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On the Edge of the Desert: The Road to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Well, the ol’ bus is making its way toward Las Vegas.  We’re due to arrive in just over five hours now, and so far I’ve managed to read half of a book.

I’m looking forward to checking in at the South Point and getting a lay of the land before the show opens tomorrow.  I’m also hoping to be able to write two book reviews before I go to sleep tonight…we’ll see…

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con: Pre-Trip

I’m getting ready to leave for Las Vegas.  This trip to Amazing Comic Con in Las Vegas promises to be absolutely, well, amazing.

Oh, and it’s 110 in Vegas this weekend. The weather app has a burning match to drive that point home, in case the number wasn’t enough…. (I’m sitting in the cool San Diego coastal breeze as I write this, pondering my sanity to undertake such a journey under such extreme conditions, but it’s worth it. I have a press pass!)

This is going to be an epic adventure. I am covering the event for a variety of websites and I’ll be sure to post links here so you can see them. I’ll also have lots of original content here as well.

Oh…and there’s one other thing… I’m really serious about an epic adventure.  I’m taking a Greyhound bus.  This was a much better alternative to driving solo, and the bus has free wi-fi and power outlets, so you can expect full coverage along the seven hour journey.

I mean that. Full. Coverage.

As in Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas full coverage.

“But our trip was different.  It was a classic affirmation of everything right and true and decent in the national character.  It was a gross, physical salute to the fantastic possibilities of life in this country–but only for those with true grit. And [I am] chock full of that.”

To be continued….

Let the journey begin!

The Beatles vs. Zombies

Last Sunday was a big night for television.  You had the Olympics, the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, and the Grammy’s salute to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.

The ratings were huge.  But in a twist, The Beatles lost to the zombies.  Yes, the ratings for The Walking Dead were higher than the salute to the Beatles.  It’s funny given that on that night in 1964 all of America was glued to the television watching the Ed Sullivan show. 

Ironically, I recap The Walking Dead for DarkMediaOnline.com and I didn’t switch over to watch it until the Beatles special was over.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to watch the Beatles special first.  It’s the Beatles, for crying out loud.  I was born the year John Lennon was killed.  I had to see the two surviving Beatles perform together.  I had to.



Ready for The Walking Dead’s Return

I’m really glad I never read The Walking Dead graphic novels.  It’s not like I don’t have access–my brother in law has them all.  For once, it’s nice not having any insight.  In fact, my mom and I started watching TWD at the same time.  It was right before Season 2 was about to premiere, and we caught the tail-end of a TWD marathon and thought it looked interesting.  Getting hooked on TWD was a complete accident, and I’m glad it happened that way.

I like the idea of a spinoff version of TWD with random people with no backgrounds.  It would be nice to be able to see what’s going on elsewhere.

For the first time I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the speculation and sneak peeks on the new episodes.  It’s not that I don’t care.  This time I want to be surprised.  I recap the show for Dark Media Online, and it’s fun when I don’t know what’s coming.

And right now TWD is exactly what I want to watch.  I’m not in enough of a lighthearted mood for Doctor Who, and American Horror Story Coven was creepy but not as edge-of-your-seat as TWD is.  True Blood is just pure fun and Dracula is much more erudite.  (I’ve named these shows because I recap them, so they’re all very near and dear to my heart)  The fact is, I’m in the mood for The Walking Dead. 

I’m glad TWD is back!