at dawn, but Rick was never there.  Rick tries to tell him that he kept getting pushed farther and farther out into the country.  He found his wife and son, and they had a group of people.  But Morgan isn’t listening.  He asks if his wife is alive.  Rick says that she died, and so Morgan reminds him about what happened to his wife.  Staying alive was always about food.  They were always looking for food.  And then one day Morgan went down into a cellar and left Duane upstairs.  When he went back up, his Walker-Wife was standing in front of Duane, who had his gun aimed at her.  But he couldn’t pull the trigger.  He called to Duane, and his wife was on the boy at once.  Only then did he pull the trigger, after it was too late.  Morgan asks if Rick’s son is alive; when Rick says yes, Morgan tells him that he won’t be for long.  It always happens to the good ones.  He’ll lose everything.  But the weak people, he says, the weak people like him, have inherited the earth.  That’s pretty deep, really.

So you already knew that whatever Carl had up his sleeve, it probably wouldn’t go according to plan, right?  Well, he leads Michonne to King County Café, the local eatery.  Inside is a group of Walkers who seem to be passed out from lack of food.  Carl goes to open the door when Michonne stops him, preventing him from going into the path of almost certain slaughter.  He stalks off, angry that she stopped him.  He tries to throw his father’s words back at her, that she’s not there for any other reason than their common interests.  Michonne stops him, pointing out that he can’t stop her from helping him.  Next we see the pub door’s open and some rat cages roll in on skateboards.  The rats bring the hungry Walkers to life, and as they descend upon the cages, Michonne and Carl sneak in.  As Carl climbs on the bar to fetch a picture, a Walker grabs his ankle.  To Carl’s credit, he doesn’t flinch or cry out.  Michonne takes the Walker out quietly enough so that the other Walkers don’t even notice.  Just as they’re about to escape, one of the rats comes toward them, making an escape of its own.  They make their way to the back of the café while Walkers come out of the woodworks.  Just as they get outside, Carl realizes he dropped the damn photo on the ground inside.  Of course he did.  He’s ready to go back in, arguing that it’s the last photo they have, but Michonne stops him.  She says that he doesn’t know her, and she doesn’t know him, but she’s asking him to do one thing for her, and that’s to wait there.  No bull shit.  She leaves, and returns almost immediately, photo in hand.  Carl gets a little choked up at the sight of his parents hugging a much-younger version of himself.  Baby Judith should know what her mom looked like.  Michonne smiles.  They have bonded.  As they walk away, she reveals a multi-colored cat sculpture that she couldn’t leave behind.  They both laugh.

Rick doesn’t believe that the answer lies in killing Morgan.  He wants Morgan to join his group.  They can heal together.  Rick’s group has taken over a prison that keeps the Walkers out.  They’re safe there.  But Morgan doesn’t understand why Rick needs guns, not unless someone is trying to take his prison from him.  I don’t know why Rick doesn’t talk more about what’s going on, but Morgan holds fast to his decision to stay, and so Rick gathers his bag and leaves.

Carl and Michonne meet up with Rick outside.  They’re carrying a crib, so Rick doesn’t realize what they were really up to.  As they pass through Morgan’s defenses, Michonne notes that he’s ok.  “No, he’s not,” Rick replies.  Morgan continues to make repairs to his defenses while the trio leaves.  Carl stops and gets his attention.  He apologizes for shooting him, making sure that Morgan understands that he had to do it.  Morgan stops reflectively and looks at Carl, telling him never to be sorry for shooting someone.  He returns to his booby traps and Rick and his crew return to the car.

As Rick loads supplies, he asks Carl how things went with Michonne.  Carl smiles up at his dad.  “I think she might be one of us,” he replied.  Rick is astonished that his son has bonded so well with her.  Carl gets into the car and Rick pauses reflectively.  Michonne approaches.  She knows that Rick can see spirits, and she admits that she talks to her dead boyfriend.  They understand each other.  He gives her the keys and they leave, passing Morgan once again as he gets rid of bodies at the church.

They head back on the same road, and once again they encounter the traveler.  This time, however, he’s splattered all over the road.  They stop this time to collect his backpack.  Then they continue on their way home.

Well, fellow fans, what did you think of tonight’s episode?  It was rather insular, given that we have no idea what’s going on at the prison or at Woodbury, but I think that all in all, it was a great episode.  How awesome was it to see Morgan?  Do you think we’ve seen the last of him?

