The Walking Dead Recap S5E2: Strangers

The Walking Dead S5E2: Strangers

Original Airdate: October 19, 2014

Recap by Sarabeth Pollock


Terminus burns in the distance.  Rick and his crew carry the bag of munitions through the forest.  They feed Judith.  Maggie and Glen kiss.  Tara introduces herself to Rick and they make amends.  He knows that she didn’t want to be with the Governor.  Since she saved Glen’s life, they are cool.  They exchange fist bumps.  All is well.

Rick leads the way as they walk through the woods.  Tyreese and Carol fill water bottles.  Tyreese asks if the others know what she did back at the prison.  He doesn’t want to tell them about the girls.  He needs to forget that whole incident.

Their numbers have grown now that Abraham’s group is with them.

A Walker approaches and Michonne goes for the sword, but it’s gone.  She kills it with the butt of her gun.  Abraham watches, and as he passes Rosita he tells her that “this” is the reason they have to wait for their moment.  Moment for what?

Later that night, Carol gives Rick another watch to make up for the one he gave her.  He still doesn’t agree with what she did back at the prison, but he knows he sent her away, and now his group is joining her.  She says it proved to her that she can survive.  He asks if they can join her.  She says yes.

Carol sits with Daryl and says she can’t talk about it, and then she uses Tyreese’s lines and says she needs to forget what happened.  Daryl accepts this.  The sound of a possible Walker approaching startles them, but he decides that there’s nothing there.  He’s wrong about that, though.

The next day, Rick, Carl and Michonne are out on patrol.  They come across Daryl, who “surrenders” with his squirrel booty.  Daryl said there is no sign of anyone watching them, nor were there any tracks.  Abraham asks if they will soon return to the road, and Rick agrees.  Sasha and Bob exchange a kiss, which makes brother Tyreese laugh at his sister.

Suddenly they hear a man crying for help.  Carl urges the group to go to his aid.  They find a priest on a rock being attacked by Walkers.  As soon as they kill the Walkers, the priest gets down and throws up.  He is incredibly grateful.  He says his name is Gabriel.  Rick asks if he has any weapons.  Gabriel just needs the word of God.  Daryl scoffs, but he says that he called for help and help came.  Gabriel asks for food, and then he comments on how pretty Judith is.  He asks if the group has a camp.  Gabriel says he has a church.  Rick starts his three questions.  The group notices how nervous Gabriel seems.  He says that he’s a sinner and that he confesses his sins to God.  As they trek toward the church, Gabriel jokes about possibly leading them into a trap so he can steal their squirrels.  Apparently even his own flock said that his sense of humor “leaves a lot to be desired.”  When they arrive at the little church (which seems way too clean and remote to be of use), Rick wants to search the place so the group doesn’t lose its squirrels.

The group conducts a thorough search.  Carol finds journals. It looks like Gabriel was copying the Bible.  There are colorful drawings on the walls depicting Bible scenes.  Rick and the group reconvene outside.  Abraham has found a bus in the back that he can fix in about a day.  He wants to get on the road.  The rest of the gang mutinies—they need a break.  Gabriel explains that he stayed alive because there was a canned food drive right before the apocalypse.  He explains that there is more, but it’s overrun by Walkers.  Rick says they can handle the Walkers.  Sasha and Bob volunteer to go on the run with Rick.  Tyreese is staying behind to watch Judith.  Rick says he doesn’t need a map, because Gabriel is going with them

Rick pulls Carl aside and tells him that he doesn’t trust Gabriel.  Carl trusts him because he has to believe that there are still good people left.  Rick says that no matter what, Carl is not safe, even when people say they are.  He urges Carl to remain alert and make sure that he stays safe.  Carl says that they are still in danger, but that people can’t really hide anymore.  Regardless, Rick still doesn’t trust Gabriel.  Carl vows to stay safe for his dad.

Gabriel leads the way through a rundown town.  Bob tells Rick that he isn’t wrong about not letting the Termites live.  But they need to focus on Washington.  Rick isn’t sure they’re going to Washington, but Bob says that Eugene will save them all and life will go on as usual.  Bob calls it—life will return to normal.

