Holiday Blues

I love the holiday season.  It just seems like the holidays bring forth a wave of stress that makes staying positive a tricky thing.

I don’t have a big family–there are four of us, and then some friends–and everyone lives in the same city.  We don’t have to travel or deal with airports.  We live in sunny Southern California, so the weather is not a huge deal.

For me, the holidays are a time when people are nicer to each other than usual, and the “days are merry and bright.”

But sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes you feel like you’re falling short of expectations, or that you’re a “day late and a dollar short.”

I was listening to the radio last night on my way home.  Delilah, the love song guru, is playing all holiday music from now until Christmas, so I tuned in because I happen to like holiday music.  She was talking about how it doesn’t pay to worry.  No gains are made from worrying.  You must continue to move forward.

So while that may be a lot harder to do in practice, it really is the only way to go.  Chin up, keep calm and carry on…and all that.


  1. I think people put this time of year on a pedestal. They make songs about it LOL “It’s the Greatest Time of Year” and all that. But, that means one small disappointment can bring the whole holiday crumbling down. I think we all need to remember that it’s just another day. We love each other every day. We can give gifts any day. We just need to relax about it and let magic just happen, instead of forcing it by making everything perfect.

    Very true and thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I thought you’d like to see this. You can get the whole family doing yoga, if you’re into it 🙂 less stress, less expectation. Just giggles and fun.

    Happy holidays 🙂

    1. Your comment reminded me of Clark Griswold, the master of putting holiday celebrations on a pedestal 🙂

      You’re exactly right about how one disappointment can cause things to tumble so easily. I think people need to take a deep breath…and do more yoga. Thank you for that link!!

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