The Hobbit: Chapter One (Post 2 of My Journey through Middle-Earth)

Everyone was right. You do get caught up in Tolkien.

I’m caught up in Tolkien, that’s for sure, but I am only allowing myself one chapter per week so that I don’t hurry through it. I want to move slowly, savor the details, and immerse myself in this new world.

“We don’t want any adventures here, thank you. You might try over the Hill or across the Water.”  Poor Bilbo. Those are famous last words, along with “we don’t want any trouble.” It never happens that way.

I had to laugh at Bilbo’s attempts to thwart Gandalf, which only led to thirteen dwarfs showing up expecting hospitality and talking of a great adventure.

So far I am thoroughly enjoying the story. Bilbo’s alternating enthusiasm and consternation cracks me up.  And Gandalf reminds me of my mother…

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