AJ Linn A Gentleman’s Memoir

Book Review: A Gentleman’s Memoir by AJ Linn

In A Gentleman’s Memoir, AJ Linn’s newest volume of the Gentleman’s Series, we learn more about the intriguing past of alluring bachelor and badass playboy Donovan Hart. In previous books we have seen Hart endure date after exhausting date as he sought out his unico vero amore, his one true love, and at the end of the second book Hart has finally met his match with Scarlett Montgomery. Now we take a tour of Hart’s playboy past, beginning in 2006. Hart endures lust (though never love) and heartache as he moves down the path toward the powerful man readers have come to know and love.

Linn masterfully weaves together tales Hart’s beginnings in the “scene” along with his trysts and rendezvous with the people he meets along the way. All the while, Hart is building his business empire and caring for his heartbroken father.

A Gentleman’s Memoir is a quick read, and not just because it is, in fact, a short book. The story seems to fly through nearly a decade. Linn is a master at creating colorful dialogue between his equally colorful cast of characters while his talent for descriptive language makes the scenery as interesting as the characters.  Linn does an excellent job balancing Hart’s “man’s man” public persona while allowing readers to see just enough of his vulnerable side to make him a lovable and wholly relatable character.

If you’re a fan of AJ Linn’s work then you’ll find that A Gentleman’s Memoir is a tantalizing amuse bouche to keep his rabid fans sated as he works on the fourth (and final?) book in the Gentleman’s Series.