Daryl and Carol are out scouting.  He says he gets it, that she doesn’t want to talk about it.  But she saved them all, all by herself.  That counts for something.  They come across a car.  Carol checks it out and suggests that they leave the car in case things go bad at the church.  Daryl says that no matter what happened back at the prison, now she can start over.  They all can.

Maggie and Tara keep watch outside a gun shop.  They hear a noise inside.  Glen rushes out.  Walkers? The girls ask.  No.  He tripped over some boxes and a mop.  But he did manage to find three silencers in a mini fridge.

Rick, Sasha, Bob and Michonne find the food bank, and there are Walkers inside that have fallen through the floor.  The water has caused their faces to melt.  They’re going to have to go through them to get to the food.  Rick reminds Gabriel, who still watches nervously, that he is coming with them.  The group jumps into the water and uses the shelves as a barricade.  They draw the Walkers to them and take them out methodically.  Gabriel loses his nerve and runs to the other side of the basement.  He cowers in fear as the rest of the group fights to clear the area.  Once it’s clear, Bob starts to grab supplies and he’s attacked by a Walker who is nothing but skin and bones.  Sasha saves him.  Rick asks Gabriel if he knew the Walker that was about to attack him.  He doesn’t reply because he reports his sins to God.

On the walk back, Rick asks Michonne if she misses her sword.  She says she found it in the beginning.  She misses Andrea, and Hershel, but not her life before.  And she’ll miss her sword.

When Rick returns, he finds Carl outside.  Carl shows his dad that there are scratch marks on the windows in the back of the church.  They’re deep, as if they came from a knife.  There’s more.  Carl is careful to remind Rick that what he found doesn’t mean Gabriel is evil.  The words “You’ll burn for this” are carved into the wall.  What does that mean?  Did Gabriel keep people out of the church?  Whose side is he on?  Is Gabriel a huge chicken who locked himself away while keeping other people out and condemning them to death?

As night falls, the church is full of laughing people enjoying a good meal. Abraham rises to propose a toast to the people in the room.  They’re all survivors, and they’ve all earned that title.  But he wants to know if that’s all they want to be.  Wake up day after day and keep fighting.  He reminds them that Eugene can make the dead die if they get to Washington.  He asks Eugene to tell them what’s in Washington.  Eugene says that there is a whole network designed to withstand any pandemic, with enough food and supplies to last until things restart.  He suggests that they do this for Judith, and for their future lives.  It comes to Rick, but Judith interrupts the moment and so Rick says that if she is in, he’s in.

Sasha gets up to hold Judith, giving Bob a kiss.  Bob asks for another kiss before getting up to go off on his own.  (Something seems off with him since he was attacked)  Tara joins Maggie and confesses that she was at the Prison, but they didn’t know anything about Brian’s past or who they were.  Maggie offers Tara a hug.  Tara is one of them now.

Rick goes to Gabriel and thanks him for his hospitality, and for sharing the communion wine.  Gabriel says that there is no one left to take communion, so it’s just wine.  Rick can see that Gabriel is hiding something, and it’s so awful that he can’t speak of it.  Rick says that this group is his family, and if Gabriel’s secret hurts his family, he will kill him.

Carol is outside fixing her car.  A Walker comes out of the darkness and Carol kills it.  Daryl comes out of hiding and asks what Carol is doing.  She doesn’t know.  Before they can say anything else, a car approaches and drives past.  It’s the car that Beth drove away in, but she’s not alone.  Daryl knocks out the tail lights of Carol’s car and they jump in to pursue it.

Bob is outside the church.  He starts crying.  Suddenly he is knocked out by an unseen assailant wearing black.  There is a mark on the tree like the one that Morgan was following.  When he returns to consciousness, there is a fire burning. He’s fallen right into Gareth’s hands.  Gareth says that he isn’t dead “yet.”  Gareth explains that they didn’t want to lure him away from his group.  They’re just trying to survive.  Bob’s group has taken away their home.  They weren’t always cannibals, but they have evolved, and then devolved.  It isn’t personal.  They don’t like this ugly business.  As the camera pans down, Bob’s leg is gone.  As Gareth and his friends munch on Bob’s leg (including the guy that Tyreese fought with in the cabin…apparently he isn’t dead after all), Gareth confesses that Bob tastes much better than they thought.

Well.  BobBQ, anyone?

See you next week!

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