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I Want to Believe: The Return of The X-Files

A year ago the possibility of a revival of iconic 1990s drama The X-Files was a likely as finding the Loch Ness Monster.  However, unlike Nessie, there was a movement to bring the “epic global phenomenon” back to the small screen.  No one believed that the stars would align so perfectly, but amazingly enough show creator Chris Carter had been in talks with David Duchovny, who was ready to return as the wryly charismatic Fox Mulder.  Once he was on board, Gillian Anderson agreed to return to the role of Dana Scully, a role she has vocally tried to put behind her.

Tonight we get to see the return of the legendary show whose mythology rivals that of the UK’s Doctor Who.  As we wait for the show to air pending the end of the NFC Championship Game, I started thinking about how the show would be so much different now, with technology being so much more accessible (how many of us had cell phones back when the show aired?) and social media allowing for the truth to be out there so much more than it ever had been before.  Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich says that “As a long form saga, The X-Files was influential—and disappointing” in terms of all of the mythology that seem to go nowhere.  In an era of smart phones and Twitter, think of how many times Fox Mulder could have exposed Cancer Man’s secrets with a simple photo of a dark warehouse full of alien bodies.  It would have been so easy.

Somehow, I don’t think Chris Carter and company will make it so easy.  One thing is for sure: The X-Files is back and the truth is out there.  And…I want to believe that it’s going to be amazing!!!!

Look for my recap of episode one, “My Struggle,” later tonight (after the episode finally airs…thanks, NFC Championship Game….

Fox Renews Gotham…and Wants to Reboot The X-Files!

This is a great time to be a nerd, geek, lover of good books and connosieur of great television.

Fox has officially renewed Gotham for a second season, which is the news fans have been waiting for since the first episode.  Gotham is a brilliant show.

It was also confirmed today that Fox is in talks to reboot The X-Files. Not only that, but they want the original cast, writers and producers.  Can you imagine?  The best thing about the whole idea is that through the benefit of hindsight, stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson know that fans have been clamoring for more Mulder and Scully for over a decade, and if there was any question about the impact of the show on their careers, they know that rebooting the series will only boost their careers. (After all, most stars at the Golden Globes are in major franchises like Star Wars, The Avengers, and Batman vs Superman with no injury to their careers)

So let’s band together and support Fox with the renewal of Gotham and in their pursuit of an X-Files reboot.  These are exciting times!