Clive Lewis, the Olympics, Dogs, Giraffes, Blackfish, and a Captured British Army Dog

Clive Lewis is talking about the Olympics.  He feels that the games are losing their luster.  Are they worth it? 

I don’t know.  I don’t think the games are about athletes anymore.  Now it’s about nations showing off, sometimes with money they don’t really have.  Look at all of the magnificent structures that the Chinese built, only to have them sit in ruin now.  Greece is in major financial trouble, but they made sure they had a good Olympics.

I’m with the caller that is boycotting the Olympics over the dogs being killed in Sochi.  Russia is famous for having dogs that ride the subways.  Now they’re a nuisance for the next two weeks, so they’re exterminating them.  Sometimes humanely, but mostly horrifically.  And no one is talking about it.  It’s awful. 

And now there’s a story about the giraffe named Marius who was killed in Denmark with a bolt gun and dissected and then fed to the lions and tigers, all because he was genetically undesirable.  And all in front of a so-called “enthusiastic” crowd.  They couldn’t give him to another zoo because of the “rules” even though there were places willing to take him.  Apparently, being dead is better than having a giraffe fall into the hands of a wildlife park.  Heaven forbid.

And it’s been a week since anyone on CNN has mentioned the army dog that the Taliban captured in Afghanistan.  The soldiers touted having a US dog, but the US denied ownership.  The poor creature looked terrified. 

I don’t know.  These things bother me.  I haven’t watched Blackfish and I won’t.  But frankly I don’t understand why the people who are so passionate about Blackfish were silent as the dolphins were slaughtered in Taiji.  An albino calf was torn from its mother to be shipped to an aquarium while its mother was probably slaughtered.  I’m sorry, but life in a small tank is much better than being corralled and slaughtered .

I needed to get that off my chest.  It’s been bugging me for a while.