Suzanne Collins, Master Stakes-Raiser

Great post! I like how you really support your argument with perfect examples.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about writing fiction from my research, it’s that high stakes are what turn pages. To illustrate the knowledge I’ve gained, I will use the Hunger Games. Because THG work as an example of anything if you try hard enough.

So, the Hunger Games: why do people read that stuff anyway? What’s really so good about it? Answer this honestly: Do you think it would have as big of a readership if there were no Hunger Games in the book at all? Okay, no. I already talked about that in the last post– the actual Hunger Games was the essential conflict of the book that drove the rest of the series. Without it, the first book and its sequel would be obsolete, just as any book would be with out a conflict to drive it.

The Hunger Games is a good basis for a novel…

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