On Writing: From Paper to Blog

You’ve heard me discuss the merits of pens and paper. I keep a list of possible blog topics in a notebook (pink, of course) and lately I have been writing full posts in the notebook as well (mostly in pink ink).

So now I have 5-6 blog posts in a pink notebook in pink ink…and now I have to move them from paper to blog.

It’s an interesting process because there is unintentional editing that takes place as I transcribe the words.  All of a sudden, what made sense before makes no sense now, or the insertion (or deletion) of a word or two makes all the difference in the world.

At present, I’m not moving the posts from my notebook to my blog because I am instead blogging about the process.  However, I’m certain I’m not the only one who does this.

Do you have a process for writing, either for your blog or other projects?

On Writing: Productive Procrastination

Sometimes my procrastination can be productive.  Today I wrote a few blog posts (business and personal), Tweeted (again, business and personal) and sent a dozen business emails.  I got a little writing done, and I’m mostly satisfied with it.  Perhaps procrastination isn’t so bad when it’s done in a productive way.

Of course, if I keep procrastinating, I’ll never get the book done.  *headdesk*  The vicious cycle never ends….