Being an Eclectic Reader

I read a lot.  In fact, I read more than I watch television.  I only watch the shows that I recap and write about, and I watch a variety of sports. And movies here and there. But mostly I read.

I don’t discriminate when I read. I don’t judge a book by the advance press or reviews.  I read Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Deborah Harkness, Jean Paul Sartre and EL James interchangeably.  It doesn’t matter what genre the book falls into.

I enjoy seeing if trends are worth the hype. I read Twilight because someone gave me a copy while I was standing in line at Comic Con.  It was ok. Nothing spectacular.  I actually liked Fifty Shades of Grey but was irritated by the character of Anastasia Steele. (Most people think Christian Grey is abusive. I personally think Anastasia Steele is manipulative) The writing was lacking, though.

Christopher Rice recently published another horror novel at the same time he debuted his first erotic novel. I read both and enjoyed both. (Reviews forthcoming) 

As long as the writing is sound and the storytelling is great, I will read it.  I went on a nonfiction kick a few years ago and found books I couldn’t finish because they irritated me so much.  I can spot errors without trying (the result of years and years or proofreading papers) and so these things jump off the page at me. One or two is fine–we’re all human–but one every other page is not cool.

Tell me a story. Take me on an adventure. Make me forget about reality for a while. Classics, popular fiction, romance, mysteries, biographies–they’re all welcome.  I don’t discriminate.  All books are welcome.

Are you a reader? Do you stick to a genre or are you open to anything?

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