Writers Block!

Today I’ve been free writing due to having so many ideas floating around in my head I wanted to write about.  Free writing is something I’ll mention a bit lower down in this post.  Today has been very creative and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished from a writers/bloggers point of view.  But in the same sense just last week I had a “bloggers block” like you wouldn’t believe.  Being creative and bringing new ideas to the table when a bloggers/writers block happens is like fishing for that prized deep see marlin in the local pond….you just aren’t going to catch what you want.  Below are just a few ways I like to get out of that writing funk and I hope they help you as well.

?????????????????????????????????Change your Environment

Step away from the computer is what I have to tell myself!

If I run out of ideas and inspiration which…

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  1. Keeping a book of things that you want to write about works for me. Events in newspapers bring up ideas. Wandering along a beach, or through a museum somehow causes things to jump out at me.


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