As always, I welcome your comments below.  Next week’s episode looks to be incredible, and it’s getting to be the time that the proverbial shit starts hitting the proverbial fan.  The stage is set.  It’s time to battle.

See you next week!

The Walking Dead Recap S3E11: I Ain’t a Judas

The Walking Dead S3E11: I Ain’t a Judas

Original Airdate: February 24, 2013

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


On this Oscar Night, there is only one show on television capable of standing up and giving the Academy Awards a run for its money, and that is The Walking Dead.  You can tell that a show is enjoying success not by the number of critics talking about it, but when you’re sitting in an airport and the people around you are talking about getting home to see it.  That’s what I noticed today.  And it’s true.  People are talking about the show this season in a way that didn’t happen last season.  Last week’s episode blew everyone away…and the action continued this week.

The Grimes Gang is back in the relative safety of their cellblock.  Merle has been relegated to a locked cell just to make everyone more comfortable, but disagreement abounds as to what to do next.  Do they run, do they fight?  Merle points out that the Governor’s van through the fence bit was akin to ringing the doorbell, and he warns everyone that if he took mercy on them he’d simply starve them all to death.  Maggie and Glen are ready to throw Merle into another cellblock, but Beth speaks up and tries to refocus the group on coming up with a plan.  Rick tries to walk away, but Hershel calls him out.  Hershel has placed his family’s life in Rick’s care, and even though they’re all aware of Rick’s suffering, it’s high time the Ricktator returns to take charge.

Rick goes out to one of the guard towers and looks out over the Walker-filled yard.  He thinks he sees something in the distance, but Carl interrupts his scout.  Carl tells his dad that he should stop being the leader.  “Let Hershel and Daryl handle things.  You deserve a rest,” he says.  Oh, from the mouths of babes.  Or from a tween who can shoot really, really well.

Milton is helping the Governor amass an army out of the Woodbury citizenry.  The Governor wants to conscript the 13/14 year olds.  He and Milton differ on whether they’d be considered boys and girls or simply adolescents.  Frankly, the Governor would probably send anyone available into the battle if he wasn’t also trying to maintain his reputation.  Milton has gone through and listed all the people who are able bodied and able to fight.  If you add the “kids,” there are 35 people in the army.  The Governor wants them all to learn how to fight.  Their plotting is interrupted when Andrea comes in fuming that she hadn’t been informed of the visit to the prison.  She accuses Milton of hiding it from her, but he tells her that he found out that morning.  Naturally, the Governor spins it all so that it sounds like they were attacked when they only wanted to offer greetings to their new neighbors.  Her friends have changed, he says.  She doesn’t want to hear it.  She wants a car so she can go see them.  Again, the ever-calculating Governor has planned for this.  The roads are blocked, he says, and he doesn’t want her to go.  If she does leave, he says, she should stay there.  And there it is, the ultimatum we’ve been waiting for.

Outside the Governor’s office, Andrea sees Rodriguez recruiting a 14 year old boy with asthma.  His mother wants Andrea to talk some sense into Rodriguez.  When she tells him that he’s supposed to be teaching people to defend themselves, not raising an army, Rodriguez replies that the only way for people to be safe is to have an army.  See, Andrea?  Once again, you’re in the middle of another situation where someone is leading you on.  If only you’d listened to Michonne.

Back at the prison, Rick sends Maggie to the tower to keep watch.  They can’t use the rest of their ammo clearing out the field but they’re running low on food.  And Glen isn’t happy that their meager rations are being shared with Merle, the “snake in the grass.”  Rick and Hershel agree with Daryl that Merle is valuable, given his military experience.  Glen suggests offering him to the Governor as a bargaining chip in hopes of obtaining a truce.  Little does he know, that’s just not an option.

Hershel visits Merle in his cell.  The door is open, so Merle isn’t being kept as a prisoner.  He’s duct taping a shank to the end of his missing appendage.  Merle asks Hershel about his missing leg, and Hershel explains that he had been bitten by a Walker and Rick cut his leg off.  Hershel has a copy of the Bible with him and tells Merle that he lost his way before, but now he’s back.  He quotes a passage about having to cut off your arm, and Merle replies with the verse.  They exchange looks that suggest that these two will get along fine.  Merle tells Hershel that Woodbury had a great library.  That’s the only thing he misses about the place.  Then his expression is grave.  He tells Hershel that the Governor will kill him first, then Michonne, then Hershel’s girls and Glen and the baby and whoever is left.  He’ll make Rick watch the whole thing and save him for last.  That is what they’re all up against.  I think Merle’s message was received loud and clear.

