Clowns of America International Angry at AHS Freak Show

The clowns of America aren’t weeping.  They’re pissed.

EW reports that the organization Clowns of America International isn’t laughing at the portrayal of Twisty the Clown.  It’s hurting them, both in reputation and in terms of finances.  What loving parent and AHS fan will pull a Glora Mott and hire a clown for Junior’s 8th birthday party?

Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, is a real thing.  We’re a horror movie family, and I watched Stephen King’s It when I was little.  Clowns terrified me after that. (And it became a family prank to leave balloons filled with red food coloring out for other unsuspecting family members…)  My 5th birthday party was traumatic because my good-intentioned mother hired a clown for my party.  I spent more time trying to get away from him than I did anything else that day.

As EW points out, you can’t really blame AHS for playing upon peoples’ fear of clowns.  John Wayne Gacy was a clown.  He was also a serial killer.

Face it, clowns have always gotten a bad rap.

Click for a link to the full article.


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