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SDCC Weather Advisory

With a week to go before SDCC, I thought you might appreciate a weather update.

It has been humid here the past few days. Very. Humid.  Right now in San Diego it’s 75 degrees with 78% humidity.  No bueno.  And it’s raining in some areas.

Of course, San Diego needs the rain, so this is a good thing.  And it’s monsoon season, so that’s where this weird moisture is coming from. 

The weather people say it’s going to be better next week…but it’s important to be prepared.  If you recall, we had high humidity and some rain last year during SDCC. The humidity wreaked havoc on cosplayers.  Makeup was running down faces.

So be prepared.  As you pack your bags, consider the possible humidity.

End of public service announcement.  For now.