In Woodbury, the Governor inspects the troops.  Poor Ms. McCloud has arthritis and can’t hold a gun.  The Governor assures her that they’ll find another way for her to contribute.  Andrea informs the Governor that Noah is asthmatic, but the Governor doesn’t seem too concerned about it.  Noah has had experience with a bb gun but that’s it.  He’ll receive training from the best, the Governor tells him.

Carol pays Daryl a visit in his cell.  She hasn’t been able to tell him how happy she is that he came back.  While she sees their cellblock as a home, he sees it as a tomb.  That’s what T-Dog called it, she says, and that’s what she thought, too, until he found her that day.  She cautions him not to let his brother bring him down after he has come so far.  They stare at each other for a moment, and then they chuckle at the sappiness of the conversation.  Aww, they’re so cute together….

Andrea surveys the work being done on the town’s walls.  Milton tells her that no one will be able to get in…or out.  Andrea wants to know if Milton knew whether or not he knew about the raid on the prison.  He says he didn’t, and so she says that he has to cover for her so that she can leave and go to the prison.  Frankly, I don’t think her logic works, but in any case, Milton refuses to be put in that situation.  He doesn’t want to be in the middle, but for some reason Andrea doesn’t seem to care about that.  She has made up her mind.  She’s going to the prison.  So there.

The Governor tears the bandage from his face, revealing the scarred remains of what was once his eye socket.  He holds a match before his damaged eye, and from his reaction it doesn’t look like he can see out of the eye anymore.  Milton enters and reminds him that he wanted him to keep tabs on Andrea.  She asked for Milton’s help to “escape.”  Her words, not his.  The Governor, now sporting a pirate-like eye patch, turns around and tells Milton to help her.  At first Milton asks if he is being serious, or if this is some kind of test.  Poor Milton.  He’s clearly terrified of the Governor.  The Governor repeats himself.  If Andrea wants Milton’s help, then he should help her.  He praises Milton’s loyalty.

In the woods, Andrea and Milton stalk a Walker.  They jump him, and Andrea hacks off his arms while Milton holds him down.  Finally, she places a rock under the Walker’s head and breaks off his jaw.  Looks like she’s stealing a move from Michonne’s playbook.  Another Walker approaches and she slices into his head without batting an eye.  Once they get their new pet under control, they discover that they’re being watched.  It’s Tyrese and his group.  They still have their shovels.  Long time, no see!

Michonne is doing her calisthenics when Merle finds her.  He compliments her workout effort before sitting down.  He wants to clear the air.  He says that he did things because he was following orders.  “Like the Gestapo,” she mutters.  Yes, exactly.  He wants to let bygones be bygones, and he hopes that they can see eye to eye in the future.  She watches as he walks away.  It’s hard to tell with her, but I think she’s open to the possibility of working with him.  More so than Glen and Maggie.

Tyrese and his group listen while Andrea explains that their pet Walker will keep other Walkers at bay.  He asks if she and Milton are alone, but she tells them that they have a town of seventy people.  Tyrese asks if they take people in.  They do, Milton tells him.  Milton urges Andrea to go on her way, and he offers to take the newcomers back with him.  He can handle the Governor much better than he can deal with Walkers, anyway.

Carl is on watch duty when he sees the Walker being led in.  He and Maggie can’t make out the figure behind the Walker until they get closer.  Maggie recognizes Andrea and tells Carl to get the rest of the group.  They rush out, guns drawn, as Andrea makes her way through the field.  She gets to the gate and Rick demands to know if she’s alone.  After a search, she’s allowed into the prison walls but not into their cellblock.  Carol rushes to give her a hug.  Andrea looks around and realizes that the group is smaller.  Shane?  Lori?  T-Dog?  All dead, along with an inmate who died during the shootout with her boyfriend.  Of course, Andrea thinks that they fired first, but Rick assures her that it’s a lie.  She doesn’t understand why they’re being so hostile, but clearly they don’t trust her.  When she tells them that she wants to help negotiate a truce, Hershel asks if the Governor wants to negotiate.  She can’t answer this.  She says she came as soon as she heard they’d been at Woodbury, but Glen points out that they were there days before.  Andrea switches tactics and tries to deflect blame to Merle, but he’s not sleeping with the enemy.  And Michonne reveals that she hadn’t mentioned any of their shared past to the group.  Andrea feels like a complete outsider, so she tells them that the Governor is amassing an army to fight them.  It’s hard to tell where her loyalties lie, especially because she is so misguided already (as usual).

