Random Musings Becomes Random Readings

After a lengthy hiatus, I’m back to my blog. You might have noticed the new title. “Random Musings” was fine, because in the moment it allowed me to write about anything that came to mind. Literally, random musings. Now it’s a little more intentional. Random Reading is a home for my book reviews and any random thoughts that pop into my head, usually about the books I’m reading. 

These days, though, I’m much more intentional with my writing. Just when I thought I was going to be caught up in the horrors of California’s ill-informed AB5, I was offered a job by the company I’ve been freelancing with for years. I thought I was going to be forced to say goodbye, and then suddenly I was saying hello to a whole new era in my writing as an official Staff Writer for FanSided, with my area of expertise being The Walking Dead

I’m covering DC Comics for a lovely Australian comic book website, Soda and Telepaths

That means my days are filled with the undead and comic books, but I felt like I was missing something. I’ve always wanted to be a book blogger and when Random Musings was at its peak, I did indeed write about the books I was reading. 

Now, I’m launching Random Readings as a means to write about the books I’m reading. (Let’s face it, I’m really doing it to justify buying so many books…) The trifecta of The Walking Dead, DC Comics and Books is finally complete. 

I’m reading a lot these days. Life hasn’t stopped for me with the quarantine. I’m still working just as much as I was before, if not a bit more. The reality is that I’m reading to allow my brain a chance to escape, so I’m reading a lot of Young Adult, paranormal and romance to give myself an escape. 

I buy a book, read it, and then buy whatever else is recommended to me when I reach the final page. That plan of attack has taken me from YA books about hot aliens in high school to a boarding school for vampires, werewolves and witches in Alaska, and just about everything in between. Lots of YA, lots of random romance and even a few thrillers. (I highly recommend Lawrence Wright’s The End of October if you’re looking for a very timely tale about a worldwide pandemic…)

At any rate, moving forward you can expect a lot of book talk around here. Hopefully you enjoy reading about what I’m reading, and as always I thank you for reading my words. It truly means a lot.

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