Modern Day Hunting and Gathering: Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s close to 6am and I have been sitting at Target since 4:30am. Why am I doing this? I’m getting a tv for my mom. She saw the one I got a few months ago and wanted one for herself. And since I’m a vegetarian, I won’t mind missing out on the turkey.

But what I want to talk about is how Black Thursday and Friday shopping satisfies my hunting and gathering instincts. Since I don’t eat meat, hunting doesn’t do anything for me. However, there is a huge sense of satisfaction that comes from not only finding a good deal, but from being one of the few people to get the deal.

This year I happen to be fortunate enough to have some extra spending money. Not a ton, but enough to show up and buy a few things.  That’s why I got here early to ensure that I get what I want.  There is a man in a tent, a man on a cot, and two homeless men who are being paid to hold spaces on line for people. And then there is me.

If nothing else, this is an experience that will provide endless stories later on.

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