Michonne takes a walk with Andrea.  Andrea believes that Michonne poisoned them, but Michonne points out that she was hostile at Woodbury because she could see through the act.  Andrea still doesn’t understand what she means.  That is, until Michonne reveals that the Governor sent Merle to kill her.  He would have ordered Andrea’s death if she had gone with Michonne.  Andrea’s face falls as the reality sinks in.  She doesn’t need convincing.  Michonne goes on to say that she returned to Woodbury with the sole intention of revealing the Governor for what he was: a monster.  She knew it would hurt Andrea, but she had to do it.  And it doesn’t help that Andrea chose a warm bed over her friend.  Michonne walks away, slowly.  Andrea remains rooted in place, falling apart at the revelation of what was really going on.

Back at Woodbury, a gracious Governor extends a welcome to Tyrese and his group.  The town doctor will be in shortly to see them, and they have plenty of food and clean clothing for them.  They’d normally offer a car and weapons for them to continue on their way, but they need everything they have.  The group has noted that the town seems to be fortifying itself.  Were they attacked?  The Governor keeps the information close to the vest, but he talks of being attacked by outsiders.  When he suggests that the group moves any direction but north when they leave, Sasha reveals that they came from the north.  They’d been at the prison but were chased away by the leader, who was clearly a “whack job.”  Milton wants to know if they can describe the inside of the prison.  Tyrese speaks for the group and says that they’ll do anything to earn their keep at Woodbury.  The Governor smothers a Cheshire Cat-like grin and suggests that the group sleep on their decision to stay, but he rolls out the invitation nonetheless.  Oh yes, he wants them to stay.

Andrea can’t leave without meeting “Little Ass Kicker.”  Carol gives her the baby and tells her what happened to Lori.  Andrea’s face falls at the idea that Carl had to kill his own mother.  And she’s even more upset when Carol reveals that Shane tried to kill Rick.  Carol tells Andrea that she can end all of this right now by going back to the Governor and giving him the best night of his life…and when he’s least expecting it, killing him.  Andrea looks torn.

In a revealing scene, Rick gives Andrea a car for her return trip.  She asks if they can spare it, and while they really can’t spare it, they give it to her anyway.  (Personally, I would have given her the Walker Wagon out in the prison yard)  “Well, take care,” she says, getting in.  Rick stops her and gives her a gun, telling her to be careful.  The gang sees her out (Merle opens the gate) and she drives off.

When she gets back to Woodbury, she is taken to the Governor’s office.  He’s playing classical music.  She tells them that they’re broken and living in horrible conditions.  The Governor asks if Michonne and Merle are there.  They are.  He wants to know if Rick sent her back.  “No, that was my call,” she says.  “Because you belong here,” he whispers, pulling her into a tight embrace.  They kiss.

Back at the prison, the group sits in darkness in the cell.  Rick is holding Judith.  Beth starts singing to lighten their spirits.  Merle wanders in.  They all gather together in one of the lightest moments in a long time.  Daryl, Hershel and Rick talk about Andrea’s reunion.  Rick wants to arm their group as much as the Woodbury group.  He’s going on a run.  He wants to take Michonne and Carl.  He tells Daryl to stay behind and take care of the rest of them.  And he advises Daryl to keep an eye on his brother.  If anything happens with Merle, it’s on Daryl.  They all agree.  Leader Rick is back.

In a darkened bedroom, the Governor sleeps peacefully while Andrea lies awake.  She gets up from the bed, naked, and gets a knife from her bag. For a long time she stands at the side of the bed, the knife poised so that its shadow is pointing at the Governor’s jugular vein.  Indecision is written across her face.  In the end, she lowers the knife.  She can’t kill him.

Is anyone surprised that Andrea didn’t kill the Governor?  She slept with him, though.  She did do that part of the plan.  I was happy to see Merle trying to make amends with the others.  And just when I started to wonder what happened to Tyrese and his group, there they were again.  Sasha didn’t seem to be 100% on board with their plan to help the Governor.  Hopefully we get to see how that plays out.  I’m also wondering why they haven’t created an army of pet Walkers so that they can safely go out and clear the field.

So many questions…but it looks like we’ll get some answers next week as the adventure continues.  Please be sure to leave your comments below.  See you next week!