Anderson Cooper

Update on Silver Medalist Gus Kenworthy and his Sochi Strays

Silver medalist Gus Kenworthy was on CNN talking to Anderson Cooper about his Olympic medal and his dogs.

He is in the process of bringing four puppies and their mother back to the US after falling in love with them.  He found the puppies first, and when he found the mother with them he knew he had to keep them together.  Since dogs were not allowed in the Olympic Village housing, he left them under the building where he found them and visited them several times throughout the day in between practice and competition.

Many Sochi pups have found homes with Olympic athletes and volunteers.  Kenworthy said that American Humane Society reps have said that the Sochi strays and their plight has shed new light on the dogs in US shelters.  This is awesome news.

Kenworthy told Cooper that he plans on keeping the smallest pup, Rosa, and the biggest, Jake.  His brother is taking the others and his mom has claimed the mother dog, Mama.

I love this story.  It just makes me feel happy. Nice work, Gus Kenworthy!