does eugene have a cure

The Walking Dead: Is There a Cure for Walkers

Dr. Eugene Porter says he has a cure to fight the Walkers.  He was part of an elite team of ten people charges with weaponizing diseases and finding cures.  He knows what they were working on, and he believes he can use that knowledge to find a cure. 

But does that mean there is a cure? I wasn’t left with the impression that he has a secret recipe, rather that he has the ability to put something together using what he knows. 

The fact remains, however, that he’s the closest thing they have to a savior, so they need to protect him until they can get to Washington.  Personally, it will be nice to be out of the woods and into an urban area once again.

What are your thoughts about Eugene’s cure?  Does anyone else hear “weaponized diseases” and immediately wonder about ebola, or is that just me?