100K Elephants Dead Thanks to the Chinese. Where is the Media Coverage?

100,000 is a big number.  Think of 100,000 toothpicks, or 100,000 cars on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles.

Picture 100,000 elephants.

Now picture those 100,000 elephants dead.  Not for their meat, not due to some cataclysmic environmental catastrophe.

There are 100,000 elephants dead because the Chinese love ivory, and over the past three years elephants have been massacred to satisfy this lust for ivory.

You can see the full story here.

It’s quite possible that unless there is some form of intervention, there will be no wild elephants left in the future.  The only ones that will remain are those in zoos and in private collections.

This seems like a huge issue, and yet there is no media firestorm, no documentaries being aired on CNN, no public outcry…nothing.  These animals are dying for no reason, and yet nothing is happening.

This needs to change.  100,000 elephants have died.  How many more have to die before people do something about it?

Still No Closure for Flight 370

The sad truth is that even the Malaysia Air Flight 370 families think there is a cover-up of some kind.  Every time “debris” is spotted the attempts to reach it is thwarted.  That makes it all the more difficult to really believe that this mystery has been solved. 

It’s hard to say where the fault lies.  It’s too early to point fingers or place blame.  But the way this whole situation has been handled has led to people being suspicious.  Even the Chinese government allowed families to protest at the Malaysian embassy in China, a rare move for a government that has never permitted public demonstrations. 

Until there is definitive evidence that Flight 370 went down, I don’t think anyone will be able to accept that it’s gone.  This has moved past the realm of conspiracy theories.  Instead of guessing, people need proof.

What is in the Rain? Chemtrails, Contrails and Possibly Some of China’s Polluted Air

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is not talking about the snow that won’t melt.  People have reported that the snow that fell in the southern states won’t melt with a lighter, and even when you microwave it, there is a weird gooey residue left behind.  Surely this is newsworthy, right?

When I was a kid in the 80s, my mom told me about acid rain.  I’d run around on the school playground telling teachers that we had to go inside.  The rain smelled funny. 

Last week there was an article online about how China’s polluted air is circulating through the jetstream, and it’s headed straight for the West Coast.  What this means, according to the article, is that there is a possibility that this polluted air could indeed produce acid rain. 

Great.  We have traces of radiation showing up from Fukushima, snow that won’t melt, toxic air blowing in from China, and then whatever it is that the planes are leaving in the chemtrails and contrails.

Does thinking about these things make me a conspiracy theorist? Maybe.  I’d like to know why everyone is so caught up with global warming but no one talks about this stuff.  Obviously the media doesn’t want to talk about anything that falls outside of the buzzworthy topics that are good for their ratings.  Thankfully there are people like Clive Lewis and George Noory who like to bring these topics to the forefront.