Life in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The Walking Dead is set to return in October.  Rick Grimes and company were trapped in a train car at Terminus, which didn’t end up as much of a sanctuary as they thought.

Is the Terminus crew a bunch of Cannibals? Perhaps.  Are they scarier than Walkers? Definitely.  This brings me to some thoughts.

In a post apocalyptic world, especially one occupied with zombies, sometimes it’s the other survivors who are the biggest danger.  Survival depends on being able to stay safe, stay fed, and stay alive.  The people who manage to find safe shelter with lots of provisions become the biggest targets.  Those who are without suddenly feel entitled to what other people have.

The next thought is whether or not a safe shelter actually exists.  What would it be? A castle with defensible walls and a moat? A well-stocked penthouse with rooftop garden?

What are your thoughts? What’s the best way to stay safe in a post apocalyptic world?

What I’d Really Like to See from TV and Movies

I like action movies.  I like Sci-Fi movies, too.  I saw Independence Day when it first came out, and then I saw it again.  The thing that always gets me is that I want to see what happens next.  Aliens invade Earth, and Earth wins.  What next?  What did civilization do to recover?

In War of the Worlds, much of the world was destroyed by the aliens that had been dormant under the Earth’s surface.  Germs take them out.  But what happens after that?  What does humanity learn?

The Walking Dead gives us snippets of what led to the zombie apocalypse.  Personally, I’d like to see more of what happened before Rick woke up in the hospital, but I like that we’re seeing the aftermath.  I’m fervently hoping that the spinoff gives up even more insight into what is going on around the world.

Deep Impact came the closest to satisfying my need to see what comes next.  The asteroid hits the planet and a giant tidal wave takes out the Eastern Seaboard, but later on we see the crews rebuilding the White House.  It’s uplifting.

I feel the same about reality TV shows.  Have you watched ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?  Here’s what I’d like to see…and then I’d actually watch it.  They film the men and women vying for the Bachelor/Bachelorette’s affections, and when crazy stuff happens behind the scenes the Bachelorette/Bachelor is completely unaware.  It makes for good dramatic fodder for the audience.  But what if the producers allowed the stars to secretly watch tape at the end of the day so that he/she can see what’s really going on in the house…. Can you imagine that drama??  All of a sudden those lies and cover ups are out in the open.  There can be no denying it.  He he/she said it, then there is no arguing…it’s all on tape.

I think TV and movies should switch it up a bit.  Show us the stuff we haven’t seen before.  All of a sudden, a sequel to War of the Worlds will look like a modern take on The Patriot, only we’re fighting aliens and not Red Coats.

Maybe it’s the history major in me, or maybe I’m just bored with more of the same.  I just think a little change here and there would be nice…